Friday, December 5, 2008

the missing guest...

Baxter did not attend the Holiday cookie party that you all saw on HGTV at my house.

WHY, you ask?  Because for as cute as he is, he's also incredibly anti-social.  So much so that he has a tendency sneak up on people and nip at their pant legs.  Not everyone mind you, just certain people that for some reason he is not happy with.  I DID NOT teach him to do that and it's a bit embarrassing.    

He spent the night with his favorite aunt Judy and her two dogs.  

I love the guy, but he has to learn how to be a better host.

-angelo surmelis


Anonymous said...

He is soooooo adorable. Poor guy wants you all to himself.

{{{hugs}}} to Baxter and to you for thinking of your guests!

Looks like you have quite the fan club going Angelo!

Anonymous said...

Both of you are too handsome.

Hopechest Bride said...

What a cuttie. Maybe he's just too shy to socialize??lol

Anonymous said...

The two of you together make for a great team. You're both classics.

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