Wednesday, December 3, 2008

hgtv canada...

Holiday tips: ABOVE-With outdoor spaces, you don't always have to just add lights and call it a day. By placing large, oversized ornaments on table tops, adding splashes of red and white (like the red ceramic pot with white tulips ) you can bring Holiday color impact outdoors. BELOW-Finding unique ways to decorate a tree like tying small strips of remnant fabric in either all white or festive red & green is a simple and eco-friendly way to celebrate.
ALSO-just by adding simple touches of red (BELOW) along with a repeating color theme with
your ornaments (in this case, hung above the all white mantle and built-in bookcases) can make your room feel festive without overwhelming it, especially if the room is small like mine.
photos: swell-space/iphone

For those of you that are HGTV fans in Canada there are plenty of wonderful Holiday shows to choose from, including some that I am hosting.

HGTV Canada has plenty of wonderful shows and designer's to enjoy from Sarah Richardson to Peter Fallico.

Hope you're enjoying the Season up there. I used to live in Toronto with my family when I was a little kid and have nothing but fond memories of being there. I have been back (all over the country from Vancouver to Quebec) as an adult and Canada never disappoints.

Happy Holidays,
angelo surmelis


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! This is good to know since I have friends that live in Canada that I have driven crazy about. They do know you up there, but it's from the TLC show you did. It ran up there like, all the time.

So when are we going to get the Angelo Special? Just you. An hour of all things Angelo.

Anyway, love your work, style and attitude!


Anonymous said...

PLEASE come to Canada! I live in Toronto and we love you up here. "Clean Sweep" was a cool show and now I watch the episodes on the HGTV website, since "Rate My Space" isn't up here. WOULD LOVE to have you come here and help us all!!!


Anonymous said...

Susan & I are friends and WE REALLY LOVE YOU!!! Oh man this is so cool that we get to see you in something new up here ON TV! It's great to catch your "Rate My Space" episodes on on line since we don't get US HGTV programming up here, but this is like a Christmas gift.

If you ever are coming up to Toronto you have to let everyone know. You'd get a BIG reception.

Have a great Holiday!

Anonymous said...

I love this. YOU are finally coming to Canada! What took so long? I agree with ML, we want an Angelo special AND we want you to do a show up here!!!

mrsben said...

These are wonderful tips for holiday decor! Thank you Angelo.

Due to our Northern climate, exterior Holiday decorating in Canada can be somewhat of a challenge. Living in a snow-belt region, it has always been my practise to 'Scotchguard' what I can, as our weather elements can range from freezing rain or blizzards and that of plunging temperatures.

Regarding the Cdn. HGTV Holiday SpecialS, they have been advertising viewers about them for the past few weeks; however I did not realize that '25 Holiday Ideas' was featured in the lineup. So WELCOME TO CANADA Angelo! Santa has come early for your fans! :)

(For those interested there is a blitz of three shows scheduled Sunday, Dec. 7th, from 7PM to 9PM.)

Anonymous said...

I love you. I think you are incredible. I love your style and I met you years ago at a Home & Garden show appearance in Colorado Springs. You were on Clean Sweep at the time. I was impressed with how lovely you were with everyone and with your design and organizational advice. So happy to see your continued success! Have a fantastic Christmas.


Amy said...

I watched your "Home for the Holidays" special. I love your house! I was wondering if I could find out what color you had painted your living room. I have a green sofa, and I think it would go well. Thanks!!

angelo said...

Dear A&ampJ,

The color was custom mixed in L.A. at a place called Ball & Farrow and we kept mixing till it came out right. it was kind of a science project and unfortunately I no longer have that custom mix, but I have been able to find a very similar color for when I want to repaint the walls. It is from the Eddie Bauer Home paint collection from LOWE'S.

2) SHALE EB32-4

Check them both out and see what you think. Pale gray-blues can look quite different in certain lights, so you may want to have them mix you a small container of each so you can test them on your walls before make a commitment to one.

Best of luck & have a GREAT HOLIDAY!

Anonymous said...

All my Canadian friends have now been informed. I have been ranting about your genius to them for years and the ones that didn't know you from Clean Sweep have been "enough already." Well, there's never enough Angelo.

Anonymous said...

I want to spend Christmas at your house! How do I do that? You seem to celebrate is a festive yet sophisticated way. No tacky stuff and I love that. You are such an inspiration, I don't think you even know. I love your show.

Design Geek Fan said...

Hey Angelo - I started a blog with my favorite clips of you! Here's a clip of the video from this show!

angelo said...

Thank you Design Geek Fan!

I don't know what to say...

That is very nice and flattering.

Happy Holidays,

Anonymous said...

SO BEAUTIFUL! I am incredibly envious of your outdoor spaces.

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