Saturday, July 12, 2008

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Modern is a tricky thing.  When trying to create a modern feel in your home there's the danger that it might look too sleek & austere or too hip and trendy.  If you pick a modern piece of furniture how will it go with some of your more traditional furnishings?  Do you go all modern or mix it up?  What should you look for?  Well, the answers are quite simple.  Always look for well made even if it means you have to wait till you can afford it, especially when you are going for the big ticket items that should last (i.e. sofas, dng. tables, chairs, etc.) And if modern is your thing, or you want to add a modern mix to your existing style (which you totally can since modern tends to flow quite nicely with other styles due to it's simple, refined lines) go for classic not trendy.  Here's an example of a place that gets it and does it quite well.  Their nice too, that always helps.


Lisa (aka) French said...

This is a difficult look to pull off some modern, some old and some traditional...something I have tried to do and still myself tweaking! Would love to get inside your brain for a day or two to tackle my FROG ( finished room over garage) it's a catch all now but needs to be a multi fuctional room for kids and guests~~~I have ideas but have yet to start the project...still thinking and learning;) French;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Angelo, I just saw the promo for Summer Showdown...How awsome is that! I can't wait to see the show. You and Cater Oosterhouse are quite the dream team to beat but I don't envy you going up against Americas sweetheart Lisa Laporta. Lisa unleashed without that 2K budget yikes!
Was there anyone you thought "Lord I hope I don't have to go up against them!"? Can you tell us which Sunday in August your show is on? You know I'll be wathcing!-Best wishes, Nancy B

Anonymous said...

Angelo, thanks for the "modern tutorial"! I'm glad to see wood! When I think modern I usually think chrome and steel..and yes cold and uninviting comes to mind. The tables definatly warm things up and lend an "organic?" feeling.
Hope you are getting to enjoy your Summer..Gosh you've been busy! Best wishes Nancy B

angelo said...

Hi Nancy, Thanks for the msgs. Ah yes, SUMMER SHOWDOWN. What can I was fun, nerve wrecking, exciting and more nerve wrecking! I love Lisa and I think we both just tried to have fun with it. We had no choice as to who got to compete against and I was open to how ever the pairings went. Carter made for an awesome teammate and Carmen (Lisa's carpenter) was equally wonderful, but don't let all the fun and frivolity fool you...t was pretty intense and non-stop pressure. Our episode is scheduled to air AUG 10, but check for any schedule changes. Hope you enjoy the show and your summer! -Angelo

Penny said...

Summer Showdown?! I love all the shows I've seen you in and you never cease to have inspiring ideas that are always spot on perfect! Woohoo, can't wait to see the August 10th episode. I'm off to put it on my calendar right now... Thanks to nancy rn for the heads up!


Anonymous said...

Angelo,I really love that chair! When I am designing for clients the blending seems effortless, unfortunately it is not so effortless in my own home. I am a mix of vintage and modern chic. Love large overstuffed and comfortable upholstered pieces and sometimes the clean lines of the modern pieces seem to get swallowed up by those pieces. It is truly a balancing act and when you get it right it is amazing.I am devoted to white after years of ever changing colors. Would love to see how you would do an all
white room.... Sandra

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