Wednesday, April 22, 2009

episode 301...

A few of my MOST amazing peeps!
(back row) Rupert & Danny create carpentry magic.  Seriously.  
They can do anything with the most limited amounts of time.  
Rupert could probably build you an ark in 24 hours and it would have killer wainscoting.  
Danny would install the most amazing lighting in the ark and put them all on dimmers.   
(front row) Tracey for painting my face and making me look human and less tired.  
Ruth for being more creative than I could ever wish for in a human being.  
Jen for anticipating what I need before I know it and for always being in the best mood. 
photos: iphone/swell-space

What in the world is Spanish Deco?

It sounds made up, doesn't it?  Well, it kinda is. 

Phil & Crystal have this really gorgeous Southern California Spanish-Style home and they are in love with Art Deco design.  At the same time, they did not want to ignore the architecture of their home and they felt they could combine both their style sensibilities...THUS, Spanish-Deco or what I like to call PHILCRYSTYLE.

It works for them.  They were SO INCREDIBLE to deal with and the whole process was so much fun.  Crystal baked for us the most amazing (for lack of a better word) cookies.  They are kind of like biscotti but even better.  Delicious.  She made enough for the whole crew to take away as gifts and Phil, who used to be an illustrator for Disney, made an original illustration/cartoon for each member of the crew that was specific and personal to what they do.  Incredible.  Both Phil & Crystal are incredibly talented and have two wonderful boys.  We have THE BEST homeowner's on this show.

Now let's not forget the amazing inspirational homeowner's from RMS that really inspired Phil & Crystal with their makeover;

-KEVIN'S use of warm color and eclectic furnishings definitely inspired Crystal & Phil!

-ALLISON & MICHAEL'S dark stained bookcases give their room a library feel and Crystal & Phil wanted to incorporate a little bit of that into their room.

-LUIGI was a great example for both Crystal & Phil how you can combine both Spanish & Art Deco elements and make them work!


-Paint (VALSPAR), Rug, Mantle/Lumber, Tile/Materials & Curtain Rods: LOWE'S
-Glamour Loveseat (custom made): CUSTOM SOFA DESIGN
-Leather Winston Chairs: PIER 1
-Prisca Mirror: MORTISE & TENON
-Pisa Coffee Table: PLUMMERS
-Chandelier & Wall Sconces, Window Treatments: THE GREAT INDOORS
-Microfiber Storage Ottomans: TARGET
-Beekman Mirrored Wall Sconces: Z-GALLERIE
-Clare Buffet Lamp: CRATE & BARREL
-B&W Photos, Mirrored Table: WEST ELM
-Fabric for couch and patterned Accent Pillows: CALICO CORNERS
-Velvet Linen Throw Pillows, Wood Gallery Frames, Accessories: POTTERY BARN
-Yellow Craftsman Style Vases on Mantle: ROOM & BOARD

As always a BIG thank you to my amazing crew that inspires me every day!
Jared, Danny, Jason, Jen, Ruth, Rupert & Ron.

Get more info on the show and all things HGTV <-here

-angelo surmelis



Krissy said...

OMG! I can't wait to see this. Please don't give up your day job (TV) now that you're a big furniture mogul. You're the only designer I watch. You have it all!!!!

Diana said...

Looking forward to tonight's episode.

Let the HGTV know that the web site, log in, rate it, comment page is whack. I don't even bother going on there anymore.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Michael said...

The mirror is HOT!

I couldn't agree more with Krissy! I used to say the only designer I would let anywhere close to my home was Nate Berkus, but he's got nuthin' compared to you!

Samantha said...

I agree! That mirror is HOT! So are you btw. I like Nate, but I LOVE your work. Maybe if you both showed up at my house it would be cool. He.He.

The episode looks like a god one. I am so excited about your furniture!

Alison said...

Looking forward to seeing this. I love your style.

Loni said...

Getting ready to watch you! Sitting on my couch with a glass of wine and some homemade pizza. Wish the couch was one of yours. Soon.

Steph said...

This room looks gorge! I can't wait to get a few of your new furniture pieces. I have my eye on that red sofa with the b&w chair.

Congratulations. You must be thrilled and probably a little tired?

Jimmy said...

It was stunning!

Dee said...

In love with this room. That sofa and pillow fabric is just gorgeous. Also, the mirror is so beautiful. Excellent job.

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

ahhhh! i love it. so great and pretty and perfect indeed.

Susan said...

This was such a beautiful episode. I just think you are wonderful.

KSL said...

Very beautiful. I think you do fantastic work. I don't know how you do it and keep smiling. It's a bit of a challenge trying to get on the HGTV web site to rate the rooms, not very user friendly. I have stopped trying, but when I did get on a few times I was beyond shocked at some of the very awful and personal comments. You do fantastic work and make people happy. I hope you know that.

Carin said...

Your team is lovely. You must be the best "boss."
I would love to work with you. Congrats on the new and beautiful furniture line. This makeover was sooooo good.

Tammy said...

This was really beautiful. That rug, mirror and the fabrics were ridiculously beautiful. You are gooood!

Sandra said...

What a beautiful, happy group of people. Angelo, you make me happy just watching you. I can't imagine what it must be like to work with you. Love you and all your shows.

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

OK, love all the design stuff. Obviously or I wouldn't be reading, but seriously? I want to see the illustration that Phil made for you!

KYLE said...

This was awesome.

lks said...

HOT ROOM! Gorgeous. You are sexy as all...

Love your style.

LEXI said...

Wonderful episode last night. Your style is always right on with what your clients want. The thing that always gets me is your genuineness. No pretense. No posing for camera. No "hosting."

I have stopped watching HG except for you. You my friend, are the real deal. Enjoy you weekend.

Love the furniture line.

Chandra said...

What a cute team! You guys always look like you're having fun. I want to be a part of that. Excellent show.

mrsben said...

Tried to view 'the reveal' on RMS but to no avail. (Glitch in their program or my computer?) :(
Did browse the photos though and love what you and your 'peeps' did and how you worked with the architecture.

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