Monday, July 21, 2008


I have always wanted to live in a loft.  The idea of no walls and having space defined by furnishings, art or nothing at all seems like something I could definitely get into, but here's the fly in the ointment---I like almost all styles.  I can appreciate so many different design aesthetics and I am always getting bored and wanting to change things (probably one of the reason I never got a tattoo.  I could never decide where it would go.  Too permanent.  I couldn't move it when I got bored with it's location).  So, as much as I want to live in a loft, I know that I would then miss the solid definition of walls.  Maybe it's the "grass is always greener" scenario.  I do think that if I ever moved back to NYC, it would have to be loft living for me, but then again there are those great old, beautiful brownstones that are filled with great moldings, and character.  See what I mean?  What would you choose?  


Tomarie said...

Aaaaaah...such is my delimma all the time! Every style "suits me"! My dream as a little girl was to live in an oh so chic and contempory loft in NYC~~with a fabulous view of course! I would walk around at my great parties saying things like, "Oh dawling, let me get you another martini." LOL! But then I see spaces that are warm and cozy and think, "Now this is ME!" Wonder if the different styles evoke different facets of our personalities?? Hmmmm....Love your blog Angelo! :-)

KittenNYC said...

Without hesitation I choose WALLS. Need ‘em, gotta have ‘em. Walls define space. Walls, metaphorically, create an ”us” and “them” dichotomy that is one of the bases of community. We need “other” to help define “self.” Without walls, I would argue that there is a breakdown of community.

Also, without walls, my space just becomes a big container for my “stuff” (RIP, G. Carlin.) One of the things, space-wise, the I missed the most when I moved to L.A. from the East Coast was the antebellum brownstones. Many had been renovated into amazingly cool, funky apartments that were full of nooks and other odd spaces; they had remarkable character. The physical walls of my space allow me to escape the 24/7 reality of being myself. They break up the 'all me-all the time' feeling I occasionally have gotten when I've lived in lofts and studios. Maybe I just need them to bounce off of. But, to restate, walls. All the way.

Without walls, how would I know where I begin and where I end?

Of course, on the other hand (she adds with self-deprecation), I have been told that I over think things. *S*


PS. Because tattoos ARE permanent, I would suggest that they not be gotten as a trendy fashion-statement. I had mine done on Venice Beach ten-years ago, on my first visit to Los Angeles. I had decided on that night that I was going to move here. I also knew that when I returned to my town, people would try to discourage my decision. So, whenever someone tried to make me reconsider, I would think of my tiny tattoo (as well as the sensations involved getting it!) and regain the confidence to stick to my decision.

And I was living here seven weeks after that.

mrsben said...

Considering space concept, I personally would have to choose walls as decorating would be secondary on my list. To me they provide an 'envelope of security with a maze of individual and/or private spaces'. Lofts are wonderful and I suppose can fulfil one's need, but to me a wide-open space is best left for the 'outdoors'. However on the other side of the coin; perhaps if I lived in a megga city like New York it would not take long for me to feel the maze closing in, and I would prefer an open space concept within my space. To me much is about psyche and how a space works for you. (I hope this makes some sense. I'm not a Designer so my theory may be very well 'off the wall'. No pun intended.) -Brenda-

Linda/ "Mom..." said...

Ahhhh ANGELO~~~ Decisions, decisions! (Sooo glad we get to MAKE them!). I'm a "not-too-many-walls, please" woman, without a doubt, and the walls we DO have must, in large part, be of LARGE AMOUNTS of "glass"! Maybe it's just "nosiness", but I like to know, and be INVOLVED WITH, what's going on around, and in, our home! (I.E. If one MUST~~~ arrgh!~~~ C-O-O-K, then I am desirous of being surrounded by those for whom I'm cookin'! BUT, DOOO let ME do all the presentations of table, etc., as that's the FUN part!)~~~ Having said all that, when one moves almost 30 times in 38 years, and into all KINDS of Army housing/quarters, moving and setting up an entirely new home becomes de rigueur, and, while I wouldn't "enthusiastically" ADMIT it to my hubby, I LOVED setting up a new home... walls or not!!! A "loft" WOULD be a FABULOUS 2nd house for us, but I don't think one will usually find them overlooking a GOLF COURSE! Hope you'll keep writing! Thanks, ANGELO!!! Linda (RMS "Mom of a German Shorthair")

Anonymous said...

I'm like you with my ever changing moods in design. I always said that if I hit the lottery I'd have a house in the mountains, a loft in the city and a cottage by the sea!

But since I have to decide on one, I'd have to say I would definitely have to chose the old brownstown with all it's character and architectural details!


EditThis said...

I've wanted to live in a loft forever. I looked at them in downtown once, but didn't like the idea of having to go outside at night in a seedy area to walk my dog. The great things about lofts if that you CAN constantly change them. Want walls? Put them up. Get tired of them? Take them down. I'd love to see what YOU would do with a loft.

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