Thursday, December 18, 2008

minimal luxe...

Episode 212 (one more before the end of Season 2!) was all about giving C.C. & Noel a bedroom that felt luxurious but with very minimal style.  They both have a great aesthetic and love rooms that are sleek, modern and clutter free.  They both want their bedroom to have a bit of the feel the rest of their home does, especially the new master bath remodel.  

Noel was out in the middle of the ocean taking care of some very important work and C.V. and I tackled the room.  She was SO MUCH FUN to work with.  C.V. had THE BEST attitude and she baked brownies for the whole crew!  Who doesn't love that?  She had great enthusiasm, a real open spirit and knew where she and Noel wanted to go in terms of style.

They did the smart thing by checking out HGTV viewer's rooms for inspiration at the RMS web site:

-Julia & James have a fantastic headboard focal point that they made themselves!  Both C.V. and Noel want a headboard and that gives them a bit of a focal point, but want it to be simple, clean, modern and classic.  No pressure!  Julia & James were really great to speak with.

-Sherry & John are DIYers that have fantastic style and they best advice, you have to try it before you know if you're going to like it.  C.V. & Noah were drawn to the spa like color that they used and wanted to find their own colors that gave them that feel while being original to them.  Inspiration is just that...not copying and Sherry & John know that and have created a beautiful, personal space.  They were quite helpful to C.V.

-Karen & Mark have created a seating area in their bedroom that both C.V. & Noel know they have the room for, they just want to make it a bit more luxurious, like the great one that Karen & Mark have put together.  Great job guys.


Colors used/VALSPAR paints/Martha Stewart PASTURE GATE MS175 & OTTER MS099 in flat finish.
-BED & SOFA custom made to order:

A BIG thanks to my team that BUILT a coffee table (JARED).  Knocked out the wall to add new sliding doors & hang a new entrance door (JASON).  Paint, paint and more paint (RON & JACOB) manage the team and me (JEN)! Shopped her heart out (IVANA).

A great job done by all and a BIG thank you to C.V. & Noel for inviting us into their home and for being so gracious!

-angelo surmelis


STEVEN said...

Just saw this episode! WOW! WOW! WOW! Incredible work, every week.

Tina said...

This was a great episode. C.V. was adorable and the two of you were so cute together! Noel better watch out (JK! HA!)

I loved the finished room. So beautiful and soothing.
Wonderful work as always.

patricia said...

Finished watching it and loved it. The colors are really beautiful and all the furniture and accessories are just right. They seemed so happy!

DREW said...

You are THE MAN! Honestly now. I have no idea how you do this week after week AND on TV! Are you just exhausted all the time?

Laura said...

Great bedroom. Totally my style. I can't believe how big their bedroom is and what you did with it. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

OMG Angelo......I can't believe this one. LOVE LOVE LOVE it every single aspect of it!!!

I am totally digging the assymetrical aspect of the headboard wall. What were your thoughts/reasons on doing this? Pillow arrangement was very unique but I loved that too. Love the wall mounted bedside fixtures.

Just when I think I can put a label on what I like, you show me something new and I fall in love with it!!

I am going to say I love minimal luxe now, I am the queen of less is more and I was paring down (stuff in my place) before it was "fashionable".

Keep up the great work (hope there is not too much down time until next season) and get some well deserved rest and have a fantastic Christmas.

All the best,

Shirley said...

Jill, I could not have put it any better!

HOW, HOW, HOW do you do this every week. I have been watching you for years (since TLC days). Do you ever feel creatively drained? If yes, it doesn't show.

Wonderful room and like Jill, I am now minimal luxxe!

Have a wonderful Holiday!!!

STK said...

This bedroom transformation gave me the chills because it has been exactly what i have been dreaming of! I have actually purchased those very curtains and I have sketched a similar sofa and coffee table. when you showed Jared what type of table you wanted, I was screaming! GREAT WORK.

CV & Noah you guys are SO LUCKY and were just great. Congrats and Angelo, I love your style and work. Also, you are just gorgeous. If I was visualizing the perfect room with the perfect guy in it you and Clive Owen would be vying for the top spot.


Frank said...

So beautiful. You hit the mark once again.

Trish said...

You continue to inspire me and be inspiring. I think I would faint if you ever showed up at my house. I don't know how these homeowner's do it. They hang out with you like it's no big deal. I couldn't even get a word out, let alone a full sentence.

ML said...

Major stunner. Oh yeah, the rooms great too. Ha!

Willis Family said...

Really enjoyed this room makeover. Simple, elegant, posh and smart. You have a way about you young man. Enjoy your shows very much.

MJL said...

One of my favorites! I love your work. You are incredible. LOVE the hat! Very sexy.

LT said...

Great Job. This room just has such a great feel to it. I am always impressed as to how you make it all work at the end. There are so many challenges involved on your show--not only what the homeowner's style is, but trying to tie on the RMS community and then dealing with what TV production throws into the mix. I work in TV and know the challenges. How you keep smiling through it all is a small miracle. You have made our co. into big fans.

Trina said...

Incredible job. WOW! No seriously. You are amazing.

Holly said...

STUNNING WORK! I find that your show just keeps getting better and better. I HATE the new RMS web site. it is impossible to navigate and FORGET about trying to re-rate the rooms. It's impossible to find and then get one. I give up on that site. I will be leaving my comments on your blog.

Nancy said...

Just finished watching the show and I couldn't find the place to rate in on the RMS site for anything. When I finally found where to go, I couldn't log into it.

So, I know you have nothing to do with it but I am done with the RMS site. NOT your show. I will faithfully watch and like Holly, leave my comments here. You do amazing work and are an incredible designer. The best thing on HGTV!

Trent said...

Frustrating! That is the only G-rated word I can use right now to also describe my RMS web site experience. What is going on. If you have nay power over it, PLEASE talk to some one about figuring it out. How can it be this messed up.

You and your makeovers are still the best. I hope you are having a great Holiday Season and that this new web site thing isn't hurting viewership. It's definitely hurting us logging into the RMS page.

THANK YOU for your blog!

Yvonne said...

The makeover just made me smile. You make me smile. You and your talent make this the best show on HGTV. The best makeover show on TV.

Much respect,

Anonymous said...

Really wonderful makeover. You are truly amazing.

Cynthia said...

Great show tonight. CV and you were great together and the finished room looked fantastic! That bed was gorgeous.

Donna said...

THIS is exactly my style. Everything just came together perfectly. WOW! Thanks for a wonderful show.

Gail said...

Incredible transformation. I'm not sure how it happens every week, I'm just glad it does. Your rooms are just beautiful as are you!

Now if only HGTV could figure out how to make their web site work. Don't even get me started.

JKL said...

I love this room. The show really is getting better. This bed you used, WOW! CV and Noel are so lucky to have you and your team. Speaking of which, I have to say, I am very impressed at how you mention them by name very week on your blog. That is very kind of you to recognize the people that work behind the scenes.

On a completely different and slightly personal note: are you getting more handsome with each show and are you single?

Jessica said...

INCREDIBLE! Loved tonight's show. Couldn't get onto the HGTV re-rate the room site. It's a nightmare even since they "improved" it. Just wanted to let you know this was a 5 star and beyond makeover. Love your show.


Mandy said...

Great show tonight as always. I have given up on the RMS page so I am here to say, 5 STARS! Have a great Christmas!

Seth said...

Oh THAT bed! NICE! Excellent work Mr. Surmelis.
I have been a fan for quite some time and it's great o see you grow.

I agree about the rms page. It's awfully difficult to find, navigate and such.

Deanna said...

Honestly! What up with HGTV and the RMS site? 5 STAR room all the way. Love you.

mathews said...

I too am following the path from the frustrating RMS site to here...5 starts all the way on this makeover. Excellent job.

I used to go to the HGTV site to rate and it was slow, but made some sense, now it still can be slow and makes no sense. Finding it is like looking for buried treasure. Why mess with a good thing. Also, the rating system is completely different for the show rooms than the uploaded rooms. Nothing makes sense. I know you have nothing to do with it, but I am just frustrated.

Kevin said...

I am unfortunately with the group. I have had it with the Rate My Space site. I'm not sure what to do about and if there's anything you can do, please do so.

I love you show and will continue to watch. The room this week was definitely a 5 star turn out. I love your rooms even when they are not my style. Great work.

Frank said...

Wonderful room. CV's reaction was so touching. I cried right along with her. Excellent job.

irene said...

Just watched this episode and it was incredible! The colors were stunning and the coffee table that Jared and team built was amazing.

Hope you have a great Christmas!

Nancy said...

Stunning room.

Well it's come down to your show being the only thing I watch on HG. The makeovers are incredible and you're the best thing on the network as far as hosts go.

I have never gone onto the web site to rate the rooms. I tried for the first time after this episode and it's safe to say, I will not be going on there again. It doesn't have to be as confusing as it's made to be. Just follow the formula that other sites do well. My two cents. You do wonderful work.

DLM said...

Do you ever get the young Ben Kingsley comparison? That's a good thing. He did do a movie after all called "Sexy Beast.". I'm just saying.

The room was really gorgeous this week. CV's reaction was worth the price of admission. You know you're good when you can make the homeowner's cry even before they open their eyes.


Anonymous said...


Just watched it again. I forgot to mention that it was a real treat seeing the "behind the scenes" design meeting glimpse.

Also, that table Jared is an artist! Love that he took some wood from another job that was destined for the trash and made a treasure for the homeowners. have received a lot of comments but I would like to ask you again for your thoughts on the assymetrical bed wall. I love it!!

A ginormous fan,

angelo said...

Hi All!

Thank you for your great comments. Glad that you liked the room. It really was a labor of love (but then again, they all are) and CV & Noel couldn't have been better candidates.

To answer some of your questions:

-I am not sure what's happening with the RMS site and I have received a ton of e-mail about it as well from my web site. I know that the people that put these things together are working hard to fine tune it, fix any issues and go from there. Hopefully it will be up to speed and 100% soon.

-I have been told before that I resemble Ben Kingsley.

-I do feel creatively drained some times, but I find ways to be inspired daily.

-I think I'm exhausted, but I don't really stop to think about it so I think that helps. Plus, I really love what I do and I know that definitely helps.

-The reason to hang the pictures over the bed asymmetrically was due to the fact that I wanted to create a little bit of "off balance." This was a very minimal, stark room and when everything feels a bit too symmetrical it can be well balanced but also a tab dull and expected. C.V. & Noel may be minimal, but they certainly are not dull. This was just a simple way to add some interest in an otherwise fairly symmetrical room.

-Jared did an AWESOME job building that coffee table and the fact that he used all reclaimed materials makes it that much better. When I first sketched out the table I wanted we were both concerned if there would be enough time for him to make it, but he pulled it off beautifully. It's as if he peaked into my brain. The whole team surprises me every week with what they can accomplish in a short amount of time.


DREW said...

Thank you for answering the questions!
Is it really you? I don't know how you have time to do all of this. You have an assistant, right?

michael said...

Angelo, this episode it one of my favorites. I loved everything about this makeover. You never fail to inspire!

ssj said...

Excellent room. Everything about this bedroom makes me want it. If you came with it then it would be perfect. He. He.

Stella said...

The colors and all the furniture & accessories really hit the mark. This is one of my favorite makeovers. You have a great show.

Jean said...

Wow! This room is gorgeous. I loved this episode and Cv was so cute. She was crying before she even opened her eyes and when she did and reacted even better than before I just lost it. I had to go back and watch the reveal --thank you DVR--because I missed it the first time around due to my blubbering. GREAT SHOW!

You are truly talented.

Darryl said...

In LOVE with this room! Awesome job. CV was beyond thrilled. Loved her reaction to the space. Good work by you and your crew. You have the best show.

brandon said...

Beautiful reveal on this episode. CV was just so cute and her response was more than touching. Your investment was obvious. Congratulations and much continued success.

Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere to watch the reveal? My *#@^ cable system crashed right before the episode. Thanks!

angelo said...

You can watch an abbreviated version of the reveal here:

The episode will definitely re-air at some point. Check for an episode schedule.

DH said...

Beautiful, as are you.

Sandra said...

This was such a wonderful makeover and C.V.'s reaction was so genuine and touching I have gone back to watch it again and again. I find myself taking down notes of what you do with these makeovers. THANK GOD for DVR. Any plans to ever write a book?

Wonderful show! Merry Christmas Angelo!

Ma'dame French said...

Just wanted to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~~~thanks for making 2008 a year we won't forget;) Hugs French xoxox

Anonymous said...

Good morning!

You mentioned that there is one more new episode after this one. What are the plans for season 3? How much of a break do you get between seasons so that you can recharge your creativity?

Looking forward to many more seasons of Rate My Space.


angelo said...

We have already begun shooting Season 3 (we're about 4 episodes in). We are on hiatus right now and get back to shooting Jan 5th.

The cool thing is, we're all still having fun doing the show, but the break is much needed.


CINDY! said...

I really loved this episode. How cute were you and CV together?! Such a gorgeous reveal. You are my favorite on HG or any other network.

Anonymous said...

I just looked for the rug on and did not find it there. Would you please let us know if the rug was really from westelm, and if yes, what it is named so I can call the store and find out if they still carry it? If not, would you tell us from what store the rug actually came from. Thank you for any shopping directions you can provide!

angelo said...

Hi Anonymous,

Angelo is currently away shooting new episodes. I manage his social network accounts when he is busy. The resources list is accurate but since the shows are filmed months in advance (up to six) sometimes certain products are no longer carried by some manufacturers & retailers especially if they were bought on sale.

You can also check with CB2 ( since they sometimes have similar merchandise as west elm. We do not have the name of the rug that was used, but it was bought at West Elm.

Studio Assistant

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