Wednesday, April 29, 2009

episode 305...

Having a young family and trying to stay modern can be a bit of balancing act.

Both Hollis & Rob love clean lines, cool colors and a room that feels clutter free, yet warm. Well, with their adorable little boy, Hunter, running around and a baby on the way...the toy scenario is about to take over.  They both wanted their living/dining area to feel less like a toy store and a bit more sophisticated while still being kid-friendly.

My team and I were up for it.  Hollis & Rob were completely open to ideas and were so cool throughout the whole process.  Such a fun couple.  They kept their mind open the whole time. 

The only stipulations were:

-A place for Rob to be able to watch his large TV  
-A room that felt very modern and sophisticated
-Kid friendly furniture that doesn't look it
-Don't lose the view
-Incorporate some art or art wall
-Stylish toy storage
-Get rid of the dated fireplace look
-Lose the old and worn flooring
-Possibly some eco elements

I got my orders and I'm on the case.  OK, so less "Mission Impossible" and bit more "Tool Time," but I wanted to pretend it was a bit more exciting.  

I always wanted to be in a "James Bond Film."

The most difficult part of this makeover was that I had to give up the two incredible chairs that I found at a thrift store.  They were is pretty bad shape and had a skirt on them as well.  The lines of the chairs were fantastic.  Covering them with a soft, luxurious but very durable micro-suede and a bit of chocolate piping made them not only beautiful, but quite difficult for me to let go.  It was for a good cause and Hollis fell in love with them the minute she saw them. THAT makes it so worth it. Seeing the look in a client's eyes when you know you've hit the mark for them is priceless.

Hollis & Rob found great inspiration with the RMS community to help assist them with this transformation:

EMILY & ADAM'S light-colored hardwood floors were a wonderful clean and modern inspiration for Hollis & Rob.

NICK & BRANDI have low profile furniture and microfiber fabrics that are easy to take care of. The mix of the fabric, colors and low slung seating give's Hollis & Rob the look they're after.

JANECE & ROD showcase a gallery style with artwork that Rod has created.  Hollis's mom, CARLA, is an artist whose style is the perfect fit.  She is donating some of her artwork to help Hollis & Rob start that "gallery feel" the way Janece & Rod have.


-Bamboo Flooring, Rug (FLOR), Paint, Stone for Fireplace & Lumber Supplies: LOWE'S
-Kramfors Leather Sofa, Kulla Pendant Lamp, Coffee Tbl Vase, Dining Chairs, TV Storage Unit, Toy Storage Bins, Pjatteryd Art Canvas: IKEA
-Vintage Chairs & Lamps: KOHLMAN-QUINN
-Fabric to reupholster the Chairs: CALICO CORNERS
-Acacia Mini Bar: CB2
-Dinnerware, Pillows: POTTERY BARN
-Wall Mirror, Ikat Storage Cube, Angled-Leg Side Tbl., Nesting Hexagon Side Tbls., Reversible Wooden Side Tbls., Striped Pillows, Throw: WESTELM
-Additional Accessories: CRATE&BARREL
-Hollis' Mom, Carla, provided some of the art from her own art studio: CARLATAK

Many, Many Thanks to the fearless and talented team: Jared, Ruth, Danny, Rupert & Ron.

Don't forget to check out RMS to not only rate the space and see if we gave Rob & Hollis what they were looking for, but also upload your own pics!

Thanks for being a part of the show!
-angelo surmelis


pcb said...

Love those chairs you found and recovered. I'm more traditional but can really appreciate the modern lines in this episode.

camala said...

I am in love with this makeover. I am watching it right now and feel like a complete dork commenting and watching at the same time:)

I love everything you do! I really think you have come a long way since Clean Sweep.

P.S. Do you watch yourself on tv?

Terri said...

This is a wonderful episode. I love modern and no one does it like you. You make it real and warm. I want to live in your rooms, not just look at them. Excellent work.

Karen said...

Loved this room. Just gorgeous.

Lise said...

This was beautiful. Too bad about the TV. Does it drive you crazy when clients ask for their TV's to be a focal point? I work as a designer in NYC and it's the one thing that always makes me crazy. The fireplace, toy storage and colors were genius. You are incredible. I don't know how you do it.

ellice said...

i love your show and your style! what a gorgeous room~ job well done!

Sean said...

Totally my style. One of my favorites. I agree about the TV. It took away from the rest of the room.

DesignTies said...

Wonderful job as usual, Angelo! In can totally see myself sitting on one of the beautiful chairs with a glass of wine while taking in that fabulous view!

I can understand your commenters' viewpoints re: the TV... but the thing is, TVs are a fact of life and they need to be accommodated in the rooms we live in... and you've done a great job doing just that! Besides... if you didn't incorporate a TV in a family room, where would Hollis & Rob watch RMS?! :-)

patricia said...

I loved this one. It's just my style & the view is incredible. I think your work is some of the best out there. it's about how real people live and I always feel like what you show us is doable. it's beautiful while still being something we can possibly pull off even with a limited budget. Great ideas and thank you for inspiring me daily.

Unknown said...

A big shout out to the entire Rate My Space team. You guys are amazing and such a pleasure to work with. Thank you Rob & Hollis for choosing us as an inspiration for this terrific makeover. Enjoy your new room designed by Angelo! Rod & Janece / RMS wav-e-walls

Felicia said...

Loved tonight's makeover. Always love the show regardless of the style. You are amazing.

Martha & Jeff said...

Wonderful. I love these colors and style. Well done.

Samantha said...


Anonymous said...

What is Hollis' mother's name? Loved her art work! Great job on the room!

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

What a view! Love the chairs, we missed you!

Derek said...

Loved last night's episode!

Love you and your style.

Cheryl said...

Angelo, big fan of your style and this room was incredible. Do you have any idea what is going on with HGTV programming? I saw a dog show the other day. Seriously! I am a huge animal lover, but turn to HGTV for you and Candace, not dogs. I've seen your furniture line, exactly on target btw, but does this mean you're giving up on tv and we have more dog shows to look forward to? I watch Discovery & Animal Planet for that. They do it well and it's what they do. Sorry to take up your blog space. Just venting.

angelo said...

Hollis' Mom is named Carla and here is her web site:

Robert said...

Gorgeous makeover. I really love the color choices and the storage ottomans are just perfect. The storage build under the table truly was genius and I love the storage on wheels. Your work is always "right on."

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

i love your take on this! a fun read. the first photo is my favorite! oh, i guess the reflection one fixes my fancy too.

Michael said...

Bummer, I missed it...I'll have to catch the repeat. The pics look amazing though...what a gorge view!

SJW said...

You rock my world. You have NO IDEA!

mrsben said...

Just came by the way of RMS and checked out the photos. Marvelous job Angelo & Team! Particularly liked the revamped chairs and travertine faced f/place. (The Artwork is fantastic.)

Like a few others, I'm not a big fan of 'the peering black screen' and never will be.... but to each their own.


Trev. said...

I would watch anything you do. Love your style!

DesignTies said...

Your thrift store chairs look fantastic in the room. I can see why they were hard to part with!! Love 'em :-)

Will HGTV Canada EVER pick up RMS????

Kelly @ DesignTies

angelo said...

Thanks Kelly!

They were awesome chairs and very comfortable. I don't know if HGTV Canada will ever carry RMS. I hope so.

Maybe I'll just move there and do a show in Canada. LOL!

Who knows, anything is possible. Have a great weekend.


Unknown said...

I really loved loved loved the dining table that is somewhat shaped like a large surfboard. any ideas on how I can get a similar look?

Anonymous said...

I love the room - you are really a talented designer. But so cruel to show us those chairs and not be able to get them anywhere. Any clue on where to find something similar? Maybe you should design them! But what to do in the meantime?

angelo said...

Hi Anonymous!

Those chairs were a thrift store find that had a skirt on them and some really awful, dated fabric. I had then reupholstered.

I'm hoping to be able to design my own version of this chair in the future. Stay tuned!

Thanks for watching.


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