Saturday, June 28, 2008

once again....

My life is all about change.  Every day the projects on "Rate My Space" are different and the challenges are always morphing into something new.  Change is absolutely nothing new for any of us.  We all experience it daily.  Change for me also means finding ways to shake things up around my house.  So, the sectional got taken a part.  The chaise was given to a friend and the couch part got an arm put on the armless part (where the chaise was connected) and it became reupholstered in a camel fabric with dark brown piping....of course that created a domino effect everywhere else.  Chairs got moved, coffee table changed and accessories went out and others came in.  Home as test lab.....I love it.


Lori Bee said... are just like us, LOL! Your "new" room looks very balanced and beautiful. I'm embarrassed to say that I move my shrubs around too, just like furniture. I'm finding that to be almost as much fun, too! :) Lori

Lisa (aka) French said...

I drive hubby crazy always exchanging accessories around the house I just get in one of those moods and thenit begins and seems endless! Nice to know your the same way too;) French

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