Tuesday, October 21, 2008

natural & modern style...

Creating a room for more than one person (especially a master bedroom) is a bit of a give and take from all sides.  Chip & Sherrie have found that middle ground in the rest of their home and including living through a major kitchen remodel!  They gave up in their master bedroom...THAT'S where I come in.

Their style: QUITE MINIMAL.  They love to travel all over the world and even though they love the clean lined, minimal look they do NOT want it to look stark.  Both Chip & Sherrie want a warm, comfortable room that has a bit of eclectic/ethnic character.  Color, texture, and lighting is key.  They also need a blackout curtain and a bit more overhead lighting.

This is a fun, young couple with two beautiful kids.  They have a real zest for life that can sometimes get a bit hectic.  Their bedroom needed to be a cozy, zen-like retreat.  It was a blast to work with them.

The beginning of the solution was for them to go to the RMS site and pick some inspirations and they certainly did.

-RENE had a great canopy bed that they both gravitated towards.  They loved the simple, clean lined style.  Rene's bedroom had many elements that really spoke to Chip & Sherrie's style and Rene was full of great advice and encouragement for them.  

-MATT & MICHELE's wood slat ceiling was so cool and they were great.  They did much of the reno work themselves and were incredibly encouraging.  Sherrie & Chip wanted a different version of the same idea for their bedroom.

-STACI & GREG really opened up their dining room with their new French Doors.  They are simple, elegant and the exact thing that Sherrie & Chip need in their bedroom.

Jared, Jason, Jen, Ron, Jacob & Ivana made the natural & modern style come to life with their skill, humor and focus!  As always, I am indebted to them for all their hard work...ALSO, a special "shout out" to KRIS QUINN and her creative ways.  I brought her raw fabric and she made the black out drapes/sheers beautifully & with grace....THANK YOU KIDS!


(wall & ceiling color: VALSPAR WAVERLY HOME/WV37006 Simply Gray in semi gloss AND color behind the slats is LAURA ASHLEY/LA1615 Mountain Pass in flat and ALL molding and doors WV31006 Frost in semi gloss)
-ARTWORK, RECYCLED WOOD BENCH: www.carteandbarrel.com
-BEDDING: www.wshome.com
-CEILING LIGHT: www.thegreatindoors.com
-BEDSIDE TABLES & WOODEN SCULPTURE: www.shopurbanhome.com
-CHEST OF DRAWERS: www.mortisetenon.com
-BEDSIDE LAMPS: www.craig-olsen.com
-FABRIC for DRAPES & SHEERS: www.calicocorners.com

for additional info, comments, re-rating the makeover and if you upload your own pics...YOU an WIN A GINORMOUS makeover and I may be packing up my team and coming to YOUR house next!
-angelo surmelis

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I loved this bedroom!

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