Sunday, August 10, 2008

well, we won...

For those of you that watched Summer Showdown, you know by now that Carter & I won the competition and if you watched closely at the end you would have seen that no one was more surprised than me!  

I took a HUGE chance with the eco-friendly concept since the eco products available that day were: NO CHOICES!  My countertop was NOT fun for me and if I had just one thing to do over, THAT would be it.  

Team Lisa & Carmen did a really lovely kitchen and I was certain their design decisions might be more in favor with the judges.  We went out on a limb and I followed my own advice: TAKE RISKS.  The good thing was that this was not a real home.  It was a set and a game.  If it was their actual home and we had real time/budget the approach obviously would have been different. We would have actual interaction with the clients in order to tailor the design to their specific needs.  Both teams went into this blind and we just figured it out as we went along.  

Congratulations to both LISA & CARMEN for being such professionals and having fun with us.  It was an honor to share the stage with them and we were all thrilled to be in this together.  CARTER was great to work with and he promised me he didn't steal the wood.    

Hope you all enjoyed watching us sweat it out!

-angelo surmelis


Me Online said...

You're amazing! I Admire your design work.

Question: Stainless steel appliances. Do you think they will be tomorrow's harvest gold or avacado green? What is the safest to go with now for resale? Is black still a viable option?

angelo said...

Thank you for watching!

You know, stainless steel appliances might be with us a bit longer. It all comes down to the context of your environment. Since stainless is a classic, professional kitchen/restaurant look you are probably not going to see it go the way of the avocado stove. There are many manufacturers out there offering fantastic, classic alternatives such as and BERTAZZONI (I have the red stove in my own home and I LOVE IT! You can choose all white, black or stainless appliances and bring one piece in with color. My fridge, dishwasher, microwave and wine cooler are all stainless and the stove in the red BERTAZZONI. It adds not only a great classic color to your mix but some character and personality.

angelo said...


Me Online said...

Thanks so much for your help. Trying to second guess future design while staying true to mine own taste is tricky and appliances are a big investment. I really like the idea of mixing in a color. That's why you get the big bucks....and shows.

nikkicrumpet said...

And deservedly so. I wasn't sure how that yellow was going to work...but it really pulled together at the end. I'm enjoying the show!

Rochelle said...

I knew you would win!
I was watching and excited for you.
Your reaction was adorable, LOL!

Penny said...

I could tell you had a doubt or two about your team winning, but as usual you were your optimistic risk taking self and had fun with it all. I loved it when Carter said he'd rather lose than tie. That was pretty cool. When Lisa said that the homeowners will get your kitchen, but then wish they had hers, I was like, did she just say that on TV? LOL

My two fave things in your kitchen were the seriously cool grey (or is it gray?) glass backsplash, and the dark wood shelves mixed with the white cabinets. I chuckled when you offered up the design tip of accessorizing like crazy to cover up a bad color choice. Been there!

You had great judges. I've met Mitchell Gold, Bob Williams, and their cool dog Lulu. Great guys. And how nice to have Keenan Ivory Wayans (love him!), such an eco-conscious guy as one of the judges!

Thank you for the kitchen appliance advice and weblink.

Have a fun week!


mrsben said...

Still not posted on the Web, but I did make a comment on your 'Don't Stop' page. (LOL its frustating sometimes to be a Canadian. I'd invest in a Satellite Dish, but it won't work in our wooded area.)

Anonymous said...

I have to be honest...I was surprised the guys won. Even with the excessive amount of accessories in an attempt to pull the colors together, I didn't think the counter and wall color meshed. The room didn't feel like a place I'd want to spend time in. I understand that 6 hrs. is NOT a lot of time though.

You seem like a nice guy, but I want to know, how does one become a celebrity "Designer" without a degree in Interior Design? It's kind of like Dr. Phil. He's not really a psychologist, he just plays one on TV.

I know I sound overly critical (sorry), but I'm a design student and I guess I have very high expectations from the celebrity designers.

angelo said...

No need to apologize. Everyone is definitely entitled to their opinion and you never go into this line of work (on TV or in the public eye expecting to have everyone agree with you) Though I'm not sure what to say about the Doctor Phil comparison, so I will stay away room that.

All I can tell you is that design unlike being a surgeon or splitting the atom is NOT an exact science. I think anything that has to do with creativity is more about talent and experience. I think some of the best artists, musicians, actors, and writers (along with some top fashion designers and TV and movie people) that have changed the face of their professions, have never gone to school for what they do. Some have.

I certainly AM NOT comparing myself to those people, but I think you can get to where you want to go in a variety of ways...some traditional, some not.

In theory, I am not a designer since I don't have an interior design degree, but a decorator. I am OK with whatever someone wants to call me. Either way, I wish you all the best in your quest for your degree and may your career be filled with success and design highlights.

Another bald guy who is NOT Dr. Phil.

Sweet Designs said...

Congrats on winning, I did not get to see the show, but I will tune in for the next one!

Me Online said...

I think that "designing" a vision for a space doesn't necessitate the degree as much as it does the talent. That is not learned, but a gift. I'm certainly not putting down the education as it will teach you why something works or what principle it is based on, but without the "gift" it can turn into just color and lines.

Thanks for inspiring our imaginations and then showing us how to make it happen. Oh, and thank you for doing it in a smart, non-cutesy way.

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