Thursday, September 4, 2008


Sometimes I wonder why I live in Southern California. I am city guy. I grew up in Chicago, lived in NYC and ever since I moved to L.A. I have felt it's a sprawling, vast suburb and I am not sure how I fit in. I have been here for years and still feel like I'm visiting. Don't get me wrong, there are so many things that I have come to appreciate about my new home and would miss if I were gone from the sunny L.A. area, but I become homesick for a concentrated city that has an energy, buzz and sometimes so architecturally packed that it blocks out the sun.....UNTIL, those days I get to come home before the sun goes down and I watch it drift through my house in a glowing, sweeping way. It almost feels like it's sauntering through the rooms. Southern California light, there's nothing quite like it.

-angelo surmelis


Kathysue said...

Hi Angelo, It looks like your show and the website has a life of its own. I am a rmser and have had a lovely journey. It has been fun walking thru your world. I too am a light lover. No window coverings for me, just give me the light. Keep up the good work you have quite following. fondly Kathysue

imjacobsmom said...

And I'm just the opposite. I grew up in the country. Not a farm, but a township. Five minutes from the city but just far enough out that the nearest neighbors were acres away. I live in a suburb now and although I have an empty lot next to me and an empty lot behind me ( which I know I am lucky to have), I still feel hedged in. I miss the little woods and the little cow pasture down the road.
It's funny about sunlight. This time of year I get a funny little square of it on my kitchen countertop about dinner time. I watch it move along as the sun sets. ~ Robyn

Lisa (aka) French said...

I miss you;) Love your home it's so YOU! French;)

Naz said...

Come back to the east coast. One gets tired of the sunshine day in and day out lol.
The 2 chairs in the first pic remind me of the Danish modern furniture that I grew up with in my parents living room circa late 1950's. I love it!! Plus it looks stunning with the crystal chandelier.

Unknown said...

I moved from growing up in Seattle, to Las vegas, right in the middle of the Mojave Desert.
Talk about your change! LOL!
I thought I would hate it, miss my trees, water and yes, even rain.

But I find a true beauty in this desert.

I do miss hugging a tree when I need to though....snicker.

Heck, we have to have solar screens on our windows, as it heats the house up way to much. So much for having the sun shine in...110 sun in your windows is a tad to much.

niartist said...

Angelo, is this your house? It's absolutely stunning. I haven't commented on your blog before - so this might be a long one! ;)
I'm so fond of your design style, and your talent. I have been very excited by the RMS show, but really loved you in 24-hour makeover. I got so many great tips from that show!
I recently posted my outdoor dinner party on RMS, and it quickly shot to the front page, which was very exciting. I had lost some of my faith in RMS after a long string of nasty posters - but now I'm revived.
I'd love your thoughts, the pictures are on my blog too. Hope to hear from you soon!

angelo said...

Hi Artie,
Thanks for visiting the blog and for watching the shows!

Yes, that is my house and there are different pics throughout this blog that are of my place. It's my "design lab" that I can try, fail and sometimes succeed on different ideas before I unleash them on the general public.

Your outdoor dining room is gorgeous! What an amazing job you did and the RMS community has obviously noticed. CONGRATULATIONS.

Also, glad to hear that you are back on RMS and that you are finding the experience to be a positive one once again. THAT has and is always the goal. You can't control negative comments (I certainly get my fair share) but I think that the community of people that love all things design, inspiring others, being inspired and are gracious enough to share in all of that will always be heard.

Much continued success and stay creative,

mrsben said...

Psssss, you don't want to listen to Naz, even though we are friends :) Enjoy and bask in that CAL-I-FORN-I-A Sunshine!
Fall is fast approaching here in Canada and our hours of daylight are getting shorter. Realize you are missing the big city life, but take if from a city dweller; there are times it can be a concrete jungle.

Beautiful digs Angelo!

THIS IS ME....ONLINE said...

Love seeing what you do in your own home. Thanks for sharing. It's a beautiful space.

Question: Would love to do a chandelier in my master bedroom and actually have the crystal chandelier out of my childhood home. My problem is that we have an upstairs bedroom in Texas. A ceiling fan is really necessary. Have you ever seen an effective way of mixing the two? Would appreciate your thoughts.

angelo said...

It sounds like your chandelier from your childhood home would be the perfect addition to your master bedroom. I've been to Texas many times and I agree about the need for the ceiling fan. The challenge is making both work. Since ceiling fans and chandeliers tend to be very different styles. The only way I think you would be able to have both in one room, without it looking a bit odd or feeling like the chandelier is taking away from the grandeur and focus of the beautiful family chandelier, is if your room is big enough that they are not in close proximity of each other. All the best with your design decisions---A

Beth Hz. said...


love the paisley rug in the picture on this post. any tips on where to find similar ones?

beth hz.

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