Saturday, March 7, 2009


photo: iphone/swell-space

photos: iphone/swell-space

Since the new season or "Rate My Space" isn't premiering till April, our previous seasons have been in repeats on HGTV and it seems like people are catching up.  I have been getting a bunch of mail and questions regarding info for items purchased and wall color choices used.

Above are the two episodes that aired today (March 7) along with links to the HGTV web page that has some additional info.

On the right where the "LABELS" are listed for my blog, you'll see tags for episodes 113 & 203. Click on them and you can get all the info regarding those shows (paint colors, items purchased & retail outlets).  

Hope this helps.

Our very own RMSer and Blogger "FRENCH" and her husband were on episode 113 as an inspiration for the homeowner's getting the makeover.  How cool is that?

Also, some people have asked if they can view full episodes that they have missed elsewhere (My awesome Canadian bloggers, MrsBen, Design Ties, Tootsie...).  You can catch up on what you've missed on  They have a few full length episodes on the site.  

Also, all of Season 1 is available on iTunes.  You can download them to your iPhone, iPod or computer.

Will keep you posted on the premiere of Season 3!

Thank you all for your support of the show.  I have THE BEST job in the world and THE most A-MAZING viewers.  You guys ROCK!

-angelo surmelis


Tootsie said...

French is a great lady! glad she got to be involved! wish I got the show in CANADA!!!!! if I get to watch is on the web. hint hint!

angelo said...

Hi Tootsie,

I agree. French is great.
Some episodes are on the HGTV website. They haven't posted all of them yet. But you can view some of them here:,1000145,HGTV_32663_2941,00.html

Have a great weekend,

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for this!!! It helps so much. I want so many things from each episode and I have too small a home for it all! LOL.

DesignTies said...

Hi Angelo,

My blog partner Kelly was also an RMSer with her beautiful living room used as inspriation for a lounge space - not sure what episode that was. She had so much fun with your crew!!

It's sad, though... we don't get RMS here in Canada. Can you work some magic with that?! Watching episodes online can also be a challenge - we're told that HGTV won't transmit outside the US... but I think that depends on the browser (not sure).

BUT... we can see the reveals... and I've loved these small segments!

Victoria from EdinDesigns @ DesignTies

Cyndi said...

Hi Angelo,
I'm from Canada as well and I would also like to see rms on our hgtv too.I would gladly give up holmes on homes in it's place.

Anonymous said...

I really couldn't love you anymore than i already do. I watched both these episodes today, I had missed them the first time around. Your level of commitment and emotional involvement with the homeowner's is so touching and genuine that I just want to invite you over for dinner and cook you the best meal ever! Angelo, I hope you realize how much you effect people in a positive way. Your smile is one of the most radiant things I've seen.

I wish you nothing but much continued success and happiness.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

French, is such a lovely gal... she rocks in every way..I loved seeing her on your show..hugs ~lynne~

mrsben said...

I too like other Canadians don't have the luxury of T.V. viewing your show. Hopefully HGTVCanada will pick it up in the near future.

In the mean time I am enjoying what is available online. Don't believe any Canadian HGTV Designers have a blog either; so logging on to your site is an added bonus.

Wishing you and your staff repeated success for the upcoming new series. -Brenda-

Anonymous said...

This is my problem. I tend to be more of a contemporary gal. The Eco-Friendly living room just nails my style. Even the curtains, which I know a lot of people on the RMS site had a problem with. I think they do exactly what they need to, add interest to an overall neutral palette. Plus I think the pattern rocks!

My problem is that when you do something traditional, or eclectic or so different from my tastes like the Parisian bathroom, I find so many elements that I like in those rooms as well. The put together, finished product make me wonder if I am hard & fast contemporary. I know you say that you can mix styles, BUT--YOU can mix styles. When I try to do it, it's just a hot mess. As long as I stay within the lines, I'M OK. How do I get inside your brain? LOL!

Michael said...

Love French...she's the best! Looking forward to what season 3 has in store. Whatever the challenge and homeowners' taste, I know you'll create an amazing space that surely won't disappoint!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED these rooms. The top one was more my personal style, but the eco-friendly one was simply stunning as well. That fireplace idea was incredible. You are a total design stud. LOVE YOUR SHOWS!

Anonymous said...

GREAT spaces. The eco-friendly living room just blows me away. Those fireplace tiles along with the furniture, builds and fabrics are so inspiring. Thank you fro you constant enthusiasm and design inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I really like your show, RMS, but I have to tell you that I think the right show for you has not been produced yet. Your personality & talent has not met it's match yet. When that happens, WATCH OUT world!

I'll be waiting and watching from the sidelines with everyone else as the magic unfolds. Remember this.

Michael said...

Thank you, Angelo! That totally made my day :o)

Anonymous said...

I LOVED these rooms! Well, I love all your work. I think you really do a great job capturing each homeowner's individual style. That was obvious and evident when Yvette saw her room. WOW! I was falling apart just watching her react to their space and Russell was so happy and shell shocked. The Eco makeover was equally as touching. Kerry's reaction was also emotionally charged and so beautiful to watch. How does it feel to you to watch and be in the room as these people go through this? i watch you get pretty choked up as well and I have to tell you, it's so genuine and charming. It helps that I think you are one of the sexiest things on TV!

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