Wednesday, October 22, 2008


After leaving NYC I headed to my hometown (CHICAGO) for two glorious weeks of food, fun and general good times for all.  My accommodations HOTEL MONACO were perfect.  The location was great, the views were beautiful and even Curious George seemed to approve.  Plenty of room service meals were enjoyed on that window seat.  The hotel manager, TIM, and his staff were unbelievable and made my stay really special.  I got the royal treatment and I can tell you, it's just their way...I highly recommend it and I am NOT paid in any way to say that.  I paid for my own room, NO comps, and I was happy to do it. 

The room service blueberry pancakes were delicious and a great way yo start the day, especially since I was a walking fool.  The weekend I arrived was the Chicago Marathon.  The weather was beautiful...probably a bit too warm for the runners, but just a gorgeous, clear, warm and sunny fall day.  

The bed that I rarely slept on (even though it was waaaay comfortable).  I was too busy making up for lost time and spent most of my hours out and about exploring the city.
The adventure has just begun....
-angelo surmelis


Lisa (aka) French said...

I am so jealous! That's one place I have yet to visit~~~hopefully one day soon I miss travelling! Hope you had the greatest time;) French

Unknown said...

So happy that you are back!
We missed you.
And it sounds as if you had a wonderful time, good, you needed it!

Michael said...

Welcome back :)

Love Chicago! My partner and I had been there quite a few times, but never with the opportunity to sight see. So this past Memorial Day we spent a long weekend there and just explored. What an absolute kick a** town!!!

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