Friday, September 19, 2008

not a fan...

...of the "waking up."  This is pretty much the look I get every morning on my way to work.  Baxter isn't exactly supportive of my career.  


KittenNYC said...

With a face as cute as that, I suggest Ms. Leibowitz just deal with whatever demands Mr. Baxter makes! :)

BTW, he has it right, days would be much better if they started at noon!


PS. Congrats on an amazing first season. Looking forward to Season Two!

French said...

Ahhhh how could you walk away from this face? By the way the kitchen is ultra fab! French;)

mrsben said...

Pooooor Baxter, he doesn't look to enthused that Daddy is leaving to go to work again.

Checked out the issue in L.A. Times and your kitchen is marrrrvelous! The sleek (Red Ferarri) Bertazzoni stove is certainly an 'eye catcher'! Oh to have the luxury of a subcontracting crew and an oversee foreman to fast-track such a reno is all but a dream of mine. I have sixteen spaces to do. (My hubby and myself are Seniors C's but he refuses to downsize. If we weren't married for 37 years; I would accuse him of being more attached to his 2-level 30' x 40' hobby garage, than he is to me....smiles. He tinkers and builds Street Rods.) Sarah Richardson will be starting her new series this Fall on renovating an entire house, so needless to say I will be tuning in and taking down notes.

I finally was able to view the Eclectic Living Room and loved 'every' detail of it Angelo.
(The colors, the introduction of textured fabrics, etc. etc. etc.)
It is always such a treat to experience your design expertise.
Thank You!

Wishing you a beautiful and relaxing weekend!

angelo said...

NYC, French, Mrs. Ben,
Thank you for the nice comments about the kitchen (but we all really know it was Baxter that sold the whole package...let's not kid ourselves. We're all adults) AND Mrs. Ben, enjoy the new Sarah Richardson series. I have no doubt it's going to be good. There are many great designers working out there today, but ironically enough, most of them are NOT on TV. She, along with many of her Canadian temporaries that are on the tube, are really good at doing both (designing and the TV stuff)

BTW, Your husband builds street rods? NOW THAT, is pretty cool!

Great weekend to all...Coffee beckons.

Rochelle said...

Look at that face.
What a punkin..he does have that "Daddy don't leave me look" eh?

And what KittenNYC said...Looking forward to Season Two! Great job!

Now, let Baxter go back to snoozin...

Nancy RN said...

Awww! With a face that cute he just can't be a diva..but I'm with Baxter, mornings should be illegal! (and he doesn't even get coffee poor pup!)
My Sunday was spent reliving your old show "Clean Sweep'-After spending 2 hours last weekend looking for a paint roller, war was declared today on our (read~ my husbands) two sheds. Yup, everything came out, piles were made and many trips to the dump later we now have one organized shed and one almost empty one. Dearly beloved is still not really speaking to me, but secretly I think he's pretty darn pleased. His comment_"Yea...Tell Angelo I like his NEW show BETTER!"
Have a great week~Nancy B

Suzann said...

Such a face on that pupper dog. Perhaps an espresso or cappuccino would make him smile? Just kidding. I have to say that I have become one of your biggest fans. I ADORE your new show and you simply have the best personality and your taste is wonderful. I am looking forward to season 2. Now, to get you to come and fix my entire house. LOL. I'm in Chicagoland...tempted?

Naz said...

Baxter has the face you just can't but love.
Another love is your gorgeous kitchen. I'm curious about the window treatments. Is it permissible to just have pleated shades without a valance or curtain in the kitchen? I'm asking for my own future reference.
Thanks Angelo.

mrsben said...

What's even cooler Angelo; is that you know what a Street Rod is. Many think a restored Antique (Squeeker) and a Street Rod are two of the same. We have had many in our hobby garage (stable) throughout the course of the years with the latest 'toys' being a '36 Ford Coupe (with a rumble seat) and a '38 Buick Coupe. It's all about what is under the hood! :)

angelo said...

I'm a BIG fan and it sounds like you guys have some real beauties!

angelo said...

You can absolutely have a pleated shade without a valance/curtain. It really is a personal choice. Either way could work and it also depends on the style you're going for. The shade by itself would lean more towards a clean-contemporary look and a bit more traditional with curtain/valance.

Naz said...

Thanks Angelo. Since I am going for a more clean contemporary look I appreciate your guidance.

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

I agree with Baxter....morning are NO FUN!!!

M ^..^

EditThis said...

I miss those days. My new puppy wakes me up around 630 every morning. Not cool.

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