Thursday, January 15, 2009

new toy...

I bought a flip video camera.

It's pretty groovy and today was the first day with it. It's incredibly easy to operate, I'm just getting my "sea legs" using the thing. I will try to get better videos in the future. This is a way for me to keep you posted on things happening and to cut down on me writing. I'm not a writer so I always feel like I am embarrassing my friends who are. Don't even get me started on my cringe worthy spelling and grammar.

Baxter makes an appearance, even though he's not quite sure how he feels about this invasion of privacy. I think he will have me paying for this with a "treat" increase. Seems fair.
-angelo surmelis


Anonymous said...

OMG! Stop it! Too much cuteness. How adorable are you two?! I hope you guys have a great night.

Anonymous said...


You guys are so cute. He must miss you so much.

Anonymous said...

Cute. Cute. Cute. How old is baxter? He seems like the best little pup. I have one of those Flips and it's easy to use and upload and all that, but it takes a while to get used to shooting yourself. You're not sure where exactly to point and how much of yourself you;re actually getting. I have a ton of half my head videos. Very attractive.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you're single and that I have a chance. Just humor me. You are one of the most beautiful men. It must be the european thing. I have a weakness. the beautiful bald head and smile don't hurt either. Baxter is quite the looker as well.

Anonymous said...

Love it.

Anonymous said...

MORE! This is great news. I hope you continue to do more video blogs. It's always great to see you and nice to see Baxter in more than just still photos.

Anonymous said...

Oh, to be a geek like you. Have you always been "geeky?"

Anonymous said...

How long have you and the Baxter man been together?
You two look perfect together.

Anonymous said...

This has too much cuteness with you & baxter.
I look forward to future video blogs. I love your blog!
I'm an aspiring designer and you really inspire me.

Lisa (aka) French said...

I wanted one of those as soon as I had seen the commercial! They look so easy to use! Baxter is truly ADORABLE! Hugs French;)

Mafe Molinari said...

He is sooooo cute!
Hope you had a Happy Holiday Season and I wish you a Prosperous New Year,

PS. I love '24hrs' whatever that magazine says it's only the opinion of a couple of persons. Keep the great work!

mrsben said...

Lights, camera, action. I enjoyed Baxter's on-camera debut.

As its unanimous that he is such a cute little guy; I see the possibility of Canine stardom in his future..... with a contract demand for more kibbles. (Winks)

Have fun with your new camera! Looking forward to seeing more videos.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you are enjoying your new toy, but I hope you won't decrease your written output. I really love how engaging your writing style is. Plus, it's great practice for your upcoming book!

Katie Couric moment: I am watching an episode of Clean Sweep with a couple who has, among other things, lots of toy chickens. You mentioned that this was the filthiest family room you had encountered (cat feces and urine). My question is, where the participants ever embarrassed by the state of their homes? How did they justify the condition of their homes? Did you ever take the homeowners to task ala Peter Walsh? How did your lunch stay down having to deal with other peoples' smelly, dirty houses?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that Baxter gets "good boy treats" - that's what I say to my dogs!!!

Unknown said...

Fantastic blog Angelo!! I adore Baxter and really want that new toy you just got as well:))

I can totally relate with the writing thing, I overanalyze my wording to much and can talk better into the camera, well sometimes;)

Fifi Flowers said...

Great little "toy" camera! Video is nice quality! ADORABLE Baxter!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Ohhh! What a cutie!Baxter is a sweetheart! Love that little camcorder! I need to get me one of those. Have a great weekend...Debbie

Anonymous said...

OMG!! How totally cute are you guys! Thanks for sharing. You did very well on your first "shoot".

Can't wait to see the next installment.

Now get some "good boy" treats for yourself.

Have a wonderful evening.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Baxter is soooo cute.. We have to love our pets don't we? I think you're having "alot" of fun with the new camera.. hugs ~lynne~

WhisperWood Cottage said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and becoming a WhisperWood Cottage follower! I hope that you'll be stopping by often! I will certainly be back to yours now that I know you have a blog!

Baxter is truly adorable! What a great friend to come home to. It sounds like those shopping days are pretty hectic! You make it look so easy though!

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Angelo, :)

So nice to "meet" you and find your wonderful blog.
Cute name. LOL!
Love the show and your designs are always spectacular so inspiring.

Baxter is precious!

Come by and visit my new blog if you get a chance.

You're always welcome!
~Warmly, Melissa :)

amiable amy said...

LOL! I enjoyed watching the video. Baxter is so adorable. Can I apply as your dog sitter? LOL! Okay, flip video camera is so handy. I will check online if I can afford one. Thanks for sharing. It is so nice to be here.Nice to meet you and thanks for following my blog. I will do the same. God bless.

Tootsie said...

hello!!! welcome to my blog list! thanks for adding yourself to my followers list! yea me?lol
Love the post today!

now...what can you do to get the rms show moved to the hgtv canada? we don't get it or even 1/2 the good shows from HGTV is so NOT fair!

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

ok. grrr. MY spelling and grammer must be for the birds, i just misspelled the jumbled letters below and lost my message. buggers.

oh well, to recap:
love the video camera. need to get one like that instead of the big honker i have packed away.

Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

Hi Angelo! Thanks for visiting and following my blog! Who knew you had a blog!? How do you make time?
I can't wait to steal a few minutes to go thru all your posts.
I am a wallpaper lover, too! Even when it was "out" I still had it "in." LOL

I look forward to seeing more of your posts. Blessings, Barb
ps - it took me about a week to master the flip! Cute pup!

Anonymous said...

Wow! very cute...:) It's good to be here! I am fan of your show!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Baxter is so cute! My cell phone and digital camera both, will take short videos, but have never attempted. I am still trying to figure out how to answer and make calls on my new cell phone. :)
Looking forward to pictures from your trip.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful and I look forward to more video blogs, but I hope you don't stop writing them too. BIG FAN!

Anonymous said...

Baxter is a sweetie! I love coming home to be greetly by my dog too...she gets very excited and never waits patiently for a treat!

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