Friday, August 29, 2008

chair happy holiday...

Hope you all have a great Holiday weekend. May it be filled with all the kinds of stuff that makes you happy and with people that you love. I will be in Miami (far from home) but in the company of some new friends.

If you've read my blog, you know about my chair obsession. So, I am hoping that somewhere, somehow, this weekend I will be in a comfortable, well styled chair with a great cup of coffee and a new book (that I will pick up at the airport bookstore). Being in the right chair feels like a bit of a vacation to me, the coffee and book help as well.

Above is one I think the hotel I'm staying at probably will not have, but I can dream.

-I'm off,
angelo surmelis

It can be found at:
Wegner Wing in Divina Fabric
When Hans J. Wegner conceived this modern wing chair in 1960, he envisioned it as a limited release. Yet its ergonomic, award-winning design has continued to provide exceptional comfort for over forty years. The sculptural shape and distinctive corner angles make it beautiful from every side, while quality construction details like hand-sewn piping and a solid beech frame remain true to Wegner's vision of beauty and quality inside and out.


Anonymous said...


Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend! I will be putting the finishing touches on my plain and simple bedroom.

Take a peek........tomorrow!

Jiller53150 (RMS)

Jeanette {A Passion for Home} said...

For your chair obsession, you must check out this blog:

She's an artist whose main focus is chairs. I've purchased a few of her prints but oh how I'd love to have an original of one of the Barbara Barry chairs Kimberly has depicted into a piece of art. Love it.

And how I wish I were in Miami among the design enthusiasts to share in your knowledge of all things design-related. Hope you will share tidbits on your blog. :)


angelo said...

Thank you for the great blog info. It's always nice to know that you're not alone in your "obsession."

The Miami Home show was great! I met really wonderful people and some fellow RMSers. I will post some info when I get a chance. Just got in this morning and off to shooting the show.

Hope you had a great Holiday weekend.

Mafe Molinari said...

Hi Angelo,

It was a great pleasure to finally meet you. I posted in my blog the picture that my friend took of us at the Miami Home Show...take a look if you have a chance.
Thanks again for your compliments and for your kindness. I can't stop thinking about what a great person you are.

PS. I've sent you an email, please let me know if you got it.

angelo said...

Hi Maria,
Great meeting you as well. It's always such a pleasure to meet the people that watch the show and are inspired and inspiring like yourself. I haven't received your e-mail as of yet. If you send it via my web site or through HGTV it takes a while for them to filter to me.

Continue to inspire others!

Anonymous said...

Any interesting Miami anecdotes you'd care to share? Also, any plans to participate in any shows in the Southern California area? Would love to come out and hear you in person!

Have a great weekend!


angelo said...

Right now there are no plans for any Southern Ca. Home Show appearances due to my shooting/production schedule. Will keep you all posted though if that changes.

As far as Miami goes, I will try to post something about the trip as soon as I have a chunk of time to think about what exactly happened and how to put it into words. The trip happened in a blink of an eye and was in the midst of our still shooting production in L.A. We are in the midst of trying to wrap up season two and as trite as it sounds...there are just NOT enough hours in the day!
Have a great weekend everybody,

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