Wednesday, March 25, 2009

paris redux...

Tonight's episode 107 was a repeat from Season 1.  You can click on the episode number here on the blog or under the "labels" categories on the right for colors & items used/purchased.

You can watch the reveal and re-rate the makeover at:

OR, you can watch the full episode here:

A Parisian Styled bathroom for some amazing homeowner's that seemed to garner a lot of discussion.  People either loved it or felt it was "way too much."  

As you know, I truly believe style is individual and personal.  It is all about the way each and every one of us wants to live.  What is "way too much" for one, is "just right" for someone else. 

My job is is to get it right for the people I look into the eyes of during the whole process.  

-angelo surmelis


Anonymous said...

Hi Angelo! Loved the paint colors! Would you mind sharing?

angelo said...

The colors are as follows:
-PAINT: Valspar at
Colors: Martha Stewart SUMMER STORM MS205 & Eddie Bauer VINTAGE GRAY EB48-1
both in semi-gloss


Anonymous said...

I loved this makeover. I know it's too much for some, but it for me, it's perfection.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful Angelo! I loved the light fixtures over the gorgeous mirror. I think I would have to move my notebook computer, small frig & microwave in there. It is tastefully decorated with many dainty female touches, I would not want to leave the room. I am so happy the husband liked it also, as the wife must have been ecstatic! Can you also please share where you purchased the chandeliers and hanging light fixtures by huge mirror? Thank you, Marian,

angelo said...

Thank You Marian! Glad you enjoyed it.

Yes, they were both even more thrilled off camera when they started to really take in the room. It was SO their style.

You can click on"episode 107" on the blog entry and it will take you to the original entry that has all the items purchased and where.


::Zissy:: said...

bathroom is gorgeous and so luxurious. my bathroom is so small you can clean the sink and tub while on the throne. =)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't love this makeover anymore than I already do! Absolutely gorgeous. I don;t know how you do this and on TV no less. I have worked in the world of TV production and it is relentless. I admire your talent, charm and tenacity.

Anonymous said...

Your style, emotional connection to your clients and what you do as well as your talent are addicting. I am a huge fan. Congratulations on all your success. Just know, this is only the beginning.

Anonymous said...

I had seen this episode before. It never ceases to amaze me how talented, kind, funny, charming and undeniably comfortable you are in this role of totally connected human being, that happens to be on TV. There is no posing, self consciousness or that awful trait that seems to plaque HGTV-HOSTINESS! Do they all go to they same host school? That needs to stop.

Love your show and wish you all the best with your new furniture line.

Anonymous said...

Just perfect for me.

I love your show.

Red said...

Angelo, I've been a fan for a long, long time, but ... I'm just not feeling this one. Maybe it's the picture size, but it feels cramped and busy to me. I'm not sure what I would do differently, but I just feel like there's too much going on.

Upside: I definitely get the Paris feel from it.

Anonymous said...

Loved this! More importantly, they loved it. You're my favorite designer and quickly becoming my favorite tv personality.

DesignTies said...

I don't think it's way too much -- I think it's very pretty and elegant. And as you said, what really matters is that you gave the homeowners what they want and love :-)

Speaking of love -- that wall sconce next to the mirror is gorgeous!!!

Kelly @ DesignTies

Anonymous said...

I am beyond in love with this makeover. It is absolutely stunning. I feels very Parisian, chic and quite "of a period." Thank you for your constant graceful inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I really loved this. Just gorgeous.

Admin said...

oh la la . ..

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