Thursday, July 10, 2008

hotel chic bedroom episode

Well, tonight's episode was a GINORMOUS undertaking. New flooring, ripping wallpaper off the walls, prepping the walls, removing existing doors and molding, custom made furniture, new wallpaper project, building bookcases, adding new doors, lighting, WHEW! AND, so much more. All of this gets done in about 10 working days (if we're lucky) and the focus always is to give the homeowner's their dream room.  
Josh & Melisa were so excited and invested in the whole process. They definitely know their style and want to expand on it as well as see new possibilities. The transformation was about giving them that. They were a joy to work with and a BIG THANK YOU for the cupcakes and fun times they provided!  ALSO, the inspirational homeowner's were just that. It's always a thrill for us to meet them.  
The amazing crew (some seen above: Jared, Danny, Rupert & Rod) brought the bling along with their talent.  
Thank you for watching, for e-mailing me with your comments & questions and for being excited about design.  I love hearing from you.
Below are some of the materials used:
WALL COLORS: Valspar paints in Eddie Bauer Collection COFFEE BEAN #EB47-1 and
Martha Stewart Collection BIRDBATH GRAY both in flat available at Lowe's
FLOORING: Dark Espresso stained bamboo flooring
BEDDING: West Elm, Macy's, Z-Gallerie
LEATHER OTTOMAN at the foot of the bed: West Elm
WALL SCONCES: (bedside)
LOVESEAT: Custom made to my specs
BLACK OTTOMAN (in seating area):
WALL SCONCES (on either side of large mirror):
LARGE TABLE lamps in seating area:
ACCESSORIES (pillows, vases, artwork): Anthropologie, Target, Home Goods, Mortise & Tenon, Local Antique stores.
ALL FLOWERS are real and from the L.A. Flower Mart

ALSO, check out: 
for additional info.

Go forth and design well---angelo surmelis


Griffey and Charlie said...

Maybe I'm missing it, but what was the paint color used in the Hotel Chic Bedroom? The room is phenomenal!

KittenNYC said...

I LOVE THIS ROOM! It is amazing (so trite, and such an understatement). Although I am a GEEK, I have almost no DESIGN skill/talent to go with it. This room's beauty and grace have caused me to stop 'lurking' and start commenting!

That said, your design specifically, and HGTV in general have really made me research and learn about various design styles, and much more importantly, have made me realize that I am living in "someone else's" apartment. My living space does not reflect me, my life or tastes, or my goals or passions, at ALL. Mr. Surmelis, thank you for ~your~ inspiration. My goal is to compete in the SmallCool Apartment Contest 2009.

Thank you again for developing your gifts and talents and, especially, for sharing them with all of us.

PS. I am pretty sure that you're becoming 'my' Michelle Phiffer! *S*

Nancy said...

Angelo, this room is to die for! I've always enjoyed watching you on HGTV and was thrilled to see that you had a new show! Just one question, please tell me where you found those gorgeous blue/brown striped panels you used in this episode. I only caught the last 10 minutes of the show, so I'm not sure if you mentioned it on TV.

Thanks so much for all you do!


angelo said...

Nancy, THANK YOU for watching the show. The panels were bought from Z-Gallerie ( and are available is a few different legnths.
-Best, Angelo

Anonymous said...

You're the best! It was so fun reliving that experience on TV last night. We are sooo grateful. I blogged about you & the team today on my site: - also inspired by you! - Melisa

Euciane said...

I loved the "hotel bedroom" makeover!
This room looks amazing! You're so talented!
I love how sweet you are to all your clients on your shows, and by far this epsode is my favorite!
Thanks for posting where you found the products you used in the show.
Take care, good luck, and I hope this show lasts forever!

cat in san diego said...

Does anyone know where to get that white tall art object with the point? It divides the bedroom from the sitting area. Thanks!!

angelo said...

That was from Z-Gallerie.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your enthusiasm!I always enjoy watching your shows and this was no different. Although I don't always agree with your choices you are always entertaining and I get why you make those choices. Keep up the good work!

angelo said...

Thank you SRC for watching the show and for your honest comments. I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful summer! -Angelo

French said...

So far this has been my favorite episode and makeover! They just seem to keep getting better! French;)

Monica said...

This is the good blog with good images and good details. Please keep on posting the more stuff. I will like to hear more from you.

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