Friday, June 27, 2008

casual craftsman...

What can I say? I fell in love with Gregg and Veralyn. They were just as charming off camera as they were a matter of fact, even more so! Their home is beautiful and lovingly restored and filled with personal objects and photos. They wanted that feeling in their living room. A space that was filled with all their memories, books and music but could also function as room for people to gather in and relax since they love to entertain. Gregg & Veralyn's emotional reaction to the room was even more dramatic off camera. It was a pleasure to be a part of these people's lives and in their home. I hope you all enjoyed this episode.

Above are some behind the scene photos. John (one of our producers and all around "go to guy") along with Jake our "lead" man outside of the house planning their next attack and Elan (another producer and master food organizer) along with Jake and Mark (fancy-pants cameraman) inside the home getting ready to make some TV.

Product list from the show:

-Paint was Valspar from LOWE'S in the following colors:
Eddie Bauer Collection PINE NEEDLE EB23-2 (for the ceiling)
Seaside Retreat Collection FISHNET SR310 (for the walls)
Martha Stewart Collection SNOW ANGEL MS263 (for all beams and molding)
-Rug was from LOWE'S as were the wall sconces, and overhead lights
-Daybed was from POTTERY BARN on line
-Couch, leather woven table lamp and craftsman style white cabinet were from CRATE & BARREL
-Armless chairs and leather ottoman/coffee table were from URBAN HOME in Sherman Oaks, CA.
-Curtains, frames, candles and some accessories were from THE GREAT INDOORS in Burbank, CA.


Megan O. said...

I had no idea craftsman style could look like this. I loved this episode and am loving your show. Thanks for keeping a blog and letting us see all that goes into it. You seem so down to earth and like a genuinely great guy! Wish I could have you come and put some life into a few rooms at my house. :)

angelo said...

Hi Megan, Thank you for watching the show! This episode was so much fun to work on and Gregg & Veralyn were AMAZING. Hopefully the show can inspire you in own home. Have a great summer.

two 'lil weeds mama said...

Saw this one last night and LOVED it... awesome job with this room transformation. We are huge craftsman fans and was wonderful to see this one on HGTV. Thank you! And for the details of the color/furniture, etc. within your blog.

Anonymous said...

So, I'm watching TNT's "Southland" last week (episode "The Runner" - to be rebroadcast 4/6/10) and I recognize one of the actors, but can't place her. Guess who it was? It was Veralynn Jones from this episode of "Rate My Space." Pretty cool. :)

Here's a link:


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