Sunday, June 15, 2008

it's here...

The day for the premiere of the new HGTV show, "Rate My Space" has finally arrived. I apologize for the self-serving post, but it's not everyday that your show premieres on TV. This has been an incredible journey from the beginning. We started working on this show October of '07 and haven't stopped since. The schedule has been grueling and the rewards have been GINORMOUS! I have met some of the most amazing homeowner's who have opened up their homes and lives and treated myself, my team and my crew like family. The inspirational homeowner's from the "Rate My Space" community that have been a part of this show and on the web are truly inspirational and love design. There has been so much laughter we feel a bit guilty calling what we do a job. I am enormously grateful to all the people that make this show happen....from HGTV and their vision to the incredible owners, producers and crew at Pie Town productions. My carpenter Jared and the two amazingly talented carpentry teams and design producers that help make me look like a rock star. No matter what I think up or ask for they are on it and there to work nothing short of miracles week after week with one common goal.....make the homeowner's happy and honor the RMS community. There are a slew of producers, writers, carpenters, editors, camera & lighting peeps, makeup and all around p.a.'s that make this happen. I am indebted to all of them.

Michael, James, Tara, Jennifer, Scott, Kim, Jake, Ellen, Robyn, Elan, Katie, Dan, Jeremy, John, Ruth, Jen, Jared, Danny, Jason, Rupert, Jacob, Rod, Ron, Julia, Tracy, Kari, Theresa, John, Susie, Steve, Jacqui, Mike, Steve, Tony, Mark, Laura, Mark, TJ, Mike and everyone at HGTV for their support, vision and faith.

Tune in tonight (JUNE 15 10/9c) after "Design Star" and then on our regular time slot Thursdays 9/8c. After checking out each weeks episode you can log onto to re-rate the transformations and tell me what you think, or leave a comment here. Hope you enjoy the show!


dmccaa said...

I am so happy to be your first comment. The show was great! I loved it and looking forward to the next one. Your design was amazing! I did not know the direction of my didning room was Tuscan until I saw the show. Now I can finish what I have started. Thank you for sharing your talent.
Talented and good looking what a combo! GOOD LUCK! I will be watching!

Anonymous said...

Love the show. As a huge HGTV fan I thought the show was innovative and a great new take on design challenges. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

As a member of the RMS Community, I have made many friends in RMS land, some of which are from the inspiration rooms that are going to be part of the upcoming shows. We have all been looking forward to the show and I have to tell you I for one was very impressed with the show. The room turned out warm and beautiful and best of it is a room that is doable. Sasha from RMS

Tim said...

Hey Angelo,

Thanks for the great design. I was unable to watch the premier due to the fact that we were moving from Indianapolis back to California, so I'll have to catch the re-run. The photos were fantastic tho!

Thanks for using our home (dining room) as the inspiration for the color & dark woods for your tuscan masterpiece!

Anonymous said...

angelo - congrats on the first episode! i think this show is going to do very well, and you will be a big reason why. we appreciated how easy and nice you, Dan and others were as we produced our own little foray into RMS video . . . and now dread just a bit, as you guys all make the TV thing look so easy! anyway, pleasure to be a part of the new show, and TERRIFIC to now be such a huge fan of it. thanks for the piece on our fort lauderdale dining room, also. that was a wonderful surprise. best wishes, not like you need any. 5 STARS all the way!

Anonymous said...

I live in Belize, Central America, and watch your shows all the time.
I love the different ideas and colors used. It is amazing what you do with the spaces, and how sometimes just a little change can make such a big difference. I am hoping I can try some of the changes in my home so it can look great for Christmas. Will keep watching for ideas, and again they are real amazing spaces. Wish we could have you here to do some of those amazing things. Well I will just keep watching to get ideas and see how creative I can be.

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