Thursday, December 4, 2008

loungin' around...

Our happy & groovy homeowner's Danielle and Tony in their new room right after the "reveal" along with my super producer/director Jake peeking through on the left.
                                               Above & Below: AFTER

Danielle & Tony are loads of fun!  They are both so excited to be living in this home.  It is Danielle's childhood home that they bought and are now slowly turning it into their dream house.

Both of them are active, busy professionals that love to unwind with family and friends in their new home and would LOVE to have a sleek, comfy lounge vibe that feels like the lobby of their favorite boutique hotel.  

I can tell you that Danielle & Tony were more than "on board" to get this makeover underway.  Both of them were a HUGE BLAST to be with.  They have an open mind, lots of ideas while also looking for some kind of design focus...THAT'S were the RMS team and on line inspiration came in.


Mary & Simon have beautiful low profile furniture and a conversational seating arrangement that caught Danielle & Tony's eyes.

Lynda's self contained bar and sophisticated wall colors appealed to Danielle & Tony.

Andres & Andrea's room has bamboo flooring and both Danielle & Tony would love to find a way to use that material for their own makeover.

Of course the inspirations were only the beginning.  My amazing crew of Jared, Jason, Jen, Ron, Jacob & Ivana made lounge magic happen!  THANK YOU team and to all the wonderful inspirational homeowner's for their amazing efforts-AND a big thank you to Danielle & Tony for just being so great!


COLORS (Valspar Paint): 
walls/martha stewart SHAKER BOX BLUE MS305 FLAT  
fireplace wall/olympic paints TREE BARK BC-37 EGGSHELL  
ceiling/eddie bauer GLACIER ICE EB40-4 FLAT
molding/waverly home FROST WV31006 SEMI-GLOSS
-CHAIRS in lounge/COFFEE TABLES in both lounge and living room:
-COUCH in lounge custom made:
-BAR/both RUGS/metal SIDE TABLE:
-LARGE SCALE ARTWORK:  done by artist Michael Moon
-ALL FABRICS for reupholstering the 2 chairs for the living room and for teh custom made sofa in lounge:

JOIN US on the show as inspiration or as someone eligible for a huge makeover.  I would LOVE to knock on your door.

Thanks for joining us,
angelo surmelis
photos: swell-space/iphone


Anonymous said...


How do I even begin to explain to you how this room made my jaw drop? I honestly do not know of anyone else on TV today doing this and I don't mean just these types of makeovers (clearly you're too sophisticated t be on HGTV) but I also mean combining your charm, enthusiasm and what seems to be genuine love of people and what you do.

I am enthralled with this room, your abilities and you!


Anonymous said...


You already know that, right? I just saw the show and the reveal made me gasp, out loud. I love your work.

Anonymous said...

OH WOW! What a gorgeous room. I don't even know where to begin. I want it all. Those chairs from Room & Board work so well in the space and the wall colors are tremendous. I think the large art work behind the sofa is pure genius and I think having you just stand in any room in my home would make it better looking.

Anonymous said...

This room is super-wow-genius!

Anonymous said...

I loved this one best of all. You have mad skills Angelo! I would take this room in a heartbeat. It best captures my style (and for once this time I did not hear one mentioned-- so you will need to tell me so I know!)

I also loved that they picked Lynda (nyclq) as an inspiration. She is beautiful inside and out and very warm. I think she also has impeccable style.

I can't wait for the Christmas special on Sunday (DVR was set as soon as it let me pick the show!!)

It was also pointed out to me (I truly was unaware) that your show is the only one I watch from start to finish. A lot of them I fast forward to the reveal. Keep stunning them Angelo--you rock!


Anonymous said...

What can i say that has not been said on this blog before? YOU ROCK HARD!!! I love all your designs, even when it's not my style. You make me think, "sure, I could do French country." Tonight's show was not only my style, but what you did with it was absolutely brilliant! JUST BRILLIANT!

Keep making magic.

angelo said...

Glad you enjoyed the show!

Tonight's style was "Lounge Style" since Danielle & Tony wanted a modern lounge to entertain in. Their makeover also had some very mid-century style as well...from the custom bookcase/mantle build to the new chairs, couch and coffee tables.

Have a great weekend,

Anonymous said...

How much do I love this room? ENORMOUSLY!!!!
This is MY ROOM. You gave my room to someone else. They totally deserved it and were adorable, but it is so my room. I want this, ALL of this. GREAT JOB ANGELO!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! This room is so lovely and all the elements are just perfection. Angelo I have a huge crush on you and your talent. You're a design stud!

Anonymous said...

This was so beautiful. I loved that built in bookcase and mantle. Great work. You just get people and give them what they want, even when they aren't sure what that is. I wish you could come to New Jersey and get me.

Anonymous said...


This room is crazy good as are you! Loved everything in this space and I would like to place my order for all of it.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! Sooooo into that new mantle and bookcase. The furniture and rugs are cool too. Excellent job. You're the best on the network dude!

Lisa (aka) French said...

You KNOW this room was right up my alley~~~anytime your ready my room is waiting patiently;) French

angelo said...


It would be so cool to do a room in your home. I think doing someone's room who has been on the show as inspiration for someone else getting a makeover would be great. Maybe we'll be traveling out East in the future.

This room was definitely fun to do!


Anonymous said...

I want it! ALL OF IT! You are a genius my man.

Anonymous said...

You knocked it out of the park BIG TIME!

Anonymous said...

Impossibly good. Your work never ceases to amaze me and I am not that easily impressed.

Anonymous said...

You are do hot! I have an open and unabashed major crush on you! Yes, your talent is great and I would love to have you redo my home, but I would give up any gorgeous makeover to just spend time with you. I'll even cook @ bake.

Anonymous said...

You just nailed it! We love this room.

Anonymous said...

I just watched this episode and cried because it wasn't my house. I love this room, this makeover. Everything about it is so wonderful.

REALLY love your new profile pic. Very sexy. Why don't you ever play that up?

Anonymous said...

Your unpretentious style, quick wit, killer smile and all around handsomeness makes me swoon and a life long fan!


Anonymous said...

I don't know how to express how much I love your work and your personality. I think you are the best TV designer out there today (and that includes all the other names that people know and not only on HG). I don't want to mention the other by name and disrespect them, but you blow them out of the water for more than just your design genius. Your whole TV package is just the best! Keep creating and maybe one day we can have the ANGELO NETWORK!

Anonymous said...

i really would love to have everything in this room.

Anonymous said...

This makeover was incredible. The look on the husband's face and they way he kept laughing said it all! You are a rock star!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is just a work of art. I really admire what you do and how you do it.

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