Saturday, May 17, 2008

the office...

More and more people I know are either working from home or carving out spaces for themselves to work in when they are home. Your work space should not be excluded from your style aesthetic. Just a simple wall color change can make the work environment a bit more of an enjoyable place to be in. Look for wallpapers as well, the new ones out there are AMAZING and incredibly fun. Organization is also key in making your office space work to it's fullest potential, but organizing sometimes can be a bit overwhelming and feel dull to some. Find ways to infuse design even to your organizing. Explore unique ways to store paper, files and anything else you may need. I like to mix standard, inexpensive office stuff (like a file cabinet) with antique finds that can double as storage and help add some personality to the room. So it doesn't really matter if your tastes run clean and streamlined or more towards the ornate, you can make your office space as personal and well designed as the rest of your home.

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