Friday, August 22, 2008

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JeanetteS said...

Fabulous!! Am getting ready to go on a trip, so I will load up the iPod before I go. :)

KittenNYC said...

Here's a copy of the review I posted on the iTunes site. Hoping iTunes will expose the show to an even larger audience!

“Rate My Space” is an amazingly awesome show. Each episode features homeowners (HOs) who have received low ratings on the “Rate My Space” (RMS) website. The goal is that by the end of the show not only will they have an incredible space but they will also have a higher website rating. It is the first interactive design TV program. The featured HOs interact via web cam with three ‘inspirational’ HOs whose spaces have been posted on the RMS website. Then, after the reveal, TV viewers can re-rate the featured HOs space on the RMS website. The goal is to improve the transformed space from its original low rating to a perfect five star (5*) rating. The show is both educational and entertaining. It’s full of design ideas that can be implemented into your space.

Angelo Surmelis, formerly of TLC’s “Clean Sweep” and HGTV’s “24-Hour Design, is the designer/host and he is pure, 100% unadulterated, creative genius. Unlike many television designers and hosts he’s not obsessed with being cool or funny. However, he is naturally each of the things – but never in an over-the-top, in-your-face way. He is the most charismatic and accessible designer in the television world. He is authentic and genuinely cares about fulfilling the desires of the homeowners. And, he’s confident enough to let his work be the “star” of the program.

And, now that the first season is available on iTunes, there’s opportunity for those who appreciate high-quality design and high-quality entertainment to enjoy the show whenever and wherever they choose.


angelo said...

WOW NYC! People are going to think I or someone associated with the show wrote the review.

Thank you for your "thumbs up" on this and the support. We're pretty proud of our little show and all the people involved with it from the homeowner's, the RMS community to the incredible producing team putting all the chaos together beautifully week after glorious week!


KittenNYC said...

I will confess that I am a grad student and an aspiring cultural critic. One of my main areas of research questions how commercials reflect and affect the cultural landscape. (Hence my bloated response on the 7/21/08 “Lofty” post, and, more recently, use of the word ‘hence.’ *L* ) Reviews are a substantial part of what I do.

That said, anyone who would impugn your, or the show’s, integrity should rest well-assured that their assumptions are completely incorrect. I’m simply one of the millions who loves the RMS show and who thinks you’re a brilliant designer and unselfconscious and generous host.

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