Thursday, July 31, 2008

sweet dreams...

Doug & Joanna are young, fun, charming and now pretty happy with their bedroom, but when I met them they felt the room lacked any personality (theirs) and any style.  They have LOTS of both!  Their previous home had a red bedroom that they loved, but for some reason when they bought this home they played it safe.  Well, they got tired of being safe and that's where I come in.  We talked about the possibilities and the future of their bedroom was all about deep, rich color, some bold choices, plenty of storage and a place that felt like an adult cozy room.  Their new storage was functional and a great contrast to all the dark wall color and since the bike didn't exactly say, "romantic, modern bedroom" for them, it got moved to their office off of the garage.  

The finished product was all about Doug & Joanna along with the inspirational homeowner's that showed off their cool spaces.

CANDY: Her bold wall color choice gave Doug & Joanna the courage to go BIG with color.

VICKIE: The platform bed was the sleek, contemporary look that was exactly the direction they wanted to go in.

AINA: Took the idea of storage and and made it beautiful.  Who wouldn't want that?

Wall color: Martha Stewart Collection/SHIRAZ MS001/VALSPAR Paints
Ceiling color: Martha Stewart Collection/GRAVEL DRIVE MS204/VALSPAR Paints
Closet organizing racks and shelving:
Brushed nickel ceiling fan, curtains & leather storage bench at the foot of the bed:
Bedside Lamps:
Console under TV:
Bedside storage nightstands:
Large Black & Turquoise console:
New Closet Door & Track were custom made and installed by Jared and our carpentry team.
The platform bed was a custom made piece and the headboard was made by Jared and the amazing carpentry team of Jason, Jacob & Ron.  They were both in a dark espresso finish.

As always, thank you for watching.  Hope you enjoyed the show.
AND...DON'T FORGET to upload pics of your favorite rooms that can be chosen as inspirational spaces, or rooms that are in need of a redo and of course re-rate the makeovers:

Go Forth & Design Well!


Anonymous said...

What a great story Angelo!! I would have loved your mama my was the same way she could make a gourmet meal out of nothing,,, what a cutie you wre as a little boy..not that your not cute now!!! I seen your bedroom last night on RMS and just had to tell you it was Beautiful Angelo just beautiful!! That show just get better and better.. Hugs and smiles

Anonymous said...


Absolutely fantastic! Love what you did with their bedroom. I am in the process of redecorating my bedroom. Taking my time so that I will be totally happy with it. If you have a chance, please pop on my kitchen posted on Rate My Space under Jiller53150 and let me know what you think!

Oh yeah, I loved watching you on Clean are a totally great host as well as designer. YOU ROCK!

Keep up the excellent work,

mrsben said...

This is torture Angelo as I again can only comment on The Reveal....and application of Duct Tape will not help :D

I loved the provision of extra storage and particularly the custom closet doors. They didn't appear to dominate the focal point (the sleek platform bed) yet were a great added feature to the room. (Yoo-hoo Jared, could I ever use you as a home never can have enough storage space!)

Doug and Joanna seemed so pleased with ALL your choices Angelo. From their response I'd think it would be safe to say, "they got, their appropriately titled 'sweet dreams' bedroom".


P.S: In one of your earlier topics you featured Thomas O'Brien. As you are a big fan of his, just thought I'd mention he is featured in the September/08 issue of Canada's Style At Home decor magazine. (page 50)

angelo said...

Thank you for the Thomas O' Brien info! I love his work. Sorry that the full episode isn't on the HGTV site yet of this latest makeover. I have no control over that, but did ask the powers that be to see if they can expedite the process. It's trickier than we assume due to all the computer stuff that needs to happen to accommodate the site and new episodes.

Thanks for watching the reveal and wait till you see next weeks! The homeowner's are also really great.
All the best,

angelo said...


Thanks for watching the show and for being around since the TLC Clean Sweep days. Your kitchen is quite nice. I understand the dilemma of living in an apartment and being limited with what you can do. It looks like you painted some walls and that REALLY helped to warm up the space as did your accessories. That orange colored vases with a bit of greenery really made an impact and that's a great jumping off point to follow in the rest of the area. The wall above your sink is going in the right direction with the artwork, but I think you can go bigger in order to add more color and make it feel like it has more interest and warmth. Same thing with your wall by your table and chairs. I like those prints, but either add a few more to create a real focal point or one very large print that you can easily and inexpensively frame by using molding pieces from Lowe's. Paint or stain them any color you choose and have them cut at Lowe's to the size you want. Buy a really large colorful print or have one that you already like (or personal photo) blown up at a print shop. Attach to backer board, foamcore or plywood, frame it out and hang. Also, I noticed that the wall to the left of the counter was white. If it is possible to paint that as well, go for it. AND....think about using a deeper, darker version of your existing wall color on the wall that the table and chairs are in front of or do a different bold complimentary color all together. YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK...Best, Angelo

Anonymous said...

Another great makeover! I really am enjoying this show. We're redoing our three bathrooms and our master bedroom right now, so I'm watching and taking notes! :-) I'm in the middle of painting our cathedral ceiling in our bedroom now, and it's the color of a Hershey's chocolate bar. Eep! Hope I did the right thing.... I'm definitely not brave enough to post it on RMS. ;-)

Thank you so much for posting your sources, as they are very helpful.

RMS (and 24 Hour Design) have permanent places on my DVR timer list. It's so nice to be able to rewind, freeze, etc. I don't think I'll be deleting the Parisian bathroom episode for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angelo,

I had RMS taped on my DVR and just watched it. I was BLOWN AWAY by the beauty and elegance of that room! It was simply stunning! I can't imagine the fulfillment you must feel in knowing you've made two people so incredibly happy over a space they will see and live in everyday. The bedspread and screens were over the top! :-)


mrsben said...

Hi again Angelo; just wanted to say thank you for your reply and I do hope I'm not coming across like I'm whining :)

I'm not that computer savvy, but do understand/accept they are still tweaking the format and it is no doubt a great challenge. Something I did notice is: when one follows the link from your Spacecast to watch "Full Videos of Rate My Space", a few of the shows are under the incorrect slot. (ie:Yours, Myles of Style, Sleep On It) Maybe you can mention it to the 'powers that be'?

I hope you had a great weekend; took time for some R&R, and of course took Baxter for a walk.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angelo,

Thanks so much for the feedback on my kitchen. It is much appreciated. I watched the Summer Showdown tv show last night and I cannot wait to see you pitted against Lisa LaPorta. I hope you kicked her butt! (I am sure it has been taped already)

Take care!

Ocean Hammock Residents said...

Angelo - I still can't believe how you surprised me with the reveal. I was not prepared to LOVE the space! Those shoji screens were amazing.

I do have a beef about the your website ratings and that is that the site doesn't allow you fractions of points like we get on RMS. I'm guessing your spaces are OVER 4 stars, but that's all that's displayed. There's a big difference between 4.0 and 4.5! You deserve the same rating system as everyone else!

Mary Kay (marykay)

angelo said...

Mary Kay,
Glad to hear you enjoyed the episode! It's always great to surprise the homeowner's and the viewers with a makeover that they were a bit unsure of. It makes the reveal that much more exciting.

I agree with you that the fraction/point system should be a part of the ratings for our reveals, just like on the RMS web page. Hopefully that will change in the near future.


Unknown said...

I was really amazed by this room! My husband and I don't have a lot of space in our bedroom. The sliding panels and platform bed with storage would work great for us. I know you said the panels were custom made, but were they made by a certain company? Or do you know where I could get something similar? Any help you could give us would be great.

Thanks for all of your great designs. I've gotten so many ideas from you on RMS.

Donna Madden Interiors said...

love love all of your work. very interesting blog. i will be moving to an apartment for one year with all light cream walls. would you live with the wall color or break the rules resulting in having to repaint in original color before moving out??
thanks for any help.

Anonymous said...

Loved the show, loved the design but have an upgrade: On Rate my Space webpage it shows the PRODUCTS used, but it would be great if you could include the instructions of custom work like those great sliding doors! I'd love to know how to make them because they would be great in our bedroom. Can you share that info?

angelo said...

Dear Louise,
The soji screen doors were custom made by a local Southern California screen company and then installed by our carpentry crew. There are many places & personal carpenters across the country that can make them to your specifications. You can also check:
All the best,

Chris said...

My wife saw this episode just the other day and loved the bed. It would be great for us to have one like it in order to help out with some of our own storage issues. I wonder if I might ask where the storage bins came from. I did not locate them in the list of what products were used in the build. I also was unable to catch the episode myself so I haven't seen very much other than snippets of the reveal on hgtv's site (since they still haven't posted the full episode). I am going to try building a bed like what Jared did and if there were some plans laying around for it, I would love to see them. :)
Thanks for the great show and very thorough blog. Keep up the good work!

angelo said...

Thank you for watching the show.
The was made into two parts. The base was made by a local Southern California furniture maker for King Sized mattress dimensions and the metal bins were from IKEA. I had him make the dimensions for the height and bin space in the platform part to fit the bins I bought. You can customize that part based on the storage bins you and your wide might want to use.

The headboard was made by my off-camera carpentry crew JASON, JACOB & RON. They made the width the same as the base (king mattress size) and the height was made to fit directly below the homeowner's window. You can also customize that to suit your needs. The depth was based on how much room we had in the room and what they wanted to store there (book, mags, etc.) and we would up with a depth of appox. 12''

There were plans, but they are no longer with us. We shot that episode about 6 mos ago and most of the plans that go into the builds are discarded. I believe that the LOWE'S website has a step by step layout of how to do this build and the materials we used at:

Hope this helps and that you enjoy future episodes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Angelo ~

I love your new show, but I also watched you on Clean Sweep. Miss that show.

I have made several upgrades to my kitchen, since moving into this house in 2000, but I feel there is still no WOW factor. Do you think just putting up a backsplash would do the trick? If you have a chance, please pop over to my kitchen posted under "kitchen has no personality" under luv2scrapbook. I would love to hear what you think of my space and how I could improve it.

Keep smiling!


ann mcguire said...

Love how you painted the ceiling a warm gray to go with the rich walls. What a great way to create a cozy but elegant space.

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