Thursday, October 30, 2008


If you couldn't tell from tonight's show, Dawan & Yasmin were waaay too much fun to hang out with!  They both have an incredible sense of humor, charisma and all around love for life.

This is Dawan's first home and he is the definition of a proud homeowner.  He and his girlfriend, Yasmin. have tackled the outside of the house with some great exterior color choices and they put in new landscaping themselves.  The curb appeal is tremendous, but they weren't feeling it inside the home.  They didn't know where to begin inside since they wanted to tackle each room of the house.  We gave them a jump on the renovations by really hooking up the dining room into a space that suits their personal style and is definitely entertainment ready.

Inspirational Homeowner's:

-DON has a really great lounge-like feel in his living room and even though we were doing Dawan's Dining Room, Dawan wanted to incorporate the "lounge atmosphere" with his own twist.

-JANICE was kind enough to open her home to us and show Dawan and Yasmin first hand her buffet that helped inspire Dawan & Yasmin to want a buffet/bar in their room, but with a modern spin.  Janice was able to give them great design advice along with inspiration.

-FRANK & MIKE were inspiring with their use of an organic shape light fixture over their dining table.  They had great advice for Dawan & Yasmin.

All the inspirational and creative homeowner's were incredibly helpful to Dawan & Yasmin.  NOW, it was my turn to design something for them that only incorporated their inspirations, but really highlight's Dawan & Yasmin's personal style. 

This makeover was brought to you by...THE TEAM that makes magic, Jared, Jen, Danny, Rupert, Pahl & Ivana.  They built things, picked up large pieces of bulky furnishings from faraway lands and were all around good sports when I asked more of them.  Love you kids, now get back to work.


WALLS: Eddie Bauer CALICO EB28-1 flat finish
MOLDINGS: Seaside Retreat LIGHT KHAKI SR302 semi gloss
UPPER TOP CEILING: Martha Stewart SESAME TAHINI MS133 flat finish
LOWER CEILING: Martha Stewart SPUN SUGAR MS120 flat finish

-Continue to go forth & design well,
angelo surmelis


Laura said...

I just watched the show and I loved the room! Not my personal style and I wasn't sure about some of the pieces working together, but in the end I was surprised how well it worked! (Although I shouldn't have been.) I loved the repetition with variation!

angelo said...

Thanks Laura!

KittenNYC said...

Stylish, mature, sexy. And, I liked the room, too! ;)

Mariafer said...

Happy Halloween and Happy Weekend!!!

Ma'dame French said...

I absolutely LOVED this room;) Happy Halloween and Happy fall to you too;) French

Anonymous said...

OMG! I loved the built in bar/buffet! Very very very cool piece. And that table (I am drooling)......not usually a fan of oval, but you showed me Angelo how things that are outside my normal choices look super great.

Once again you went forth and designed well. It was great that you guys took a field trip and actually went to an inspiration's home.

Keep up the great work, I am a huge fan of your show.

Happy fall,

p.s. thanks so much for your wonderful comments on my small bedroom. next up is painting the much to do so little time (and renting limits on what we can actually do!) Take care {{{{hugs}}}}

Tami Nick said...

I LOVED the bar! Where did you get the glass tiles? I want to do my kitchen backsplash, and can't seem to find the tile choices that I so desire!
Great room! Love watching the show!

angelo said...

Hi Tami,
Thanks for watching the show. You can get this type of glass backsplash in custom colors, sizes and shapes from the Lowe's tile special order dept. All the best with your makeover!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this room makeover. It is very sexy. Don's inspiration room is one of my fave on RMS. Such a fave, I duplicated but I loved how you put a spin on it in the bar/buffet area. That's genius!!! Thanks for all the inspiration you provide. Last, please let me know where you purchased the ceramic decorative cream/white apples on the table. Thanks!

angelo said...

Hi Anonymous,
Glad you liked the show and yes, Don's room is really wonderful and inspiring for many!

One of my favorite things about the RMS site is how people can inspire each other and how sometimes that inspiration gets reinterpreted to suit them.

I bought the ceramic apples in Los Angeles On La Brea at a store called Mortise & Tenon:

Have a great week,

B and E said...

This is an incredible new dining room! I don't even know where to begin with what we want first upon seeing this episode. You inspire us weekly and your charm & enthusiasm just beam out of the TV screen. We eagerly await every new episode and even watch the repeats.
Happy Holidays,

Lori said...

OH MY! This isn't even my style and I WANT IT! This is just so gorgeous. The homeowner's on your show must feel like they won the lotto! Big Fan, Angelo.

Drew said...

OH WOW! WOW! No, really, WOW! I'm sorry. I just don't know what else to say. I am beyond impressed. Wonderful work.

KYLE said...

Unbelievably Gorgeous! I would live in this room. Angelo, your talent and vision is amazing.

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