Tuesday, September 30, 2008

on the road & a new season...


                                             SEASON 2 PREMIERE!
                             OCTOBER 2 episode #201.........9pm e/pt
                                    OCTOBER 9 episode #202.........9pm e/pt


I have posted pictures of the first 2 episodes because I will be out of town till OCT 21st.  When I return I will be posting a resource buying list and details, along with the 3rd episode pics.

I am off to two of my favorite cities/places.  

In NYC till OCT. 4 to shoot an HGTV Holiday Special and then off to CHICAGO (woo-hoo, my hometown!) for some work but mostly to take in the the city, eat, get reacquainted with the parks, eat, visit Greek Town, eat, see a game, catch some theater, eat, see old friends, visit old haunts, find new haunts, eat, enjoy the new architecture, admire and pay respect to the old architecture, eat and basically just try to cram in as much of the city as possible to last me all year...in about a two week time frame!

Hope you all enjoy the new Season of RMS!

angelo surmelis


Unknown said...

Enjoy yourself!
And...don't forget to eat! LOL!

Cindy said...

Have fun!!! I'm so excited...I'm one of the inspiration rooms on the first show of the season!!! I can hardly wait to see it!

Naz said...

Hope you have a safe trip. Enjoy Greek town. Huppa!!

mrsben said...

With so much eating Angelo, be careful you 'don't explode'.
Have a safe trip, relax, enjoy yourself and all kidding aside.....BON APPETITE! Hope Baxter is going too, or he'll be surely missing you.

(Shall comment on the new episodes when they are posted online.)

HAPPY TRAILS, to you. :)

Lisa (aka) French said...

What's not to love about that bedroom you know I am all about the island look;) Enjoy your time off and soak it ALL in for me too;)French

Missy Krissy said...

This might be way off subject, but the pics had me thinking...I'm afraid to put fresh flowers in a room. I don't know what's seasonal or the best price. And dried or artificial look tacky...HOt mess in m yown head...

angelo said...

My take on flowers is, display what you love. Forget the dried and artificial and splurge every once in a while with something that you like. Keep it fresh and a little goes a long way. No need to stress over the "right" flower. The right choice is ALWAYS what you prefer.

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