Wednesday, October 29, 2008

chicago nights...

The week that I was preparing to leave Chicago was not the most relaxing.  The week felt the way it does on Sunday.  It's the weekend, but you know that the following day is Monday.  

There was still a whole week left to eat my way through the city and take in the great fall nights (the light is pretty groovy in the fall) but I knew my time was limited, so I packed every day with as much as possible.  I saw a show at SECOND CITY (Highly Recommend It!), checked out museums, saw some theater, continued on the great Chicago pizza tour '08, and went to OAK PARK.  It has the world's largest concentration of Frank Lloyd Wright homes.  Also, Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio is located there as well, along with the birthplace home of Hemingway.  It's appox. 20 min. outside of downtown Chicago and I highly recommend taking a trip if you find yourself in the city.  Take the Frank Lloyd Wright house tour, it's pretty incredible.


EditThis said...

I'd like to see the Frank Lloyd Wright homes there. I've seen a few of them here in L.A., but have been a lot more interested in seeing the Greene and Greene homes lately. I love the hominess of the arts and crafts style. Do you have a preference for style, or appreciate all the great architects?

angelo said...

I agree, Greene & Greene homes are incredible. As far as a favorite architectural style, I couldn't choose one since each of them give me something different to appreciate.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about tomorrow being Monday; the Monday after a long period of festivities. I hope that you were able to squeeze enough fun and relaxation into your hiatus to sustain you and your creativity through this next period of shows. Take care of yourself, please. We need you around for a loooooong time! *S*


Random: HGTV re-ran the Texas couple's show last night. You looked much slimmer in the Christmas shows. What are you doing to slim, anything special? (You looked great in both, BTW)

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