Saturday, July 5, 2008

another day at the office

I love my job!  

Collaborating with the different homeowner's every week to give them the room they want,  meeting the inspirational homeowner's, designing something new and different week after week, working with the most talented, fun-loving group of people I have ever met, and getting to make a show that is part of the "Rate My Space" community is nothing short of a thrill ride every time we do it.  PLUS, we get to have some pretty great food and snacks (cue the delicious cupcakes and donuts) above is a rare healthy moment.


Anonymous said...

Dear Angelo, I love the new show!..and so must everyone else in the world! While your show was on last week I was on the RMS page on HGTV and the server got overloaded like 5 times! You know you're popular when you can crash a server! LOL!
Do you ever get nervous after the family reposts the photos? I don't know of any other designer that has all of america rating their redesigns on cyberspace. That takes some real guts!

angelo said...

Hi Nancy,
THANK YOU for watching and supporting the show! I have been hearing from a lot of people that the server over at keeps crashing. I don't control it, but passed on the info to the powers that be. I guess you're right, it's a good thing because it means people are watching, but not such a good thing if they can't get onto the web site. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. As far as being judged by America, it's a bit overwhelming if I think about I try not to. I really try to focus on each individual homeowner that has invited me into their home to help them. If I dissapoint them, then I haven't done my job. I take that responsibility very seriously. As far as guts go, I don't know if it's that or I'm just stupid, maybe a healthy combo of both. Have a great summer and hope you continue to enjoy the show.
Best, Angelo

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