Tuesday, May 13, 2008

more home pics....

For those of you that asked, and for those that didn't here are some more pics from my always morphing home: dng. room, front outside patio, living room


Anonymous said...

Wow... Looks great! I like the blue and the star. I have a deep red in my living room and a sagey green in my kitchen/dining. As for my kids rooms... I got all artistic on thier rooms... I painted a wall mural of the desert from the cars movie with the black road leading up to my sons car bed, and stuck the cars stickers up (since it is a textured wall and to hard to freehand the details) so I painted the cars shadows under the stickers to make it look hand painted. And the girls have pink walls, light pink squares bordered with purple and I put the princess stickers in the center so they would look like frames. Also painted the fake fire place and did some disney stenciling w/ matching wall color. Came out great for a non professional...lol People say I should do it pro, I just love art and being artistic and creative ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Angelo,

I have sat here and read just about your entire blog! I'm still chuckling over your Saturday cleaning days and getting up in the middle of the night to move things around! Oh, and the fact that you have the hots for Michelle Pfeiffer! :-)
You really have a way with writing! All of your "instructional posts" were very interesting to read. I enjoyed seeing your home pics. I was drawn to the second one. Something about it gives you a feeling of excitement. Like your going somewhere! I'm a school teacher, not a designer, so I don't know what gives it that "feel" (the length of the room?, the rug?) but I was drawn to it. Then I got to the fourth pic (white fireplace/living room) and I just sat and stared! I am mesmerized by how beautiful this room is!! If you had to give it a style name, would it be contemporary? I'm always in a battle. I love WHATEVER this style is~~but live in a log home with some treasured items that have been passed down, and also live on a teacher's salary. :-) My home feels warm to me but I wish I could make it look more...well, like this ROOM! I'm on RMS~~if you ever have the time (I know, I DO know how much I'm imposing here!), I would love any SUGGESTIONS you could give me in my living room. This is not a plea to get on the show~~I am waaaaaay too shy for that!!! (Honestly.) Just would feel extremely honored for any feedback you could give me as to how I could give it a more contemporary flair. (Or whatever you would call this!) Ya know, just when your sittin' down with a cup of Joe...and no hurry, really! I will only check your blog about four times a day for the "answers"! Haha! Just kidding!:-)) I have truly enjoyed reading your blog and getting inspired!
"Go forth" and have a great Sunday!

angelo said...

Hi Tomarie,
Thank you for your note, for reading the blog and observations. I saw pics of your home & it looks wonderful. Not everyone gets to live in a log cabin!

One of the the challenges of designing in a space like yours is that so much of the architecture already dictates the way a room is going to look. The style in my home tends be eclectic. Even though there are contemporary elements, they are mixed with traditional, asian inspired, antiques, pieces I have made and just random stuff that I love. All can work together if you keep in mind scale, balance, color and space planning along with editing "too much stuff" out so it doesn't start looking like clutter.

You have beautiful things and they all seem to be of importance. I think the biggest challenge would be to remove some stuff to make the room living feel less cluttered (though I would definitely keep your dog as a focal point, he is adorable). I like that you picked a neutral rug since there is pattern and texture going on everywhere else. I would go slightly bigger with the rug and maybe a bit of a darker color so the contrast isn't as severe. You have a warm space due to the existing wood everywhere and following that theme can only help to emphasize it. Good luck with it, you're off to a great start!

All the best, Angelo

Anonymous said...


I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to look at my pictures! I will admit now that after I wrote, I felt embarrassed that I had the nerve to ask a busy HGTV star to do this! I am stunned, honored, humbled, and very EXCITED!! And I couldn't agree with you more on the editing and rug. I was feeling like I was missing "something" and now feel like my eyes have been opened! You live in your house for so long, get used to the way things look, and then lose your objectivity. Honestly, I still feel at a loss for words at the fact that you took the time to look at my space!
Thank you Angelo, thank you SO MUCH!!!

Your forever fan, :-))))

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