Thursday, October 23, 2008

eco style...

One of our super talented producers, ROBYN, with one of our equally talented carpenters, DANNY.  I have no idea what they are trying to do, but I'm all for it.
                                   BEFORE & AFTER

Kerrie & Jamie bought their first house in Los Angeles and were genuinely trying to find a way to incorporate their contemporary styling with their eco mindedness.  They wanted it to feel like an extension of who they are and not forced or too precious.  Well, we heard the call and off we went.

As always, some of our homework was done by the inspirational homeowners on RMS.

-AMY had the right feel in terms of furniture arrangement and dark chocolate wall color.  Both Kerrie & Jamie were drawn to her living room.  Amy had great advice for them and was joy to speak with.

-STACY's work space gave Kerrie the idea that it could happen in their living room in a way that didn't feel overpowering of cluttered.  Stacy's inspiration was key in helping us define that for much so that Jamie wanted in on the "office" action once it was complete.

-MARK used salvaged material in his kitchen remodel.  This was  HUGE inspiration for Kerrie & Jamie.  They loved the way that Mark's remodel didn't skimp on style, but was on the mark as far as being environmentally friendly.

Both Kerrie & Jamie had such a "go for it" attitude the whole time we were there!  They were incredibly open to change, they knew the direction they wanted to go in and they have a very clear vision of who they are and how they want to live....THIS IS KEY when designing your home.  I had an incredible time with them.  

I wish you all the best Kerrie & Jamie!

So, let's not forget the super-amazing, awesomely talented team that helped me put this thing together:  Jared, Jen, Danny, Rupert, Ivana and Kris Quinn for her sewing magic and wonderful store.  These makeovers are ALWAYS a team effort and so many wonderful people are helping make this show happen week after glorious week.  THANK YOU team!


Waverly Home Classics
WV41001/Stone Brown 
WV37002/New England Yellow

Hope you enjoyed this episode and that it inspires you to find simple ways to make your own home earth friendly.  It doesn't have to be a big, bold, expensive all at once action.  The little changes matter AND they add up.  As always, Go Forth & Design Well!
-angelo surmelis


mrsben said...

WELCOME BACK ANGELO! (I bet Baxter was estastic to have his Daddy back home.)

So happy that you enjoyed your trip to NYC and your old stomping grounds of Chicago. Unfortunately I've never had the opportunity to 'visit' either place with the exception of their Airports. Great places to people-watch though :)

Wish I could comment on the few episodes you posted, however they aren't online yet. (Sigh)

I see that your show has a new time slot, so I'm wishing that your audience with remain faithful.

In return for all the delight you bring to so many, MAY YOUR DAYS BE FILLED WITH ONLY SUNSHINE (...and of course great food!). Sincerely

angelo said...

Thank you Mrs. Ben! Baxter was definitely happy to see me come back home, though after he showed his excitement he pretended he wasn't interested in order to show his disappointment for being left behind. He's a little character, but he's my little character.

I think the recent episodes should be on line soon. I'll send a friendly reminder to the folks who manage the web site.

The new time slot in only for tonight 10/23...we should return to our regular time 9/8c the following week.

Have a great weekend,

Hieu_Uyen said...

Hi Angelo,

For the "eco style" living space on the 23rd of October episode show on hgtv channel, i love it. It's another great design by you.

I have a question about the flower vase on the main table. Is that real flowers? if yes, what is the name of it? If no, where can I buy it?

Thank you very,

angelo said...

Thank you for watching the show Hieu Uyen!

It's funny that you mentioned the flowers on the main table. They are definitely real, but I have no idea what they are called. I purchased them at the downtown Los Angeles Flower District and when I saw them I thought they would be perfect for this makeover. I asked the guy who was selling them what they were called, but he didn't know and neither did any of the other vendors. I'm sorry I couldn't be of much help, but if you have a flower district in your hometown (they tend to sell all sorts of exotic flowers and plants along with the more common ones) it might be worth a trip to see if they have it. Once you see them, you can't miss them. they are actually on very long, thin stems...about 35''. They are even more stunning in person. Good luck-Angelo

Julie B. said...

Another great episode with a wonderful transformation.

There is SO much waste when renovating. We're redoing our three bathrooms, and there seems to be a steady stream of junk going out the door. It was great to see the reuse of some building material as well as furniture.

I loved the furniture placement. I've been trying unsuccessfully for YEARS to try to figure out how to arrange furniture in my living room, so I always pay attention. :)

Anonymous said...

Another super great design Angelo!
Love love love the recycled aluminum tiles for the fp. And I just painted my bedroom brown, so of course I love that too!

I love that you guys find really personable people to help out. Makes for a very interesting show. I finally watched Thursday's episode from my dvr and then right after was a rerun of the craftsman style lr. Love all your if the website can get it's act together (you can never leave comments and it constantly freezes on you and I hate that we can no longer search by name).

If you get a chance, pop in and see my br changes. I am working on finding another row of pics above the bed.

Thanks Angelo!

Take care,

angelo said...

Hey Julie & Jill,

Glad you enjoyed the episode. This was a really satisfying one for many reasons, the main one being able to reuse materials and find recycled materials as well to eliminate some of the waste. I try to do as much as possible of that in every episode in a realistic and attainable way.

REALLY GREAT JOB with your bedroom Jill!
The wall color is fantastic. I am glad you were fearless with the brown. It just goes to show how warm, soothing and inviting brown can be. I think it gets a bad rap (as does gray) but the right tone can be really beautiful. Wonderful job overall.

Thanks for watching the show and I'm sorry about the web site frustration. I know the folks in charge are hard at work to make it easier, faster & better. hang in there!

Have a great weekend,

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Angelo...I Love You! Your designs are always awesome! How would I go about getting you to do a design for my badly designed bathroom?

angelo said...

Hi Darlene,
Thank you for your great note. The best way is to sign up for the show by uploading pics of your bedroom on the RMS site:
The production company: and the network choose the homeowner's that appear on our show. We can always use more bathrooms on the show. Best of luck! -A

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