Thursday, August 21, 2008

all in the family...



Joanne, Phil and their boys really use their home. ALL of it. You know how sometimes people have a room in their home that stays empty? That is not the case for this active & fun family. The goal for them was to have the very large room turn into two different, functional living spaces. One for TV viewing and game playing and the other, a bit more sophisticated adult space for hanging out. Joanne & Phil were ready for change. They were incredibly energetic and fun to work with. I have to say, that every single homeowner has left me with an incredibly positive feeling and the TAN family was definitely no exception. It was a challenging, fun, and VERY BIG makeover to accomplish in less than ten days, but our fearless and hard working crew was up for the mission as per usual!

Thanks to Jared, and the always miraculous talents of Danny, Rupert, Jenn & Ivana.

The inspirational homeowner's were all that and more:

-JIM & JACQUE: Their gorgeous and functional built-ins are just that and their view outside of the room is even more stunning. It was great speaking with you guys.

-ZENA: Was inspiring to Joanne & Phil by showcasing a more sophisticated seating area. They wanted one area to be a bit more adult than the other.

-DOREEN & JIM: Gave Joanne & Phil the courage to think about custom made wall panels, that i created for them and their style. Jim created the panels and the wall mounted fountain in their home and Doreen was his champion supporter in the projects.


-Custom made sectional, sofa and chairs in game area:
-Wall colors, molding, lumber for built in, wood panels for art project and both rugs:
-New chairs in lounge/seating area in front of fireplace and coffee table:
-Large, square leather ottoman, rattan hanging lights, yellow-round sofa table, curtains:
-Floor lamp:
-Entry area Asian-Inspired cabinets:

RE-RATE the room and upload your inspiring rooms, as well as a room you might want me to tackle on RMS at:

Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the rest of your week!
-angelo surmelis


Anonymous said...

WOW Angelo I'm just blown away by your art panels! A modern interpretation of cherry blossoms? Just gorgeous. I've seen some of your art work on swell-space but had no idea you painted as well. I think it's wonderful you put such a personal touch in the Tans room. They are a very lucky family.
Kudos to Jared and crew for pulling off that massive built-in in such a short time. A beautiful 5 star room
Best always ~Nancy

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Great change for the budget.

I have to ask -- where did you hide the Rock Band stuff? We have the exact same stuff in our family room, hiding in a corner.

mrsben said...

In The Reveal, the description reads 'custom painted panels'.  Would they happen to be another example of your Artistic talent?  Mmmmm, I'm thinking how could one incorporate them to camouflage a massive T.V.? Re my comment on last week's Makeover :)  I love their subtle contemporary flair. The built-in wall unit is superb!  Jared and his team are certainly  'keepers'. They are an amazing crew.  I wish the plans for some of the woodworking projects were available as.....I've discovered standing on my desk looking down at the monitor; the rafter construction of the Patio Pergalo is  not visible from described vantage point. (Ep. #110)  Also, from reading the  RMS review comments Angelo;  it appears this Makeover is a 'thumbs-up'.  Congratulations!  HAVE A BEAUTIFUL WEEK!P.S:  Just kidding about standing      on the desk.   

Lisa (aka) French said...

Another gorgeous space you have done;) Bravo!!! French;)

angelo said...

Thank you all for the comments! This was a BIG space and our regular, less than 10 days to do it in, was challenging. SERIOUSLY though, the RMS team of carpenters, shoppers and coordinators(Danny, Rupert, Jen, Jared & Ivana) really helped me to pull this one off.

To answer your question Julie B. The "rock band" stuff went into a closet that is behind the built-in.

Keep on creating,

Anonymous said...

Phenomenal job! You guys did GREAT!! Love the built-ins.

Your art panels were awesome. You are extremely talented.

I did do a few tweaks on my kitchen, you were right-- I needed more on the pub table wall. Check it out under Jiller53150.

Again, super job!

angelo said...

Your kitchen is really starting to take shape! The 3 framed posters on the pub table wall are great and the perfect size. AWESOME job....I think you are well on your way to getting the look you want.

Unknown said...

I agree with Nacy..I instantly fell for those art panels!

mrsben said...

So happy that the 'full' episode is now posted online and to learn that the custom panels were your artistic creations afterall.  They were fantastic Angelo!   You never cease to amaze. 

Darth Brenda said...

Does anybody know what colors were used on the walls and ceiling? Angelo showed them to the couple but I could not make out what the color codes were. I also went on Angelo's blog but the individual colors were not listed. I have purchased my first house and would like to do my living room in this color scheme. Any help would be great. Thanks!!

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