Tuesday, August 5, 2008

taking risks...

The newest issue of British Livingetc is definitely a visual feast of all different kinds of spaces, from clutter free and minimal to Sibella Court's (an australian interior stylist who moved to NYC in 1999) bohemian-chic loft that mixes vintage, modern, and finds from around the world. The whole mag is worth the look. The mix of styles, architecture, lighting and endless ideas throughout every page makes one wonder what is possible.

I've posted some pics of a few pieces found in the magazine that are not following any particular rules but work in the context that they are in. I get asked all the time about what might "go with what." The answer can be a bit complicated due to the fact that the solution to that problem isn't the same every time. Context, lifestyle and YOU, have everything to do with the answer. What works for one, certainly may not for another. Both are correct and true, but not necessarily for each other.

I always encourage risk taking when it comes to putting together your home. I encourage it in life as well, but that's a whole other story. Look back on your life find the moments that were the ones that moved you forward. The ones that raised the bar and the "mistakes" which created a new and wonderful way of living, working and being. The interesting thing is that even as those times are the ones that might bring a successful new venture or scenario, most of us tend to go back to "playing it safe." Remember the risks. Recall the results. Learn from them and plan on taking some new ones.

Go forth & design well!
-angelo surmelis


Jeanette {A Passion for Home} said...

I do need to develop a backbone when it comes to taking risks in decorating. I have a fear of disappointment but should look at it as a lesson learned. And I've had a few already.

And can I say that I've truly been inspired by the RMS community and finally took the plunge and posted my first space.

My goal is to add a space seeking feedback which I hope to do very soon.

I hope to go forth and design well very soon. :)


imjacobsmom said...

Hi Angelo,
I've always liked to take the "risk" when decorating. My friends always thought I was a bit whacked when I would buy the bold large checkered chair or the over the top accessory. Then when I would get it home and display it they would drool over it. Then before you know it, my room is no longer unique. Well, I look at it as flattery. I consider myself "traditional/cottage" with a twist. Hope you had a good day. Robyn

Angie said...

Hi Angelo,

I love that third pic of the cabinet. Plus, it has an old 'A' on it for my name...perfect! I just buy what I love and try to work it into everything I already have. You can always change stuff around if it doesn't work!


Anonymous said...

Having grown up in a house with every conceivable shade of beige my only outlet was my room. I choose Bermuda pink...Dad mumbled something under his breath about 'Pepto Bismol",but I loved it. And then there was the furniture..Dad-"whats that noise?" Mom- "she's moving her bedroom furniture around...again" Dad "I thought she liked her room?" Mom "That was last week"
And so it began. I though Mom (the queen of beige)would have a coronary when she first saw my red dining room. I have made some major mistakes. 5 Gallons of paint later I finally got the color I thought I'd picked out on that 2x3 paint chip (God bless who ever came up with the new idea of sample size paint cans)And my husband now requires that all furniture moves be graphed out on paper first. OK the 400 pound piano is kinda heavy to move!
I keep saying I'll post on RMS "when I'm done" but I don't think I'll ever be done. All my rooms are "risks in progress"~that's half the fun!
PS-Can't wait to see you Sunday on summer showdown. The video with you Lisa,Carmen and Carter was hysterical "there is NO crying on summer showdown!" and of course RMS tomorrow night!
GEEKETTE in training~Nancy RN

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