Thursday, September 25, 2008


Can a home, a room, a place be sexy?

Do the same rules apply for you for an interior you find sexy as they do with people?  Do you prefer neat, stylish and elegant or does the tousled, casual and maybe even a little unexpected do it for you?

I admire the polished, elegant, methodical, well-appointed...BUT, I prefer the worn, unique, a bit off kilter look.  

The unexpected, ALWAYS sexy.
-angelo surmelis


Jeanette {A Passion for Home} said...

I share in your same sentiments. I recall purchasing a wet bar sink a couple years ago and the Kitchen Designer referred to it as sexy. And I agreed. It's a black silgranit bar sink and quite sophisticated and sexy. Rugged is also sexy. So I would definitely classify Steve McQueen as sexy too.

NancyRN said...

Thought provoking Angelo~ I prefer when something knows what it wants to be, which is probably why I am not a big fan of the 'eclectic" style. Also, it just can't take itself too seriously . The element of surprise or the a chandelier in the bath...that takes it up to a whole new level.
So confidence,sense of humor and a little spontaneity works for me.

My vote for sexiest building ever-The Chrysler Building in NYC. Nancy

angelo said...

The Chrysler building, DEFINITELY in my top ten! Simply one of the most beautiful and sexy American buildings ever.

Anonymous said...

I love just about everything you design and that's probably because I too, am a Pices. I found Italy to be artistically beautiful in many buildings. As for sexy, that could only be defined by a true and perfect masterpiece of art. That would be Michaelangelo's David.

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