Thursday, July 17, 2008

ah Paris....

Well, unfortunately we didn't get to go there (how cool would Rate My Space Paris be?  Just for a few episodes.  Think of all the great food).  Our homeowner's Stephanie and Josh are new homeowner's.  They love to travel, entertain and definitely love the French glamorous look with modern thrown in.  There is no such thing as "over the top" for them.  They wanted decadent and definitely glamorous.  So, we picked up on the tab on this makeover and I tried to give them everything they wanted and even tried to surprise them along the way.  

Jared and my AMAZING team that featured Jason, Jacob, Ron, Jen and Ivana helped to make this transformation happen.  I've said this before, but it worth repeating, I have THE BEST team on TV! 

If you saw the show, I think you might have seen Stephanie & Josh's reaction.  They were happily stunned and THAT is what I work for.  If the client isn't happy...I have failed at my job.  It's not about me, but them.  This was one of the most emotional reveals.  A lot of the crying (Josh was incredibly moved and I balled like a baby because they were so happy) was edited out due to time.  Stephanie tried to stay strong and not cry on camera, but off camera both she and Josh had tears of joy and presented all of us with individual, thoughtful gifts along with CUPCAKES!  Word is out people, the way to my heart is with cupcakes (actually, almost any dessert and GOOD COFFEE).  They are an incredible couple and once again, I am so fortunate to have a job where I not only work with the best people, I get to meet the best people.  

Thank you for tuning in.

Products and info from the show:

-PAINT: Valspar at
Colors: Martha Stewart SUMMER STORM MS205 & Eddie Bauer VINTAGE GRAY EB48-1
both in semi-gloss
-CURTAINS: Had them custom made at
-FRAMING of Josh's photos:

As always, MUCH THANKS to the RMS community and all the inspiring designers that post and help out homeowner's be inspired to take chances and look at their room in a new way.

Go forth and design well.
-angelo surmelis


KittenNYC said...

Hello, Mr. Surmelis. I caught this episode a little while ago and have to say that while the design would never work for me, I really appreciated it in terms of what worked for the homeowners. It was really ornate and glamorous. I found myself looking at it intellectually, rather than experiencing it on a more emotional level. But, again, the HOs really loved it, which is all that matters.

If you would please indulge a few questions, I’d really appreciate it. The first is, understanding having an emotional reaction a design, I can’t quite wrap my mind around the notion of having a physical, almost visceral, reaction to someone’s space. How is it possible to react in such a strong manner to one’s space?

Also, your reaction to the husband’s reaction at the reveal made me wonder how emotionally tied are you to your designs? How difficult is it to walk away from your work (blood, sweat, tears, and toil) at the end of your assignment? In your private practice, how often did you have clients react with such intensity (positive or negative) and, lastly, how did you manage your clients’ reactions?

Wow, based on my post, should you ever need someone to interview you, I think you may have found her! LOL!

Sincere gratitude, in advance, for any enlightenment you might care to share.

angelo said...

Well, KNYC I think you definitely get the Barbara Walters' award for interview questions. I can tell you that in my humble opinion and in all the years I have been designing (I have only been doing it on TV for a little more that 5) but have been designing for over 20 years. Space is incredibly personal and emotional for people. Even when they don't think so. It carries with it their dreams, their self worth, their shortcomings and their accomplishments. It really reflects who they are. when it is changed they can't help but have an emotional response to it. I see it all the time. Anyone I work with, I consider my client. I am as invested emotionally in the process as they are. They have to live in this home/room/space that gets created, if they are at all not pleased with the results I feel like I have failed. Their home is not about me it's about them. My role is to challenge the way they see their home and themselves in it. You have to be part designer, part therapist and part CSI decorator. When my clients get overwhelmed and emotional I can't help but feel that with them. I have cried, laughed and rejoiced with them. I am stupidly giddy with joy when they love their space! I can't help it. I wish I was cooler...if I was, maybe my blog would be called "DESIGN COOLNESS" instead of "DESIGN GEEK." Thanks for the questions and all the best, Angelo

Anonymous said...

Angelo! This was a fabulous episode! Oh... it would work for me all day long! (LOL) I fell in love with that mirror! (Double Wow!) I loved the stained mirrors on the cabinets! The fireplace was brilliant! The art next to the bathtub was awesome! Everything was perfect!

Excellent jobby!!!!

deembee (RMS)

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Hi Angelo, I'm so happy I found your blog (through Gollum). This was my favorite room you have done so far on RMS! It was outstanding! What a lucky couple to have such a gorgeous bathroom!

I feel very honored to have been chosen as one of the inspiration rooms for an upcoming segment and having had the opportunity to meet you through video conference!

I look forward to each new episode!

I hope it's okay that I put a link to your blog on mine under my favorites!

RMS: single_mom_on_budget

angelo said...

Hi Cindy,

Thank you for your comments and for being so great when Stephanie, Josh and I spoke with you. You were truly inspirational and have a beautiful space.

I am so glad you enjoyed the episode. Thank to you and all the other inspirational homeowner's that helped Stephanie & Josh find their "design voice."


Anonymous said...

Thank god I just found your blog!.....I needed to know all the paint info and where you purchased everything. I just saw the episode just now and jumped on the computer to find any site I could that would have photos of this bathroom. I searched yahoo using your name and found this blog! The Rate My Space site has just to many posts to go thru to find it....

Well I have just became a huge fan and also love the work you did on the brown and blue hotel suite bedroom makeover with the vaulted ceilings. Now I'm going to get the paints you used on this bath and use them on my bedroom. Thanks so much for being such a great inspiration.

Did I say I love your work?....I love your work!

Bathroom Vanities said...

very classy bathroom!

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