Tuesday, June 10, 2008

no rules.

One of the questions that I get quite often is what my design style or philosophy is....I can safely say it's that I really don't have one. What I mean is that it's never the same. When working with clients, I feel my job is to expand their horizons and the way they see their surroundings, but never force. At the end of the day, they have to live in a home that represents them--NOT me. Each client is different and each project should reflect that. When it comes to my own personal taste, there are no rules. I am drawn to so many different types of styles that I have been accused of suffering from a bit of multiple design personality complex. Combining, mixing, editing, and always rethinking space is a thrill. Challenge yourself. Break your own rules and look at other spaces (even the ones that are "not your style") to see balance, color, layout, texture, lighting and details for inspiration towards "what works"...because, even if it's not your cup of tea, if done well, you will appreciate it and learn from it.


janet said...

love your blog...im new at this blogging thing but enjoying it. I have been a member on RMS for a short period of time...decorfun aka janet. Im in Canada and i bet we wont get the honour of seeing the new Rate My Space Show. All the Best!!!!

janet said...

thank you for visiting my space and for your kind words, i love your philosphy towards design, that is what makes a great designer...all the best with the new show and continued success in your career.

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