Tuesday, April 14, 2009

episode 303...

2 of my amazing producers, JOHN & ROBYN!
Also, look for their wacky, yet engaging new cop show on CBS this fall; HUDDLES & SYKES
Sykes is the tough as nails rookie that is in the force to make a difference and Huddles, the one assigned to "keep on eye on him."  Of course she's irritated by him, yet her heart of gold can't help wanting to "save him."

This will be the spin off to the wildly successful, HUDDLES & SYKES...

photos: iphone/westlem/wshome

Finding a single style that best describes the way I want my home to feel is an impossibility for me.  OK, maybe not impossible.  THAT is a quite a statement, but definitely not something that would be easy or feel "right."  My tastes run the gamut.  I am drawn to various looks for different reasons. 

Designing a room for somebody else is always a fantastic opportunity for me to really just focus on someone else fully and what they are drawn to.  I love that.

Scott & Lisa were the perfect couple for me to do just that.  They both have very clear ideas of who they are style wise and even though they are different in some ways (Lisa more romantic & feminine.  Scott a bit more contemporary and sleek.) both of their aesthetics cross over into each others.  This is the kind of stuff that's really fun for me.  Plus, it didn't hurt that Scott & Lisa whipped out a massive BBQ for the whole crew when the project was done.  Scott even did the grilling!  And yes, there was cake.  Seriously now.  Do you not know me, but at all?! 

It was too much fun working with these two and they had a lot of design inspiration from RMSers like you!

-Heidi & Jay have the type of room that feels beautifully complete.  Amazing job putting this gorgeous living room together.  Lisa & Scott would like to be able to combine their vintage tastes with a modern and simple touch.  They were drawn to some of the elements in this inspiration room.

-Cindy has a really beautiful, high tray ceiling.  Lisa & Scott don't have that kind of room, but love the look.  They want to find a way to mimic the style without busting through their roof.


-French Doors/Paint/Rug/Dining Room Chandelier/Curtain Rods & Curtains/All Molding Materials/Ceiling Medallion/Outdoor Brick Patio Materials: LOWE'S & VALSPAR
-Ceiling Color: Amber Yellow/VALSPAR
-Sofa/Marble Top Side Sofa Tables/Yellow Bird Pillow: CB2
-Coffee Table: ROOM & BOARD
-Bamboo Wall Sconce: WSHOME
-Table Lamps: FLEA MARKET finds
-Living Room Chandelier: THE GREAT INDOORS
-Chairs & Chair Pillows (made): KOHLMAN-QUINN
-White Round Side Table: WESTELM
-Leaning Bookcase/Bar: CRATE&BARREL
-Fabric For Pillows: CALICO CORNERS
-Picture Frames: AARON BROTHERS

Of course, this never type of makeover never happens without some incredible help from:
Jen, Ruth, Jared, Danny, Jason, Rupert & Ron.  From knocking out a wall, running all over town, balancing the budget, installing a new brick patio/stairs to painting, you guys make my life!  THANK YOU.

Of course you can re-rate the room and sign up to be on TV with me at HGTV.

Thanks for watching,
-angelo surmelis


leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

i'm diggin the soft blues and yellows in these photos. me likey.

Denise said...


I just love you! Not only are you unbelievably talented and great to watch, but I just read the captions. I love your goofy, fun personality. Seriously, I want to marry you. My husband would be totally OK with it. He's actually a big fan of yours as well. You're the only person and show he will watch with me on HGTV. So there. It's all figured out. HA!

I Love you man.

Denise said...

I will be watching tomorrow. This room is SO my style. Love that pillow and the rug and the colors and the.....

Patricia said...


This room looks extra gorgeous!

I love this type of look.

Tracee said...

I am crushing on this room. I love these colors and that pillow is lovely. You are one talented and lovely man. Going to CB2 now to buy it!

Thank you for all your magical inspiration.


Dana said...

Yes! I am there. I will be watching and also, I will be patiently (not so patiently) waiting for your furniture line. You are the best.

Lindsey said...

Of course I'm a fan. That's a given. Your style & talent are enticing. But I am in love with your personality, humor and all around grooviness! Here's to more and more success for you!!!

Giselle said...

Thank GOD for you! Thank GOD!

I don't understand most TV design "personalities." They are cut from the sale cloth. You stand out and a fresh, smart, reasonable and stylish voice. I will follow you like the pied piper.

This room looks beautiful.

Cynthia said...

Great. Can't wait to see it. I already love the look of this room. You do wonderful work.

Would love to see what you can do when TV & budget confines weren't part of the picture.

Tina said...

Can't wait to see this. You are the best! This room looks like something so me. Love the colors and chandelier!

Jillian said...

I'm watching right now! WOW! You are incredible.

Michael said...

5 minutes to the reveal...it's gonna be gorge!

I swear Scott is really Seth Rogan's long lost twin! Their resemblance is too funny (I love his glasses, too!)

jillian said...


DEAN said...

Gorgeous. We loved it.

Karen said...

Just finished watching the show! WOW! Loved this room. Great colors, furniture and everything.

Frustrated RMSer said...

IMPOSSIBLE to log onto HGTV & RMS! It is THE MOST frustrating web site. How can it not be figured out? I love you and your show, but I have to tell you, I am over the RMS site. I don't know if you have anything to do with it, but it SUCKS! Sorry. I'm just venting.

I think you are very talented.

Stevens Family said...

OMG! Frustrated is making me laugh, but I have to say I agree. I gave up of the site ages ago. Since your show launched, it went from a bad web site to unbelievably awful. It's almost like it's intentionally bad. Oh well. You rock.

Ellen said...

Just watched it. Loved it. I haven't bothered with the site in ages. it is pretty bad. Those colors are my favorite. Wonderful.

Taylor said...

That was some great fabric for those pillows. You should design fabric. Are you doing that for your new line. Great job. I don't bother with the HGTV site. Why? You looked great, btw.

Missy said...

So beautiful. This is so my style.

I don't go to the HGTV site anymore. Too mean. People don't get what you do.

Debi said...

Great show. How cute was that couple? That living room is so sweet. I love that furniture.

Rox said...

Lovin' It! Lovin' You!

Lizzie said...

I WANT this room! ALL of it! I am a HUGE FAN. Thank you for your blog and your insight. I love coming here for you take on stuff. I love that you respond to your fans. i don't know when you have the time, but I love it. Very excited about your furniture.

Polly said...

Seriously. Why does HGTV make it so difficult to deal with their web site. Over it. Thank you for your blog. Love the ease of finding resources and your personal take on stuff. I loved this episode and your personality is just THE MOST charming.

wendi said...

So likey, likey. Good work sir.

Tre said...

Wonderful. Excellent work. I really love that chandelier.

CJK said...

This room is so my style. I love your talent and your charm is infectious. Angelo, I have to tell you, I don't really watch HGTV. Not my style. I found out about your blog from a friend. Have been following the blog and was tempted to watch the show. Well, HG still not for me, but you--YES!

Shellie said...

I will never underestimate you again. You are charmingly brilliant.

SST said...

Wonderful lending of vintage & modern. You are a design star like no other. You looked extra HOT tonight during the reveal.

mrsben said...

Do appreciate the photos and resources, particularly the paint palette (as cannot view your show in Canada YET). Thank you!

From all the comments I believe, YOU with your magnitude of talent and genuine charm (no overkill of theatrics like sooooo many...smiles) would be welcomed with opened-arms.

Anonymous said...

Angelo, overall I liked the new design. I really liked the new sofa and the contrasting paint colors. There was one thing I didn't like - the French doors. From the cheap seats it looks like two small entrances on the same wall. I don't think I understand it in that they don't lead to a patio. Structurally, could a bay window have worked?

That said, the HOs LOVED it, and that's all that matters!


Anonymous said...

OH! I meant to add, in a non-objectifying and (hopefully) non-offensive way, you looked HOT in the pullover! Seriously YUMMY! Hope to see more of that style!


PS. Apologizing in advance for 'fan-girl' gushing!

angelo said...


I can't say I disagree with you.

The challenges, not enough time for construction and homeowner's own needs and wants. In this case (in the perfect world) I would have preferred larger French doors and landing that would act as the new front door. I would get rid of the existing front door and reclaim that area for added sq. footage. Also, would add an an exterior, cottage style fence around home to add to the "secret garden" feel of the new French door entrance.

There are limits to what we can accomplish on the show.


Rob said...

I loved that room! I'm not a big fan of vintage, but that worked.

JKL said...

I loved that room as well. I too am not a big fan of vintage and you made it work. That's your genius. On another note or two, so cool that you respond to people and yes, you are (as Jessie said) Hot & Yummy~

Loriana said...


You sourced the sofa coming from CB2 but when I checked the site, I do not see that gorgeous sofa in the site.

angelo said...


The show was shot appox 4-6 months ago and there's a possibility that the sofa may be either part of their last season's stock. You may want to call them directly to see if they still carry it.


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