Thursday, July 24, 2008

never enough time...

Kitchens are one of the most challenging rooms to renovate.  Anyone that has gutted and tackled a kitchen has some war stories.  It's also one of the most rewarding and home value boosting transformations you can make.  This episode of RMS was no exception.  The difference, we had less than two weeks.  Tearing out a wall, new dry wall, new electrical, all new cabinetry, marble countertop, sink, faucet, lighting, subway tile, along with all new appliances helped to transform Andy's kitchen from a lackluster, not very functional space to something that Andy felt was perfect for his style, his house and the way he lives and entertains.  Andy was great to work with.  He had plenty of ideas of the direction he wanted to go (very modern, sleek, streamlined & a slight punch of color) and was open to looking at things in a new way.  

The inspirational homeowner's from the RMS community: 

-LYNN that had the streamlined cabinets, modern hardware and stainless appliances for inspiration that Andy found part of his style.  

-MARY KAY was inspiring with her beautiful pantry cabinet that gave her kitchen a personal look and she had the vision to do this herself.  

-SUZIE with her farmhouse sink and subway tile back splash was very similar to what Andy was after.  

Much thanks to them, Andy, Jared and my amazing team that helped me make this happen.    

-All cabinetry, in cabinet and under cabinet lighting, subway back splash tile and hardware from:
-Paint in semi gloss: Martha Stewart Collection, PASTURE GATE MS175 (on the walls) and MIDLANDS GRAY MS172 (on the ceiling) with VALSPAR paints from:
-Marble countertop from:
-All appliances from: (viking & subzero)
-Red cabinet:
-All overhead ceiling lights:
-Dining room chandelier:
-Accessories and small appliances: &

Go forth and design well,
-angelo surmelis

P.S. DON'T FORGET to re-rate the space, tell me what you think or show off your inspirational room(s) at:


Anonymous said...

***ANGELO, I think the expression is "YOU NAILED IT", kiddo!!! Tonight's kitchen looks absolutely FABULOUS~~~ MAHHHHVELOUS, just MAHHHHVELOUS!!! *** It just "works/fits" so beautifully with the REST of this charming home!!! KUDOS! ***Linda***

pattylh said...

The furniture piece inspiration by Mary Kay made the kitchen feel so much warmer and inviting. All her rooms on RMS have wonderful ideas and she shares details of how the rooms evolved.

Thanks for showing us how a more traditonal idea can translate into a comtemporary space.

Best episode so far!!!!

Ocean Hammock Residents said...

Hi Angelo! I LOVE Andy's new kitchen! Such suspense waiting 4 months to see the finished room, and I'm so honored to have been able to play a small part in the design. EVERYTHING was perfect. Jim and I especially loved the chinese lacquer cabinet. It added uniqueness and an element of surprise to the sleek kitchen. This was your best show yet, IMHO, but of course I'm biased! Count me as one of your biggest fans, both for your stellar design talent and your lively interaction with the homeowners, several of whom have written that you are as genuinely nice in person as you are on camera. Congratulations on a great show!!! -Mary Kay

Helen said...

Hi there! Last night's show was the best so far .... Andy and you made a great team. His enthusiasm was totally contagious and the kitchen magnificant.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Surmelis,

You’ve done the improbable: you made a kitchen redo interesting. Andy’s kitchen was truly a work of art. Not only did it seem to reflect his lifestyle and tastes, it was also beautiful to view. I thought the dark floor, married with the grey cabinets, was going to make the kitchen cavernous, but it was actually quite warm and inviting. I could easily imagine him entertaining in his new space. Supreme job!

To the multiple questions part of the show (lol): When will we know that the show has been renewed for a second (and hopefully more!) season? Is there any chance that the show might go to an hour in length?

RMS is one of my favorite shows (along with Color Splash) in all of broadcast television. I think that going for an hour would allow more time with the inspiration homeowners and also more time for the reveal. Most importantly, though, an hour show would allow you to educate the viewers more about the different styles that you are incorporating in the design as well as show more of your process as the designer. I would be a captivated, weekly viewer. “For reals?” 'Yep, for reals!'

My other question is what is the air date for your episode of “Summer Showdown”? Looking forward to seeing you demolish the (non-) competition!


PS. Thank you so much for your thoughtful, generous and insightful response to my previous post. My friends laugh at the “Barbara Walters award.”

imjacobsmom said...

Hey Angelo, I give your kitchen re-do 5 stars! ~ Robyn

Penny said...

Lackluster kitchen no more! WOWZA!

Warm regards,

angelo said...

So glad you all liked the kitchen episode. It was definitely one of our most challenging ones. There are a couple more kitchen remodels coming down the pike....and Penny, we on the show said the same thing when we were done, WOWZA...more because we couldn't believe we were finished in the time frame we had and then, because Andy was so happy.

To answer a few questions for K.NYC:

-We are shooting our second season right now and it's going to be pretty big in terms of makeovers and inspirational homeowner's.

-We definitely have enough material/information/footage for an hour show, but that is an HGTV programming question. The majority of content tends to be a half hour and it seems to work well for HGTV.

-My episode of SUMMER SHOWDOWN airs Sunday, AUG 10 (check
I go up against my beloved Lisa LaPorta in a kitchen competition of all things. That is all I will say, for now.

Have a great weekend,

mrsben said...

Can only comment on The Reveal. (The complete version has not been posted yet.)

Though not necessarily my taste it truly is beautiful and is an example of 'Angelo' masterpieces.
I'm sure if Lorenzo de Medici was still alive, he would be commissioning you to do his kitchen :)

Creatively exceptional! Hopefully Andy is enjoying it.

Sincerely -Brenda-

mrsben said...

Was posting, perhaps when you were posting and answering KNYC's questions. Bad enough we here in Canada have to put up with looooong winters, but looks like we are going to be left out in the cold as we shan't have the opportunity to see the programs mentioned. DA*N ..... NOT FAIR! :)

angelo said...

mrsben, hopefully one day we will be up in the great NORTH! I'd love to have our show in Canada. I am a fan of many things "Canadian" including some of your designers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angelo,

I have never been interested in watching tv but we just got cable last week and i discovered your show.... O my God i am a tv freak now. LOVE your ideas, Loved andy's kitchen. I am renting an old house in here in socal so there is only so much i can do to it but if i ever become a homeowner i might just have to call you....

Anonymous said...

Just Kitchen was great last week and to see Andy so Happy!!! One of the best yet on RMS I just loved it and had to tell you. GREAT SHOW!!! hugs and smiles

life in red shoes said...

Nice job, but am I the only one that's getting tired of subway tile?

angelo said...

I don't think you are alone in your subway tile exhaustion. I suspect many people are tired of them, but designing for others is about giving them what they want.

Kitchens are a challenge to change if you don't like something and going with classic. timeless materials tend to be "safe" when you're planning on selling a home at some point and subway tiles are a classic look. I'm a fan, but more importantly Andy is a fan. It's all personal and individual. At the end of the day, the client has to live in the designed space so it's really all about them.


Anonymous said...


I hope that today’s earthquake did not damage any of your beloved belongings. How did your white pottery and your squirrel collections fare in today’s 5.4?

I hope that all is well!


(BTW, you mentioned a while ago that the story behind your collecting squirrels was a story for another day. Could today be that day? *S*)

angelo said...

All is well in the world of the shaky ground. Thank you for asking. I was actually shooting the show when it happened and we all got a bit of an adrenaline rush. It was nice to know that everything and everyone was OK. Now, as far as the squirrel story goes...that might just have to wait.


maya said...

Angelo, could you please tell me where you got the farmhouse sink for this episode?



angelo said...

This particular sink was from WATERWORKS.
Many different manufactures and retailers carry similar sinks at a variety of price points.

maya said...

Thank you so much for the prompt response Angelo. Maya

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