Sunday, August 10, 2008

dont' stop....

CREATING, that is.  

My background in is fine art.  I studied it in college. I lived it for years and I was certain I would wind up living in some tiny, rat hole somewhere doing nothing but painting, drawing, photographing, sculpting and anything else that had to do with just making stuff.  It was never about finding a way to get rich or even famous but I wanted to continue to push myself and all the stuff around me to see things in new ways.  Life never really turns out the way you planned.  I think we all know that.  I have yet to meet that person.  Maybe they're out there, let me know if you've run into them.  I'm pretty happy with the life I have, yet the need to continue to create hasn't diminished.  Actually, I think it has gotten stronger. 

I've been collecting found objects, and scraps and merging them with personal drawings, paintings and photographs to create collages.  My latest obsession.  There's something pretty cool about taking something that you see one way and by combining it with something else it takes on a new meaning.  It's story changes, kind of like your own.      
-angelo surmelis


Unknown said...

Right now that(muti-media) is my favorite "obession" in art.
You know as a "young thang" I was so snooty in that "modern" art, I just didn't "get."
And some I can still say, looks like something my daughters did as children, LOL. But now that I am older, and more comfortable in the way my "muse" is leading me, a whole new world is opened to me!
My hubby and I just bought a new house, and I am now working on huge a mutli-media for one big wall that we have blank. I am using so many of your idea's through out my house. I must say that it looks SO cool! I have already recieved many compliments on it. And I make sure to give you the kudo's and encourage them to watch the shows.
I live in Vegas, and my sister was just here to visit. She is also an Artists, I took her to the Bellagio, which now is showing American Modern Art. It is lovely, and if you are in town, you must go see it!
And hey, give me a shout we could meet for coffee! LOL!
Anyhoo, keep up the great work, you are also my muse in creating.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!

mrsben said...

YES, vie the Grapevine I heard you won The SHOWDOWN!!!!
OMGoodness, you are a man of many talents. Interior Designer, Super Hero and now a Gunslinger.
My sincere CONGRATULATIONS to both you and Carter.

I also see you majored in one of my favourite medias; ART. I have always said 'IF I was ridiculously RICH, that is where I wud put my investment', but as you said... "life doesn't always turn out as planned". Boy are you correct. :)

I have a passionate appreciation for Art. To me it is one form of communication that can be created anywhere, at any time; using any language which is translated by the eye of the beholder. (That's my personal theory.) I enjoyed the gallery of Collages.

Well I think that about covers everything so off I go now to add Artist and Philospher to your impressive list of credentials.


SHaBBy ViNTaGe CHiC said...

Very inspirational post. Art makes the world somewhat inhabitable, doesn't it? Keep up the good work!

Dream Keyper said...

Love your creative energy. I believe in the same design theory as you. It's about who YOU are and what YOU love. So many people are worried about what others may think. You are fearless. I admire that. I am working on being more like that, and you have inspired me. Thank you and congrats on all your fearless successes!! Suzy
(bella7 on rms)

Anonymous said...

I consider myself an "artist".

No I can't paint a beautiful canvas, nor form a smooth detailed sculpture. I can't draw a straight line without a ruler, but, I can appreciate tradition and beauty and I do "create".

In fact, I've created "Tara" at least four times. It's real you know....not the grandious, illusional plantation from Margaret Mitchell's pages, but the "spirit" of that illusion.

My hope is that my Tara creations have embodied the spirit of home and family: Love, Laughter, Tears, & Hardship. But most of all Determination. The absolute love of tradition and a way of life that I am bound to pass along to my children and grandchildren.

My first Tara was a small framed whitewashed row house in a middle Georgia cotton mill town. Even back then, grandparents fulfilled the duties that parents couldn't or didn't. My vocabulary is not extensive enough to tell about the unconditional, selflessness of my sweet granny & papa, so I won't try. But this Tara provided the groundwork and expectations of all my Tara's.

While living in Tara #1. I was taugh to create a home where decor as we know it today was not a huge priority.

And about "things". A cherished tea pot broken into a million pieces by a tenatious 5 year old....material & replacable. There's more to say...maybe I'll write a book. LOL

I think I got off track a little here! Maybe you'll allow this to post or maybe you won't....doesn't matter. Writing this and remembering the past beauty of this grand old home place was enough.

See where your inspirational post lead? I have found a new appreciation for "Art"!

Gloria (ggmays)

imjacobsmom said...

Oh Angelo,
I am watching your episode with the new kitchen and it is fab! I only have one pet peeve. The fridge door should have opened on the other side! It is really inconvenient the way it is positioned now. They actually should have had the french door cabinet depth fridge. However, all the other elements rock! ~ Robyn

angelo said...

Hi Robyn,

Thanks for watching and I completely agree with you about the fridge door.

We shoot and do the construction and all the details on the show in about 10 working days. Ordering, delivery, in-stock items, budget, shoot schedule along with coordinating homeowner's schedule and our inspirational video chats (amongst all the other random stuff that goes into shooting a TV show) all go into the production of each episode and there are always some compromises to be made. The fridge we wanted was not avail in time and this was our second choice. The great thing is, the door can be changed out to open the other way.

Hope you continue to enjoy future episodes and THANKS for watching during the Olympics!!!!

Best always,

Anonymous said...

Angelo, I'm somewhat confused....How did Diane and James see the mosaic backsplash in Susan and Andrews kitchen. There's only one picture and it's way too small to see that much detail. Also Susan mentions that her "kitchen island" is the inspiration not the backsplash.
When you have time can you tell us how your show comes together? How do you do all this with several makeovers going on at the same time with only 10 days work time? Can you give us a little "insiders peek?"
Anyway, we'll all be rooting for Jared this Sunday on the showdown!
Again.. a beautiful 5 star kitchen!
Best ~Nancy

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