Sunday, June 22, 2008

episode 102...

Going contemporary was what Beth & Scott were going for. They were not fans of their faux paneled walls, brick fireplace surround or their beamed ceiling. They wanted something bold, young and an art wall they could add to and change like you would in a gallery. Design is always personal & individual but for these two it is a MUST. One of the before angles of the room is pictured above. You can check out photos of the afters, the inspirational homeowner's as well as re-rate their space after the makeover, post a comment and watch the full episode at:

Here is a product list for those of you who have been asking about where the "stuff" came from:

-Wall/Ceiling color: LOWE'S Valspar paint in MARTHA STEWART collection color, MS310 Birdbath Gray in flat finish (
-Chandelier: Z-GALLERIE (
-Carpet is individual carpet tiles from: FLOR and I used the MODERN MIX collection in they grey mix. (
-The sectional was already owned by Beth & Scott.
-The 2 media cabinets that held the TV were from: CRATE & BARREL (
-The orange mod table lamp on the grey side cabinet: ROOM & BOARD (
-The modern black leather bench behind the couch was from: PLUMMERS (
-The chairs were from: CB2 (
-The drapes were from: THE GREAT INDOORS (
-Accessories: ANTHROPOLOGIE (
-Coffee table: WEST ELM (

Hope that helps and I hope you guys are enjoying the new show and feel inspired not only by the process, but by the RMS homeowner's, the RMS community of posters and designers, your own surroundings & HGTV.

Go forth and design well,


Anonymous said...

Either I ran to the kitchen or it wasn't shown how exactly did they attach the metal flashing and the oak planks. However, I'm a picky person and noticed that the flashing can be noted to be wavy in-between some of the planks. That would bug me to death! But I loved this room.

angelo said...

The flashing was glued and stapled. Hope you enjoy future episodes. Colors and metal can tend to look a bit off on camera sometimes due to the bright TV lights. I think the lighting gave the metal a slight wavy look. I love hearing from the RMS community and HGTV viewers. Thank you for supporting the network and the show!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for listing the vendors for the paint/accessories/furniture/etc. This is great for us viewers who would like to use the rooms as inspiration for our own projects. I just picked up the entryway artwork and left an e-mail with the distributor for the entryway table! Keep up the great work.

angelo said...

YOU are welcome! I will be posting as much of the products as I can recall (I am trying to put lists together as I shop) after every show so that all of you that are interested can have a foundation to go on and be inspired to create your own 5 star rooms.

I was happy to hear that you were able to pick up the artwork and find the distributor of the entry table.


Anonymous said...

Love the wood and the flashing. I would love to do this on a smaller wall but not sure how to finish the sides. Any suggestions?

angelo said...

Hi Scoots...
Thanks for watching the show!
You can finish the edges in a few different ways. You can add a vertical piece of wood on the edge to create a finished "boxed" look, or you can edge it with an additional piece of metal...maybe something a bit more substantial that the flashing. It all depends on what kind of look you want to go for and what else might be coming into the room in terms of furnishings, wall color, other finishes, accessories and/or artwork.

Good luck with your project and hope you enjoy your room.

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