Wednesday, May 25, 2016

country dreaming...

I'm a city guy. 

The more condensed and bustling the better. Finding places to carve out some refuge in a big metropolis is always welcome, but the feeling of being amongst the organized chaos calms me and makes me feel like I blend in. Or can be invisible. I like that.

Now, if I was going to ever think of going away to the country...this would be my dream.

photos: simon brown

This home is filled with all kinds of design geek love. It's like Granny-Chic and I mean that in the best possible way. Nothing is fussy or trying too hard. Trends aren't fighting for attention and the furniture looks worn, comfortable without being bubbly. I also love how color and pattern mix in the most casual way. It all works, even the stuff that may not be exactly my aesthetic...partly because it feels authentic.

Plus, you can see people in these rooms. Folks enjoying themselves. Eating. Laughing. Drinking. Reading. Telling stories.

The garden and the doggies help the feeling along as well. You can view more of it HERE at House & Garden.

simon brown

Monday, May 23, 2016

land of lincoln...

I'm so excited to introduce you to the first installment of our newest upholstery collaboration. Our headboards

It's even that much more fulfilling (and thrilling) to be able to have our new upholstered furniture line manufactured in my home state!

Our mfg partner is the family owned and operated company, Skyline, out of Chicago, Illinois.

You can read all about their 65years of making furniture in Chicago HERE.

I've had the awesome pleasure to walk their factory floors and meet with the team that is making the furniture pieces I designed for angelo:HOME. The place is like my Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! It's amazingly clean, efficient and feels *happy*--like, whistle while you work kinda of happy. It's because everyone involved in the process is passionate about great furniture. Many of the employees working there are second-generation. Upholstery is all they do. And do very well. The local talent is inspiring. 

Each piece is custom made when an order comes in. And since it's made in Illinois by folks that have the whole process down to a crafted art form, it can be on the way to your home in as little as two weeks.

Also, we will be rolling out chairs, ottomans and settees with this new Illinois Made Collaboration shortly as well.

Now, if I can actually find a way to add chocolate, or even better--CAKE to this process, I may never touch the ground again.   -angelo

P.S. You can view all the headboards styles/colors HERE.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Style shouldn't stop when you get to the office.

So, we're putting our NEW desk on SALE!

Check out all the details HERE...and our new bentwood chairs available in 6 different finishes can be viewed HERE.

Don't forgo the art. Even in an office space. Adding elements that are not just about work, like art, plants, personal items, flowers...can help break up the monotony of what we do sometimes. Even when your work is creative, you need a visual break from it in order to be able to get back to the process with a fresh new perspective.  -angelo


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