Thursday, March 26, 2009


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After a long day I crave the peace and quiet of being at home. A great simple dinner, dessert and a glass of wine is a quick fix for what some days bring. It's tempting to pull into the local drive thru and grab a quick, yet not too satisfying meal. I have and I always regret.

The other night when I was home and hungry, I decided to throw together some pasta.
This took all of 10 minutes.

-The juice of 1 meyer lemon
-1 clove of garlic
-handful of fresh basil
-handful of fresh oregano
-your favorite pasta
-enough olive oil to coat the bottom of a pan

Chop garlic and add to olive oil in pan/skillet and lightly brown. You can add a pinch of freshly ground salt if you like. Chop herbs and add to the juice of your lemon (keep them at room temp). Once pasta is cooked and drained, add heated olive oil with the garlic and then pour the lemon and herb mixture. Blend it all together. Add a bit of freshly ground black pepper, if you're so inclined and definitely add freshly grated parmesan and you're good to go. It's so simple and good that take out will no longer be a temptation. Pair with a good red wine and the dessert of your choice and the night suddenly feels like the best part of your day!

Go forth and eat well!
-angelo surmelis


imjacobsmom said...

Geez Angelo, when are we going to see you on the Food Network? This sounds delicious! Come back to my post today, I have a salad posted that I think you would enjoy. ~ Robyn

Anonymous said...

DELISH! I am making this tonight. You can cook & design? Marry me.

Marie Anne said...

One can never go wrong with pasta!

(she says as she hears Angelo's voice on the TV behind her - spooky!)

What're we eating tonight?

Anonymous said...

Food Network? THAT would be a dream to have you on there. That is all I watch. I literally tune to HGTV when you're on only. If you can find a way to be on Food, that would be so cool and so much easier for me. You know, cause it's soooooo much work to have to switch over to HG. HeHeHe

The recipe looks and sounds delicious. Will serve it tonight to the family. Have a great weekend Angelo!

Anonymous said...

Pasta, red wine and choc cake? You are my dream man. Since someone else has asked for your hand in marriage, how about we just get together design, cook & eat?

Anonymous said...

Now I'm hungry. Is it too early for pasta and chocolate cake?

The Raggedy Girl said...

Angelo makes beautiful rooms and he cooks are a jewel!

Have A Fabulous Friday
from Roberta Ann--the Raggedy Girl

DesignTies said...

There are some days when I just crave one of my favourite restaurant meals. But I really like to cook and try new dishes, so I'm perfectly happy whipping up dinner any night of the week :-)

Thanks for sharing your pasta recipe -- sounds easy to make and yummy too!! :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Anonymous said...

This sounds fresh and summery. Exactly what we need right now in our part of the world. Thank you!

pcb said...

My kind of dinner! In fact, very similar to what I had last night!

Nani said...

This almost reminds me of my childhood... my dad was great at 10 min pastas :)

Anonymous said...

this is the perfect dinner for me. The only thing that could make it better, you designing my kitchen then cooking for me. Could we call that a date? Is that asking too much. I think you are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I just made this for lunch! Delish. I even had a glass of wine in your honor. Now if you can just show up with a slice of chocolate cake, we can really celebrate the weekend.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

The pasta looks great Angelo! It probably tastes all that much better being cooked on your gorgeous stove!! And OMG, that cake is decadent!! Did you bake or buy??


Martini said...

Hey Angelo....Pasta and San Paolo go hand in hand, believe me. A great dish you "cooked-up" here.
So glad to finally find you again! Hoping you're doing okay.. Loving the designs on Rate My Space. Great show - you're the BEST!

Suzie J P said...

I am making this tonight! Can't wait. I love your designs. Your taste in food is pretty right on as well. I made your butter cookie and choc chip cookie recipes as well. My family loved them. My kids now watch and adore you. Have a great weekend.

Bromeliad said...


We just had a conversation about cutting out fast food. It just feels so nasty later.

Thanks for the reminder.

Bree, Dave & family said...


Made it. Loved it. The whole family enjoyed it. You're a rock star in our house.

Michael said...

So any chance you have the recipe for the cake, too? :o)

angelo said...

Ah yes, the cake! It was incredible and I did not make it. I bought it. VERY tasty.

I do have a great chocolate cake recipe that I will share with you guys soon. It just wasn't part of the "throw dinner together" plan. Baking takes a bit more time.


Carrie said...

Delicious. I'll make it. Can you come over?

stp said...

design & food? I'd watch that show, if you did it.

Gerri said...

Well, if you're going to do a Food Network & some sort of design show combo make sure it's available in Canada. BTW, great idea. This pasta was delicious.

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