Thursday, May 15, 2008

let's not kid ourselves....

Coffee is great.  Great coffee is rare.  I'm pretty amicable when it comes to most things, but when we're talking about coffee and baked goods things get a bit obsessive.  Corporate coffee houses are everywhere nowadays and I'm not one of those that feels bad about that or that my taste buds are above it because when you're in the middle of nowhere you can still get a decent drip coffee from one of the major chains.  Now when it comes to an espresso, cap or latte...well that's a whole other territory.  My constant search for a well made latte, cap and a perfectly pulled espresso shot has deposited me to a little place that sometimes is the best part of my day, Caffe Luxxe:
925 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, Ca 310-394-2222.  I don't know what to tell you other than, they just get it.  They understand how to make espresso drinks, they do it with passion and craft, they are friendly, they have tasty treats and I am sick about the need to tell you this since the place is already a mob scene and I'm not a big "wait in line" kind of guy.  I do it because it's worth it and I'm painfully and deliriously hooked.  I'm still on the lookout for the perfect croissant in L.A.


Rue said...

Hi Angelo :)

I was trying to get the RMS podcast to load and somehow found your blog by clicking on different things. I'm glad I did, because it's a great blog.

HGTV wanted me to be on your new show, but I'm a big ol' chicken and turned them down. I have a fear of cameras (LOL). I'll be watching it though.

Your dog is really cute :)

Good luck with the show!!

(hthrrue on RMS)

Lisa (aka) French said...

Now I know I really love you (lol) there is no life without coffee!! It's the "nectar of the Gods" in my book;) French

Anonymous said...

Hi Angelo, I know what you mean about coffee. By the way, I tried the new Caffe Luxxe outpost in Brentwood on San Vicente. They have plenty of free parking in the back, and because it's still relatively unknown, there's never a line. Same great people, same great passion about coffee.

angelo said...


I agree.

The Brentwood location is a great little secret. You can avoid the lines and not sacrifice the quality or expert service.

How long will that last?

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