Wednesday, April 8, 2009

episode 302...

photos: iphone/swell-space

Michael Reisz was so cool to work with.  I know I say that all the time about our homeowner's, but it's true.  I wish there was something "juicier" I could tell you, but the truth of the matter is that Michael was great.  He was enthusiastic about the process, even when he didn't exactly see where I was going.  He voiced his opinion and trusted me. That is all you can ask for in a client. 

We had a blast working together.

The inspirational homeowner's from RMS delivered the goods, as per usual.  What can I say, the "Rate My Space" community rocks hard!

-Angela & Brett had a very masculine, leather headboard that Michael fell in love with.  He wanted to find a way to take that inspiration and make it his own.  Great room Angelo & Brett!  

-Mischell's carpet tiles were a great addition to her living room.  They added some movement, color and pattern to a contemporary space and Michael really liked how fun and stain friendly they were.  You have a wonderful sense of style Mischell.

-Patrick has an absolutely gorgeous room.  The eclectic, sophisticated and masculine mix is quite inspiring.  This is a perfect example of how you can be inspire by any room, even when you're doing your bedroom. Patrick, you have a great designer aesthetic.

My team, Jared, Jen, Jason, Danny, Rupert & Ron created a little bit o' magic.


-All colors/paint (VALSPAR/EB40-4 Glacier Ice-Eddie Bauer), flooring (FLOR), all doors, molding, window shade: LOWE'S
-Bed was custom made by: CUSTOM SOFA DESIGN
-Dresser/Metal Cube Sculpture: CRATE & BARREL
-Bed side tables: WEST ELM
-Bed side lamps: TARGET/Thomas O' Brien
-TV cabinet: URBAN HOME
-Navy's New Bed: MAXWELL

Thank you everybody for supporting the show and don't forget to inspire others with your own gorgeous rooms or show us rooms that can use a bit of inspiration.  

Either way, you could be on TV!  

Sign up at: HGTV

-angelo surmelis


Drew said...

I really liked this. Very simple, masculine and a bit sexy. I would have gone a bit darker on the walls, but Michael wanted lighter. Would you have gone darker if you had the choice, or is this "right on" for you? I really enjoy you and your show (any show you do)!

trish said...

Enjoyed this episode. Well, I actually enjoy your shows period. This is a bit too masculine for me, but I can see how Michael liked it. I actually really loved the carpet tiles and the bed. You are adorable.

Steve said...

I love that you got navy a new bed. YOU ROCK!

Iremerce said...

Great epi. Was the ring you wore in the crew meeting segment representing a marriage/commitment? Nice hands.

cindy! said...

Wonderful episode. You are a great designer and TV personality.

Peter said...

I really enjoyed this. Do you ever not make a homeowner happy? PLEASE come to my house.

Mandy said...

I really liked this episode. Michael was great and you are just THE BEST! The way you relate to people and also bring in a blending of inspirations, client's needs, your own expertise and do it with an infectious (and gorgeous) smile, just blows my mind. I have my own design biz in Seattle and there are days when i think, I cannot do this. There is a lot of hand holding and so many issue that arise. i couldn't imagine doing it on TV and being as calm and fun as you are. Many, Many kudos to your aesthetic, talent and personality.

Lisa said...

As per usual, I loved it. You make people happy. I could watch you all day. Loved the bed and the bedding.

Cory said...

I think the challenge with any design, and especially what you do since every show is sooooo different, is to look at it from the point of view of the person who is living there and what the conversations are beyond the 30 min we see. I loved the bed, bedding, furniture & accessories. i would have gone darker on the walls and not a fan of the redwood. That being said, he likes redwood and has it in his bath and the colors were chosen with him in mind based on what makes him feel good. I would love to see a show or special where you talk about everything that goes into doing this type of work for TV. It has to be challenging. There are so many factors beyond just design. I worked as a prop assistant films for a few years and it killed me. I had to change career paths. You are a brave man to put yourself out there like that. I have been, since TLC days, and continue to be a very big fan!

Leslie said...

I have been a fan for years. Your ability to give people more than even know they want is obvious. I an not saying anything new here.

What I would love to sera show with you that focuses on your relationship with people. Your design talent being a part of that, but not cluttered by all the other things makeover shows tend to get wrapped up in. Does that make sense?

Marcus said...

In our house, we think you rock!

Danielle said...

Really enjoyed yesterdays show.

Patti said...

I love anything you're on. RMS is no exception.

SST said...

I am HUGELY crushing on you. HUGE. Please do some sort of magazine spread or something where I can cut and paste glossy pics of you in my office. I sound like a silly school girl and if I had a locker I would put them in there. Love you!

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