Thursday, August 7, 2008

movin' out(side)...

What can I say....Katy & Jason were the sweetest new homeowner's and it was a constant thrill to watch their eyes light up every time something new was revealed to them.  Their home is small, but stylish and comfortable.  

Living in Southern California, where it's outdoor weather ALL THE TIME, it was important to both of them to have a very useable, contemporary outdoor space.  They entertain often and use their patio as a true extension of their home.  

Their inspirational homeowner's from the Rate My Space web page did NOT disappoint!

JOYCE: Her pergola and drapes made for a beautiful extension of her home.  She was very "hands on" when she created the outdoor room that suits her lifestyle and the pergola was a HUGE part of the transformation for Joyce.

GLORIA & TOMMY: Brought home the Texas Grillin' in a BIG way!  Their outdoor kitchen and dining area was beyond inspiring.

STEVE: He gave Katy & Jason something to dream outdoor room that could be as comfortable as the indoors.  Beautiful & Classic.

Getting the chance to speak to Joyce as well as Gloria & Tommy was so cool.  They were funny, entertaining, had great advice and quite insightful!

As always, Jared, The AMAZING Danny (in the very first photo) and Rupert made this possible with all their hard work in the blazing hot sun.  They tore up and hauled tons of concrete, built structures out of redwood, and planted more greenery than they thought I could haul to the house....BUT, they kept going without any complaints as long as every time I showed up with another car full of plants, I also had brought a few of their favorite red velvet cupcakes.  Sugar and caffeine can make miracles happen.  YOU GUYS ROCK, HARD!

ALMOST everything is outdoor friendly and weather resistant.  

-All decking and pergola materials: 
-Dining table, low-white-metal-mesh chairs, bench, silver mesh side tables:
-Love seat and 2 chairs in the espresso finish weave:
-Cushions for above furniture a well as throw pillows were custom made for me by:
-Outdoor rug and large B&W pillows on couch:
-Dng chairs, blk. stools, galvanizzed square planters: 
-Large, batik print orange chair pillows, white lanterns on bar:
-Floor throw pillows, bar stools and cylindrical galvanized planters:
-Bamboo screen dividers that were painted orange:
-All plants and orange paint color for room dividers:
-The MOST AMAZING red velvet cupcakes used to keep me and my crew going during the long hot days (they have other incredible baked goods and food): 

This was such a fun makeover to do and it was totally worth all the hard work.

Go forth & design well,
-angelo surmelis


Anonymous said...

Hi Angelo,

The makeover last night was FABULOUS! (As usual!) I truly admire your work! I was so amazed at the transformation! That outdoor space looked so warm and cozy. I had to really look hard to realize it was outdoors.

You really aim to please.

Deembee of RMS

Lisa (aka) French said...

This was an awesome transformation and that couple was so cute! One day my space will look just like that! I love the pops of orange, as it's one of my favorite colors I have it everywhere in my home! Awesome job! French;)

mrsben said...

Yipee, I want to hug someone.  I finally was able to view the 'Full Episode' prior to commenting.  (Please thank 'the powers that be' for me.)

You, Jared and 'the team' certainly did not disappoint either. Are you sure ya-all don't wear Capes and leap from tall buildings? The space was amazing Angelo!!!!

Lucky Katy and Jason; to have their very own Super HeroeS, sincerely -Brenda-


Anonymous said...

Hi Angelo, Just another GREAT space you created and the young couple were so cute!! You could see in her eyes how truly excited she was.. I also live in Ca. so I know how important our outdoor living space is...and I have so excited to see Gloria, I visit her on RMS and always tell her she the Other Gloria... just GREAT Angelo.. every week just gets better.. next time your in Ca stop by I'll give you and Jared a cuppa...Hugs and smiles aka Happytobe

angelo said...

SO GLAD you all enjoyed this episode and MRSBEN, how cool that you were finally able to see it in it's entirety! Glad to have the Canada represented.

Now even if we did wear capes and leapt from tall buildings, we couldn't tell would ruin our "secret identity."

Have a great weekend,

Anonymous said...

This design was by far my favorite. I wanted every single thing I saw at the reveal. I think it’s amazing that you are able to deliver commanding designs time after time. Makes me think that there is no end to your creativity! Do you ever hit the wall creatively, and, if so, how do you overcome it?

I’m trying to learn as much as I can about design, but I have to tell you that there are a few, probably basic, things that are confusing me. One is, is a pergola the same as a lanai? Secondly, I’ve heard it explained and looked at pictures, but I’m still not 100% on the difference between “modern” and “contemporary” – is the main difference is that contemporary is warmer with a less minimalist feel than modern? I swear I see them used interchangeably.

Lastly, thanks for the ‘heads-up’ on where to find a baker who knows their way around red-velvet. As a southern girl, I have been frustrated and disappointed by the offerings I’ve found around town. I will definitely have to check out Auntie Em’s! Should I let them know that you sent me? *L*

Have a great weekend!


PS. All praises to Jared and the team! They did an AMAZING job with all the different outdoor elements involved in this design!!

mrsben said...

:) :) :)

Naz said...

This was my favorite episode so far. We recently installed a deck and are currently deciding to add a pergola. My question to you is what was used on top of the pergola that created a shade? At first it looked like a canvas shade but in the final reveal it looked dark green with some type of rope lying across the middle of it. Please share any information you can. Thank you.

angelo said...

The pergola was covered with the same (sunbrella material) I used for the cushions and pillows. A gray fabric with orange pipping. I had a custom shade made with that fabric and it was on a track system with two rods, one on each corner at the head of the canopy, so it could easily be pulled open and closed.
Have fun with your deck and possible new pergola.
Thanks for watching and hope this helps.

Bridget said...

Superb job! I loved it so much.
I want to buy a U shaded house so I can recreate that space. What a lucky couple they are to have received such a fantastic outdoor space.
I love that you post all of the detail here. I'm going to save this for inspiration!
Thanks, Bridget

nikkicrumpet said...

Even my husband was blown away by this makeover! I usually have to beg him to watch the show with me...but he saw that it was an outdoor space and sat down. When the reveal came we were both amazed at how much this looked like a real for true ROOM! What a fabulous job you did! I'm sure they are thrilled...who wouldn't be!

Naz said...

Thanks so much Angelo for your quick reply and this does help me.
That really was a superior outdoor room.

Penny said...

I love entertaining outdoors so this episode was so much fun to watch. I would have cried just like Katy because everything about it was beyond fabulous!


Anonymous said...

Hello Angelo!

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that this was MY favorite RMS makover! It was fun and exciting for Tommy & I to play a small part in the inspiration for Jason & Katy's grillin' station. They are such a great couple, Fun,talented, and full of style. And to get to actually meet ya'll via web cam..the highlight. Thank's to you and our new friend Dan C. we were made to feel comfortable & special.
Needless to say, We are your biggest fans. Best to the crews, awsome job!~Tommy & Gloria Mays

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