Monday, January 26, 2009

could you?

Could you go all white on white in your home?

Maybe you already have. I have wanted to and almost did until the reality of my life and Baxter, my dog, came a knockin'. I love the idea and the look of it, but as always, great design comes to personal lifestyle and mine does not warrant it. I guess it could if I wanted to spend a huge part of my time cleaning.

Notice how color doesn't necessarily dictate style. It can be urban, romantic, country and even traditional.

One of my favorite ways to use white on white is when different hues, textures & fabrics are mixed in or a bolt of color in a rug, artwork or a piece of furniture comes roaring in and makes it all stand at attention. Now THAT, is good times.

-angelo surmelis


Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

Angelo - admire it, but would miss my red too much! :-)

Anonymous said...

It would be a short trip to housekeeping disaster - and I live alone!

On a serious note, how could you make it warm and welcoming?


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Angelo...I love the way it looks...especially the shabby chic look complete with chipping paint...but, like you, reality dictates something more practical and less likely to show cat hair and grandchildren's fingerprints!! Have a great day...Debbie

Kat said...

Hello Angelo. I'm with you, it is gorgeous, but totally impractical for our lifestyle - in other words, big hairy cat and husband who works on cars haha! I agree with you though, I prefer the look when you add one big exciting punch of color. Kathy

Admin said...

I could do a Whisper White or another flat bright white on the EXTERIOR of the house, but the inside of my house must be several shades of green and brown, like a forest. I'm a plant person.

All white interiors are just begging for an menstrual accident. It could happen and it's very embarrassing.

Cottage Lifestyle said...

I could go all white...but I only like what I call 'hospital' white. I would be somewhat challenged with adding any white that leans towards off-white or cream.


leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

i want. i want!

i think i would be good with it, and just have splashes of color here and there. t.e.x.t.u.r.e would be my saving grace. and chipped paint of course.
except if we have kids. lots of whites and lights AND chipped paint i hear are bad for littleuns.

i still want white cupboards in the kitchen tho. always have. if only you knew what my ma said about that.

"Now THAT, is good times." fun. i used to say 'good times.' i may bring it out for a bit.

Michelle, All Home and Love said...

I couldn't do it! As much as I love to look at spaces like you showed and admire them, it wouldn't be for me. I love to use neutrals on walls and then find some white accessories, like my white pitchers.


white is lovely & relaxing .. also makes you feel fresh !
but when reality hits white can't stand stains, kids, weather & etc etc etc ! :(

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Angelo.. these rooms are gorgeous and full of inspiration. I would love at sometime to have an all white room. Don't think I could do an all white home.. I love color and red being my most favorite..hugs ~lynne~

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Hi Angelo!

Just wanted to say "Thanks" for being a follower of my blog!! I am honored!!


The Raggedy Girl said...

White kitchen could be a reality but with 13 grandkids, a messy hubby and two dirty dogs it just wouldn't work. How about designs in dirt brown?
Have a fun Tuesday!
Roberta Anne

Jenny Carter said...

Ooh lala. Eye candy galore. White is my fantasy color (or non color).

I love all of it. Unfortunately, I have 3 cats (black hair) and one huge shedding dog! I have a hard enough time keeping my walnut floors clean. I could not imagine what my white would look like.

I too would become I freak about neat. I go nuts at a party when people are drinking.."coasters, use coaters PLEASE" lol

Tootsie said...

I could and would! well maybe I should say...could and would if I didn't have a dog (Miss Pooh) and three kids under the age of 10! can you imagine the breakdown I would have? being a clean freak and having white on white would surely be a disaster! lol
it certainly is beautiful though...isn't it!

niartist said...

Love the idea of the all white interiors - but like you, it would never work with my pet-loving lifestyle. Abby and D would have a white sofa, ner'mind a white rug dirty in seconds. Great post, wonderful pictures.

Shelia said...

Hi Angelo! Oh, when I look at these white pictures, I feel all dreamy and then I think - I couldn't live this way! I, too, have a little dog who jumps on the furniture and we like to eat sitting in our chairs. I guess I like colors to surround me. I love to look at these white rooms, though.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Visual Vamp said...

I've had all white rooms, and even an all white beach house. I love all white rooms in magazines and on the blogs. It really isn't much harder to keep clean. Really.
I love color too. Right now my rooms are deep saturated sexy color!
What I hate is the all white band wagon that everybody jumps on - white slip covers, sea grass rugs - you get the idea. It's almost a safe decorating cliche at this point. But I still love it too ha ha!
xo xo

imjacobsmom said...

No I couldn't do it! I think that it is not homey enough. I want some warmth in my rooms. Some nature - not just snow.....Robyn

angelo said...

Well, it looks like we all like the look but fear the practicality of it all.

I agree with Visual Vamp that the look is easier than you assume to keep clean. I did my version of the all white back in my "starving artist" scary ghetto loft art school years. it was all dumpster dive. left at the curb furnishings along with garage sale and thrift store finds with a sprinkling of self made items. If it wasn't white or white washed/patina already I made it so. Painted all the wall white and even bleached the floors myself. I have fond memories of that time even though I think I'm making a challenging period feel romantic in my memory.

To answer Jessie's question, you can make all the white feel warm and inviting through lighting and texture. Lighting is your secret weapon in design regardless the colors or style you are using.

Whispering Pine Cottage said...

Angelo - Great question! I too thought it would be cold, didn't know about the lighting - I will experiment with this in my shop. However, add red or blue, wow! Thank you for following my blog (the blog that almost didn't make it)! Angie

SILVER said...

White is always cool..

Me looking for inspiration.. think i can definately find some here!



Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

I could!! I love the swedish look!

Anonymous said...

Really love this look and I have done it in most of my home, but I have no kids and a very well behaved doggie. Also, I am a neat freak and walk around with a can on paint and cleaning products almost daily. Worth it for me though. Love the look.

amiable amy said...

i like the 7th picture that has a slight touch of other shade on it

i don't think that i would prefer an all white in the entire house though, hard to maintain...LOL

these pictures looks great, very elegant and well organized but, it seems it lacks a "life"...

... i am into eclectic shades

pve design said...

I think I could- my dog is white...with ever so pale spots-

I also love dark, dark floors, and dark chocolate...not pretty on white, right.

Unknown said...

Oh! I just love this post! If it wasn't for my dog and 1year old little boy I would have already tried this out! When I was little my Mom (who was an interior designer) had one room that was completly off limits to us and it was all White on White and so pretty, that's an idea!
Best Wishes!

mrsben said...

Oh I would love 'white', however I don't believe in being a slave to housework (particularly at my age since I'm retired...smiles.)

With regards to your statement about lighting; I feel Candice Olsen is the Master of same. I am always so impressed when she works her magic with it.

Anonymous said...

I am totally into the white, a mix of romantic and modern, sounds bizarre I know. Lots of texture because I am a feely type and various hues and shades. Everything I have can be washed and bleached at a moments notice and I have back up slipcovers the underneath. My life did not dictate it but I got tired of waiting for the kids to grow up, the hubby to become "Mr Clean" and the dogs to stop shedding and tracking in mud. I definitely don't seem to have to do more than my normal routine in cleaning, but I think I was always a clean freak. I do like pops of color but mostly in my artwork. I am glad I didn't wait because I love my white!

DesignTies said...

I love the fresh look of all-white rooms, especially when they have natural/organic elements like unfinished wood and stone (similar to the look of pic #4 with the fireplace). But I couldn't go all-white in my home. Partly because of our pets, but mainly because there are so many beautiful colours out there, I want to use as many of them as I can!! In fact, I just painted all the white doors in our hallway a dark chocolate brown :-)

Kelly (one half of DesignTies)

Granite Tiles said...

It really cool place to live. white color suit it so much.

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