Thursday, September 11, 2008

last one of the season...

This was the last episode of RMS Season 1.

If I haven't said this enough before, let me just say that getting to meet and spend time with the various homeowners is one of the most fulfilling experiences of my job. This episode was no exception. Yvette & Russell were unbelievable. Their huge, open hearts, their generosity of spirit and also AMAZING cooking skills (they have a catering co. in Los Angeles and fed us with incredible, homemade food and desserts every day we shot with them) made for a fun and moving experience for all of us. Their emotional response was overwhelming, humbling and will stay with us forever.

If all that wasn't enough, we had three inspirational homeowner's from the RMS community that were everything we could have hoped for and so much more:

RACHEL & GRAHAM: Their warm and welcoming seating arrangement was something that Yvette & Russell wanted to incorporate in their own home. Even though Rachel & Graham have a slightly different style than the Platoff's are into and their living room is a little larger....Yvette & Russell knew they wanted to create the same cozy & inviting feel in their living room that Rachel & Graham had.

IVY: Was able to carve a section in her room that gave her a zen space. Ivy gave Yvette great advice and encouragement. Yvette wanted to be able to accommodate her alter and a meditation space in her small living room. By enlarging her alter area and giving Yvette flexible seating options she was morph that part of her living room to suit her needs in the moment and for future entertaining with her husband, family & friends.

LISA & GORDON: Yvette & Russell were so delighted to speak with Lisa & Gordon not only because their gorgeous entry piece was inspiring, but also because they were so giving with their insightful decor advice. Lisa & Gordon really understand that design is personal and it's less about fads and "right & wrong" BUT more about the way you want to live and how you want your home to feel as well as the fact your home should morph and change the way you do.

What an amazing experience this episode along with the others in our first season.
THANK YOU all who watch, post, comment, blog, and inspire. This was a great way to end our season. Check us out next month when Season 2 begins.

As always, JARED and his carpentry team of JASON, JACOB & RON helped make this happen.


Walls: Waverly Home Collection/GOLD COIN #WV35011
Fireplace: Waverly Home Collection/VINTAGE GOLD #WV34011
COUCH: Custom made sofa:
FABRIC for chair, couch:

-angelo surmelis


Nancy RN said...

What a great way to end your first season, five stars all the way! We must buy you some stock in the Kleenex company..geez even I was gettting sniffly watching that reveal ;-)
Kudos to Lisa, Gordon and all the other inspiration families. Tonight was extra special(yea French!!)
Can't wait for season 2 to start...keep us posted. I'd love to see more of your art work (paintings??!!) while we wait.
I am blogging from a hotel room in washington DC and trust me, just like Miami..there are no comfy chairs here either! :-)
Best wishes and congrats again on a fantastic season~Nancy B

French said...

Angelo~~~finally we got to see the episode and how weird to see ourselves on TV?? I love Russell and Yvette and still wish we could actually meet with them! The space was AWESOME! They were so lucky and SO deserving;) French

Naz said...

It's always exciting to actually recognize the RMSer's since the show doesn't use their actual RMS names. But I did recognize French and her beautiful entryway.
Excellent transformation of the room. I loved the richness of it all.

krohrich said...

Well, if that was the end of season 1, I am ready for more! I have probably only caught half the episodes, but am adding it to my Thursday viewing. Last night's episode and eccletic redo for Yvette and Russel was amazing in all respects.

Last night's show led me to my first visit to the HGTV RMS website page and A.S.'s blog, but this is what I posted at RMS:

"What to me was most important was that Yvette was so moved when she saw the final outcome. To have that type of room in your home, that can make you feel that way means everything. I can also see from Angelo that he is moved as well that he can do that for the homeowners on this show. That is the gift of talent - - to be able to share it with others, give to others and inspire others. Bravo Angelo :-)"

Michael said...

It turned beautiful! Absolutely second favorite behind Andy's kitchen!

Looking forward to next season!

angelo said...

THANK YOU all for the great notes and for enjoying this, our last episode of the Season. Currently we are scheduled to be back with new episodes the first week of October, but I will keep you posted as it all unfolds in the world of TV programming.

French (Lisa) was a HUGE inspiration as you saw last night. She & her husband were amazing and our conversation was cut down to a few sound bites due to the fact that we have a lot to include in 22 minutes of TV.

Thank you for supporting our show!

aub said...

Hi hi! I recently watched an episode on HGTV (my first one) and saw you create some Chinese art for this family's walls (it was a huge space, in a mustard yellow that you chose a grey/green for. She was chagrined!). I remember you saying something about posting vague instructions or pictures on the Lowe's website but I was unable to find anything! I was inspired and I want to "not be afraid to make mistakes" as I create something for my new home. I would greatly appreciate a link, some pictures, or some direction! Thanks so much, and what a fabulous show!

angelo said...

Hi Aub,
Thank you for watching the show.
The art work panels were pretty personal to the homeowners and when I do any kind of art I don't really have a pre planned layout or a step by step "how to." It's a bit difficult to do that with something that is mostly about being creative in the moment. On the Lowe's web site ( they have a few projects but not the art panels. If you are looking to do something similar that has a bit more of a pre-existing "plan" I recommend finding an image in an art book, or post card and projecting that image onto a wall or canvas and tracing it. Most art supply stores sell and/or rent projector that you can do that with. Good luck and remember, your first time out with anything new is always just "your first time out." Practice on a piece of poster board, drawing paper or newsprint to get comfortable with your new project.

All the best,

osk said...

Hello Angelo, love your show

I know this is an old episode and I am pretty late in asking but I thought I might ask anyways. While watching the repeat there was a particular "side table" (am not sure if thats what it was) that wasnt talked about in detail but caught my eye. It looks like one item but can seperate into 2 pieces. When seperated one part looks like a desk while the other part looks like a chair. I looked through the products section but I didnt find what I was looking for, although its hard to find what you're looking for if you dont even know the name of what you're lookin for. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

angelo said...


Thanks for writing and watching the show.

That item (desk/side table) was purchased from a store in Southern California in Sherman Oaks called Urban Home.


Osk said...

Thanks sooooooooooo much!


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