Thursday, November 6, 2008

have a drink...

Mark & Tayo are fortunate enough to have a lounge room right off their outdoor pool area.  This is the room they spend most of their time in with family and friends hanging out and enjoying Mark's master mixology of many beverages.  They love having this space available for entertaining they are just not too thrilled with the look of it.  

They want a dark, cozy, martini lounge vibe that feels like their favorite place to hang out when they are on vacation.

Both Mark & Tayo were incredibly agreeable to almost anything I wanted to do since they were just tired of looking at their stark room.  They couldn't have been nicer and spending time with them was just plain fun.  Both Mark & Tayo are incredible physically active and busy with work, so this martini lounge space was much needed for them to be able to unwind at the end of a long day.  They made us feel like family throughout the whole process.  THANK YOU!  

Even though they said they were cool with "whatever," they did find inspiration on the RMS site to help guide them in a direction.

-KELLY'S furniture arrangement was a HUGE inspiration because it has party-starting possibilities and had a great use of space.  Mark & Tayo wanted to incorporate that with a bolder, more dark-loungy feel.

-HOANG'S use of red caught Tayo's eye and she was encouraged to "go with it" in their space.

-SANDY & BOB inspired the new bar and floating shelf area.

As always, the inspirational homeowner's were incredible and had lots of advice for Mark & Tayo along with great words of encouragement.  THANK YOU ALL for participating in this makeover!

The team that helped me pull this off was stellar as usual.  Jared, Jason, Jen, Ron, Jacob & Ivana made many miracles happen in less than ten days.


-COLOR: Valspar paints WAVERLY HOME: WV40015/Chocolate
-RED SOFA:  Custom made at:
-FABRIC for red sofa:
-SHADE & CURTAINS: Custom made by my rockin' design assistant Jen with fabric from

I think this is one of those rooms that really shows us that design can be fun, unexpected and just be all about the way you want to live.  Even if you don't have an extra room in your home to do whatever you want with...bringing some of that sense of fun to any room in your house can create a home that is as interesting as you!

-angelo surmelis


Anonymous said...

Angelo, this room was one of our favorites. It makes us wish for a room of our own in our home that we can transform into a "lounge space." We used to have that when we lived in Ohio, but ever since downsizing and moving to NY we are lucky to have just "rooms" to live in...but NYC provides plenty of lounges to hang out in.

Great work. We always watch and love you and your show. Your genuine enthusiasm and joy is contagious. Big Fans, L&D

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for listing the colors and resources!!! It's a huge help and I wish that they were on the HGTV web site. LOVE YOU & all your shows. Are you based out of California?

angelo said...

Thanks L&D and Britt. Glad you enjoyed the show and yes, I am based out of Southern California, for now.

Anonymous said...

Angelo! Oh my gosh, this is my favorite to date. Thank heavens for my DVR, I may not be home on Thursday nights and won't miss it.

Can't wait to see the next one. What do you mean in CA for now?? You just completed your fantabulous kitchen. Where would you go??


angelo said...

Thanks Jill! Glad you liked it...and yes, Much Thanks to DVR.

I'll be So.Cal. a little longer, but I'd like to be back either to NYC or Chicago within the next couple of years. Nothing set in stone yet, we'll see. I miss big city life.


Anonymous said...

Angelo, I have to be honest with you. I saw this room coming together from the beginning of the episode and I was skeptical. This is NOT MY STYLE. The finished product though is stunning and even though I would not a have a room like this in my home, you clearly gave them what they wanted. I appreciate your diversity in style, but I am curious, where do your personal tastes reside? Much continued success, Julie.

Anonymous said...

Angelo, is it inappropriate to ask if you are single? I think you are as beautiful and your talent.

Anonymous said...

Excellent question JB! Come on!!

:P Jill

angelo said...

I am in a tumultuous and long term relationship with my job. -A

Anonymous said...

And, having the wonderful Baxter awaiting your nightly return, what else could your heart desire... except for a compact, walkable city that has a true downtown! *S*


Anonymous said...


Great shows, great work, and I especially love your energy and enthusiasm!!

Hope it's not too insignificant to ask about a tiny detail of this design - I fell in love with the beautiful curtain tie-backs you used. Although I searched all of the "accessory" store links given, I couldn't find them anywhere. If you remember where you obtained them and wouldn't mind sharing the information, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks so much!!


angelo said...

Thank you for watching!
The tie backs are not traditiondal tie backs, but small scale garland I bought from the downtown Los Angeles flower mart. Things like them can be found at many craft and art stores. If you have a flower mart near your city, check them out for done interesting accessories beyond just the fresh flowers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angelo. This is Tayo and Mark. Thank you so much for our space. We just LOVE it. Sometimes we just sit and look at it ... amazed. Being on your show totally inspired us and now our den looks 100% better. I am going to take a pic. and show it to you. Thanks again. And I was right, our friends don't want to go home.

angelo said...

Hi Tayo & Mark!
SO GREAT to hear from you guys and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to know that you not only love the room, but that you have been inspired to do the den as well! Hope you enjoyed watching your episode and that you threw a big viewing party. I'm sure even if you didn't want to throw one, your friends would have come over anyway.

I would love to see pics of your new and improved Den. You guys were SO COOL to work with. All the best, Angelo

Anonymous said...

LOVE YOUR show! Actually, I would watch any show you do (and I have, Clean Sweep, Merge, My Celebrity Home, 24 Hour design) I promise I'm not a stalker, just a huge fan. We love you down here in New Orleans! Continue to inspire.

Anonymous said...

Great Lounge. Great Show. Great Personality. Big Fan!

mrsben said...

Hi Angelo, way down in California no doubt basking in November sunshine. Lucky you, as winter is just around the corner where I am with a menu of snow, ice, freezing rain and plunging temperatures. It's enough to ruin ones appetite...smiles. I know your heart is in New York or Chicago but what I wud give for some of that Cal-i-forn-I-A sunshine!

Changing the subject:
If it is not too much to ask, could you tell me what the second photo is? (I'm guessing it is flooring.)
Also can you reveal any specs re the upcoming Holiday Special? (Reference your posting Oct. 21st/New York.)

(Wish I could comment on your most recent spaces but must wait, 'n wait, 'n wait til they are online...sigh. They sound fabulous!)

Have a great week!

angelo said...

Hi Mrs. Ben,

The weather has been pretty great here, I must admit. Winter is my favorite time in So. Cal. It's really sunny, clear skies and quite cool at night. At least you are probably going to have snow for the Holidays and you can't have Christmas without a bit of snow.

The 2nd picture is floor tile. The whole floor was tiled since it was open out to the outdoor pool area and that pattern in the pic was the focal point/medallion tile when you first walked into the room.

There are a few Holiday specials that I am a part of. I will blog about them later, but here's some info:
NOV 28...25 Top Holiday Decorating Ideas. An hour special that I host along with another HGTV host, Erin.

NOV 30...HOME for the HOLIDAYS an hour special of HGTV designers and carpenters at Home. The special feature, Vern Yip, Lisa LaPorta, Eric Stromer, Steve Watson, Kim Myles, Monica Pederson and Myself. online Holiday Special that I shot in NYC and I don't know when that will air, but it is supposed to be only for

Will keep you and everyone else posted as I have more info with a new blog post.

Hope your Holiday Season is off to a great start.

Anonymous said...

We are HUGE fans of the show. It's appointment TV for us. We love your work and even when we think it's not going to come together as we see the individual choices, we are always pleasantly surprised at the stunningly beautiful finished outcome.
Thank you for your inspiration,
Diane & Kevin

Anonymous said...

Seriously wonderful. I loved the way this room turned out and the furniture is stellar, especially that red love seat in the corner. I have so much to learn.

Anonymous said...

What a cool room. Great space to entertain in!

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