Monday, September 26, 2016



I love a good Whiskey any time of year. Even when it's hot outside, but it feels and tastes better when there's a bit of a chill in the air. Epicurious has put together 14 Whiskey cocktails to try this Fall and I'm all about research.

You can research them all HERE.


fall mix...

My favorite "go to" design elements are for every season, but since we're starting my favorite one, let's make them all about Fall.

BTW, it's 102degrees here in Los Angeles today. My guess is that SoCal reeeeaaally wants me to appreciate Autumn once it finally arrives.

I will.   -angelo

Friday, September 23, 2016

enjoy the season...

It's felt like a long Summer. How about you? 

Good, but long.  

Fall is never quite long enough.

The great thing about entering my favorite time of year is...well, it's a favorite. It's all great. The crappy thing is that there's a certain level of anxiety that every Fall-ish moment and quasi Fall-like minute gets enjoyed. Completely and with gusto. Gets fully recognized and OH. Sweet. Mother. Of. Pearl....get's Instagrammed. 

Don't misunderstand, I'm a fan of the Instagram, but at some point I start feeling like I'm back in grade school taking a test. I think to myself, I got this. Everything is clipping along and the last minute studying on the way to school is really paying off. In a moment of self-confidence I lift me head off the paper and look around the room. For F***S sake...everyone else is on the second and third page of the test and I'm still on the first! 

Instagram makes me anxious. 

So, this is a long way of prepared for a lot of documenting of the usual Fall-ness. I am going to try to not photograph every minute that I sense a seasonal change, but I can't guarantee it.

Enjoy the Season and Happy Weekending,

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

telling stories...

I've been moving furniture again. 

Currently, the rooms of my home look like a furniture that is getting ready to open in a few days but everyone isn't convinced that all will come together in time.

I've got piles of things in one corner waiting for their turn to be *put in* play and in another corner things look somewhat in order.

Every time I move stuff around, I always discover something new. Each room takes on a different feel. The whole house starts to tell a different tale. So much of what I love about the things that I have collected over the years is that each piece has a worn, slightly faded story to it. That story gets that much more highlighted and enhanced when it up against something new. Something with clean simple lines and a modern style.

Right now, there are a few items I'm really digging and using in my own home as I continue to re-tell where I am at this point in my life...because our style stories are always evolving!


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