Thursday, May 22, 2008


I have always been curious.  Curiosity is what got me into trouble when I was a kid and wanted to know what my parent's dining room would look like with wallpaper and a chair rail.  I did that while they were away at a dinner party.  I was 12.  Curiosity got me kicked out of swanky private clubs that I would sneak into when living in Chicago and NYC.  I wanted to see what the architects and designers did with space.  Curiosity gave me a fearless attitude anytime I decided to make bold life choices.  Others have called those curious moves, "thought challenged," but like my personal hero...Curious George, I find the rewards have outweighed the consequences.  Curiosity is also a fantastic trait to have when designing your space.  Challenge your comfort level and look for ways to bring in choices that you'd normally not think of.  Playing it safe when it comes to design never makes for a wow.  Look for inspiration all around you and notice that most of the time, you're drawn to styling and spaces that are awesome, not average.

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