Friday, April 29, 2016

weekend it up...

You already know my love of CAKE! 

I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to my admiration of this magical and glorious conception.  

It's celebratory. It's a marvel of all my favorite ingredients. It's delicious. And in the words of the always wise and talented Julia Child...

So as we go into the weekend, let's be joyful about it with cake. Because even if the week sucked, cake will make the next couple of days better. THIS one from A Beautiful Plate looks like it can help with that. 

Plus, it's gorgeous! Recipe HERE

Happy Weekending,  -angelo

Sunday, April 24, 2016

style it fresh for spring...

The question, How would you describe your style?, is one that every designer is asked often throughout their career.

Early on in mine, I was envious of the designers that could so easily and without any hint of hesitation let *their style* spill from their lips velvety quick.

Every time I heard someone mention a specific style and it's attributes I'd think, Oh, that's probably my style. As my career went on and I became more and more confident in my abilities, I realized that I am not the guy identified with a particular style. I love them all. Almost. 

As long as I can create a space that feels warm, relaxed, inviting and not part of a trend...I'm in.

Here are my 5 steps to MODERN.

1) Start with an anchor piece. For the most part, I like to go solid. It helps create the canvas of the room. There are occasions and clients that require something more daring, but the thing to remember...just because you love the *flash & splash* in the moment, doesn't mean you're going to love it in a month or two.

2) Accent chairs don't have to match. BUT do think about scale. I like it when almost all of my seating has the same seat and back heights. It creates a uniformed look and allows me to play with color and pattern without throwing too many distractions into the mix.

3) Think round. Rooms tend to boxy and so do most pieces of furniture. Add rounded edges to break up all the squareness. Also, soft edges are welcoming and create the illusion of more space in small rooms.

4) Keep lights (table and floor lamps) at around the same height. This helps to evenly disperse light in the room. Also, balance light in all four corners of the room and try and keep all the lamp shades the same color.

5) Add color, pattern, texture, natural elements. Here's your chance for personal expression and an opportunity to play. Don't forget your walls (art), accent pillows, rugs, flowers, plants, etc.

Friday, April 22, 2016

weekend groove...

As we get into the groove of the another week gone by...Today's featured candle scent has always reminded me of a warm, relaxing weekend.

A Few Facts About Baxter Manor candles:

-Each candle is hand-poured in small batches in our Los Angeles
studio. We only produce four candles of each scent at a time.
-All our candles have a lead/zinc free 100% cotton wick.
-Our fragrances are phalate free.
-We use soy from local US farmers.
-We only use the most exquisite essential oils.
-Long lasting burn time.
-Glass oval-hexagon container may be reused.
-The company name comes from our dog, Baxter.
-Prices start at $14 for an 8oz container.

You can view over 20 different fragrance options HERE.

Have a swell weekend.  -angelo

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