Thursday, August 14, 2008

if you're not watching the Olympics....

...and you're watching "Rate My Space" instead...WOW!  I say watch the Olympics and Tivo our show.  

Well, if you saw this weeks episode, you saw Diane & James get a kitchen makeover.  I have to tell you, this was a real emotional one for all involved.  Diane & James bowled me over with their reaction.  It was genuine, raw and heartfelt.  All of us involved with the whole process were effected by their exuberance!  

THANK YOU Diane & James for a fantastic experience!

As alway, Jared, Jason, Ron, Jacob & Ivana worked quite hard to help build this kitchen.  KUDOS to you kids for your work and fun-loving ways.

Our inspirational homeowner's from the Rate My Space site were, once again, wonderful.  THANK YOU all for your input!  

TAMI & JOE:  So many elements that Diane & James were drawn to.  They really wanted the stainless look that Tami & Joe had along with the warm wood cabinetry.

SUSAN & ANDREW:  Have a great mosaic tile backsplash.  Diane & James want a similar look in glass.

JEANNIE:  Has easy to maintain ceramic tile and that is a BIG draw for Diane & James.


-Appliances, countertop, cabinetry, backsplash, flooring, sink, faucet, fireplace details, pendant lighting and all paint and cabinetry hardware:

-Bar stools and new dining table chairs:

-Window treatments:


-Side buffet and wall mounted cabinet:

Thanks for watching, now let's get back to the Olympics!
-angelo surmelis

P.S. For those of you with questions about the fridge door, please see my response in the comments section on the entry below.


Anonymous said...

Nope! Don't think so ... you're on in 10 minutes ...

Can read about sporting outcomes online and catch any highlights on ESPN. ~ You're ~ the main attraction! Hope you can deal with it! *L*


Unknown said...

What Olympics??
Rate my Space is on!

Let's get our priorities straight here people! LOL!

Great show.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angelo! You are already on my DVR to record RMS, that way I won't forget.

That kitchen totally rocked! Wonderful job as always. When Diane and James were nervous about the color, I started screaming at the tv--what are you nuts??? Angelo is in the house and decorating and you are questioning??? Hello!

Once again you went forth and designed oh so well.

Anonymous said...

Angelo and the whole crew, I just want to say thank you from the buttom of our hearts. We are enjoying our kitchen and it was AMAZING! This is a lifetime experience and we will never forget this moment. We love you and more power to RMS team.

mrsben said...

Wonderful makeover Angelo!!!  It appears from their comments; Diane and James are thrilled with their kitchen upgrade and that is what counts.  From only observing 'the reveal' the space appears to be extremely functional with the extension of counter space; however I am wondering if they sacrificed cupboard storage space for it.  (ie: Elimination of the pantry cupboards.)   Difficult to determine from what I can see but then again each person's life style is different.  Myself, I am one of those people who likes lots of storage 'behind closed doors', particularly when it comes to big massive T.V.'s  :)Super job guys (& girls ?).WISHING YOU ALL A WEEK FULL OF SUNSHINE.

Steph Conrad said...

Hi Angelo. I taped this episode on Sunday and was able to watch it tonight. Loved it!

I've searched high and low to find out details about the blue/grey paint color that was used in the episode. I loved it and would like to use it in my own kitchen, but I can't find it posted anywhere. Would you mind sharing the manufacturer and paint name/number? I'd love you for it!


angelo said...

Hi Steph,
Thank you for watching the show.
The color used on the walls and on the ceiling was LOWE'S Valspar brand in semi-gloss.
The color was:
Olympic paints color SMOKE SCREEN #D56-3

Good luck with your own kitchen and hope this helps.

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