Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the furniture continues...

My new Spencer , shown here with my club chair and ottoman.  
A great & comfortable combination. 
This is the perfect spot for the Sunday paper, a great pot of coffee 
(I prefer a strong French press), and some pancakes.  
Throw in some crispy bacon and that's what I call a pretty perfect start to the day!

This is a really soft and stain resistant microfiber cover that is a pale, lotus green with substantial espresso stained wooden block legs.  
It's a versatile color that can go with almost any decor from contemporary to traditional.  

I love mixing these pieces with eclectic accessories and great finds from places I've been to.  
When putting the photo shoot together for all these pieces 
I wanted to create rooms that had a blend of styles.  
You know how I feel about your home telling a story and not just 
feeling like your neighbor's house.  

Mix and match and play with texture, color, pattern and styles.  
The more you do, the better your room will look & feel.

The Spencer shown above in a really great velvety, durable microfiber deep wine color.  
This is one of my favorites because it really sets the tone in a room. 

This is $759 delivered to your door with pillows shown.
Not for everyone, but definitely for those who want a bold statement that is classic at the same time.  I have to tell you, unloading this sofa from the truck the day of the photo shoot was a "hold your breath" moment for me because I didn't know how it would exactly turn out.  
I had designed it.  Picked the fabric and saw early shots of it from the factory when I was on set with "Rate My Space."  
The photo shoot was the first time I was seeing each piece in person and it was my last chance to make final tweaks before everything goes into production.  
This was one of the pieces I was most unsure of and when I saw it, all doubt melted away.  

The whole crew now wants one on reserve. 
Good Times.

I don't know about you, but sofas should be as comfortable as they are stylish.  Long days at work require a great place to land at the end of all that toiling away.  Plus, the weekends wouldn't be the same without a great breakfast and the Sunday paper.  Lounging on a comfortable sofa is the next best thing to doing it in bed.  I feel less lazy if I'm not in bed. 

I do a lot of planning, working, relaxing and of course coffee consuming on my sofa...So, I wanted one that was well made, comfortable, easy to ship (in order to keep costs down) and of course stylish.  

My new Spencer Sofa (ABOVE) is all that and at $679 & $759 delivered to your door, a pretty good deal as well.  

It comes with the throw pillows shown.

More to come...


-Pocket Coil seating on all sofas for awesome comfort.  No, seriously.  I have to tell you, this was something that I kept going back to time after time.  "It has to be comfortable."  These sofas are incredibly so.

-Because we ship in an efficient package, this product ships via UPS, making it so you don't have to be home to wait for the delivery person.  You may want to so none of your neighbors starts using the new furniture before you get home.

-Our efficient packaging uses furniture inside to support the outside of the box, eliminating the need for polystyrene fillers & structural elements.  Less materials in the box means less materials in the landfill.

-Since we use pocket coils, we substantially reduce the use of fossil fuel based polyfoams in the cushions.  The springs can be recycled.

Also, because we use compact packaging, 50%-70% less warehouse space in volume gets used. 

P.S. To MRSBEN, thank you for your note with the Canadian info.  I have passed it along to my peeps so they are informed as we make our way to the Great North!

-angelo surmelis


Jeanette {A Passion for Home} said...

OK, I'm envisioning the Spencer sofa along with the chair that has lovely legs in my sitting room. I just need an end table for a place to set my coffee and mags. Oh, and an ottoman and a lamp too.

Angelo, you have outdone yourself. I don't know how much more I can take. How about a Design Geek catalog? I like to scrapbook my selections. ;=)

Till the next post...

Jackie said...

OMG STOP IT! You're killing me over here. I LOVE THIS SOFA and that price is crazy wonderful. OK, I want it with those close chairs. I will take the green, though I really love the red just not sure how to make it work in my home.

Susan said...

LOVE This!

OMG, seriously gorgeous and you are so handsome btw. I love your smile and if you come with that red sofa , which I love, I promise to buy a dozen. I'll put on a pot of coffee and make pancakes.

Steph said...

I finally know what I'm getting. The Spencer in the lotus with 1 of the Garden Green chairs and one of the Club chairs.

It's going to be gorgeous.

Are you doing rugs? How about lamps and accessories. You have to. No one pulls a room together like you do. You just get it and you get it in the right way.

Karen said...

I am all over that red Spencer.
I love those B&W pillows. I think you have a chair in that fabric, right? I would like that chair.

Julio Muao said...

Love the new sofa and the entire room. Great taste. I'm inspired.

Lisa said...

That sofa is genius. It's the right combination of contemporary & traditional. I love the way these rooms look. The hard work that must have gone into this to get these looks at these prices has to have been monumental. Gongrats on your success!

Lane said...

I am very impressed. This looks incredible. I love everything about it. Now, I have to decide which one. Can't wait to see more.

Lane said...

BTW, you looks fantastic.

Cindy! said...

FANTASTIC! So beautiful and now my new couch dilemma is solved. I'm getting those club chairs as well. Oh, maybe the garden green ones. So much great stuff. I love everything you do. I have been such a fan for years. This is the perfect combo: You+Furniture Design=Genius.

Are you giving up on the TV thing?

GrannySmithGreen said...

I like what I see with the new furniture line. I REALLY like the prices. You've timed it just right! We all want something fresh, but don't want to break the bank. Thanks! Also, I appreciate you stopping by my blog. Glad you liked the kitchens. I've been swooning!

Jenny said...

I am such a fan and have been since your Clean Sweep days. You have come such a long day and your new line is just WOW! I think you should stay on TV since you're the best at this TV design thing. It's a whole different animal than anything else and you do it well. This furniture line has just expanded your level of Rock Stardom. You are my hero. Love this stuff and you.

Kathy said...

How do I even begin to thank you for this. Exactly what I have been looking for and at an amazing price. It feels just right. I want to tell you what I will be getting, but my choices change every time you post something so I'm going to wait till all the pieces have been revealed. Wonderful choices with your line.

Mari said...

Wonderful stuff. All of it. You have outdone yourself. I am a fan of your work on TV and now this! So many congrats are in order.

DesignTies said...

I was thinking about a small red sofa for my family room... now I want a Spencer in that beautiful deep wine!! FAB!!
Victoria @ DesignTies

Theresa said...

You are just making my day here! I have been wanting a red/wine sofa forever and everyone I have seen is either not the right shade, too expensive, has too many details that aren't necessary, or just aren't right somehow. I saw one about 1 year ago in Vancouver that was exactly what I was looking for. Very much like your Spencer, but probably a bit longer. It was over $2,000. I will be ordering yours.

Thank you.

Debi said...

This makes me happy. You always make me smile. I watch your shows all the time and I just smile. Now I can smile with your furniture in my home. Angelo, you are a breath of fresh air in a very polluted design field.

Samantha said...

You're driving me crazy with all this stuff. I can't wait till July for your line. I can't.

Luce said...

Wonderful. Wonderful. I am ready to buy. this is going to be the summer of angeloHOME! Overstock.com, watch out. I'm going to be a shopping fool.

Danni said...

I want to live in these rooms. The second one comes with your gorgeous self on that sofa? Yes? OK, maybe not but I will take it anyways. Great looks. This is going to be great and these prices are wonderful.

Nina said...



You look so great and happy.

Justine said...

Hi Angelo. This is my first time visiting your blog, but I just read through the blogs you follow and you've got a lot of my friends on there!
My blog is totally not a "design" kind of blog. Just tales of my wacky life, but I'd love it if you could stop by now and again to say hi.
I love your personality, and your genuineness shines through in your eyes, your smile, and your laugh. And man have you been doing some great work on RMS! I'll admit I haven't been watching nearly as much tv as a year ago, but when I turn on HGTV there are always my favorites to look for. You're one. Oh, and one of the inspiration rooms by Lisa and Gordon? Lisa is one of my bloggy chicks.
Did that sound kinky?

Justine :o )

Naz said...

You've created a fantastic line of furniture. How do I find it on Overstock?

Dianne said...

I know others have said this a well, but I can't WAIT till July. We just finished remodeling our home and I have held off on getting new furniture for a long time. That was OK until we redid the house and you can really tell how old and worn the furniture looks. I will wait a bit longer for yours. It's just perfect. I can't wait to see the rest of the line. It's also pretty perfect that you're going to be on Overstock.com since I am a regular shopper there. I showed the stuff you've posted this far to my husband and he was equally impressed. We wants the Spencer sofa and your club chair and ottoman. He even liked the yellow houndstooth. Angelo, you are my go to guy for style and now, you'll be my go to guy for my lifestyle. Congratulations!

Nani said...

Love the sofas and the concept... I agree, sofas should be as comfortable as they are stylish... Now that I am pregnant, our sofa is my best friend LOL!

Are you planning on doing nursery furniture? I am having a hard time finding not-cheesy and funky nursery stuff... I guess I'll have to make it myself hahaha!

Congrats again, and really looking forward to see them on overstock in July!

Terri said...

Overstock is one of my regular sites I visit AND shop. This is fantastic that your line will be there. The prices are incredible. Seriously great work with your furniture.

Katie MK said...

There is so much to love about your new line. The fact that this is real furniture for real people and not some trend that will be out in a year or two. It feels classic yet new and the look & price is real as well. I am IN LOVE with your line and we haven't even seen it all yet!

Can we expect accessories, lighting, rugs? Oh PLEASE, YES! I love your style and would really like to see what you can do with that.

Patricia said...

I love the Spencer. Great stuff. Really beautiful furniture that seems like the right fit.

My husband and I have been fans of your work for so long and kept thinking you should do something like this, but you've exceeded our expectations. Congrats and can't wait to buy some new, much needed furniture.

Carla said...

Gorgeous stuff and I want it all. I am thrilled about this new line of yours. Congrats.

Lori and Josh said...

This is great stuff. The Lotus-green sofa with a either the Garden-green chairs or Club chairs will make my living room. I can't get over how beautiful and well priced your stuff is. I am a fan of your work and would have bought it either way, but thank you for combining both. CANNOT wait. I will be stalking Overstock.com for the line. HURRY JULY!

Mia said...

Yes. Hurry July.

Love it and love it.

Fillian said...

Just when I thought it couldn't get any more beautiful, it just did. The Spencer is gorgeous and I am torn as to what color to get.

Annie said...

I have been going back and forth between a few different sofas from Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn and Restoration hardware. All very nice. The prices and delivery, not so nice. I have now made up my mind. I will be purchasing the Spencer in the lotus from Overstock.com

I just wish I didn't have to wait till July. Totally worth it though. Love your style. I hope we get to see some Angelo rugs & accessories soon.

mrsben said...

Re the information Angelo. You are more than welcome. Hopefully it will assist in some small way.

The selection, just gets better 'n better and from all the enthusiastic comments "ME thinkS, you have a winning combination."

Em. said...

I'm breathless. Just gorgeous. I love all of this.

Jilly said...

Wonderful stuff. This is what I've been dreaming for. Your style for me!

Anonymous said...

Angelo.......OMG, how will I ever make my selections. You know I have a dinky apartment! I am so totally digging the lotus colored Spencer.

Ooooooooooooooo......that ceramic stool. To. Die. For. Do you have a clue where it's from? Want it, want it bad!!

Thanks for all that you are and all that you do. I feel bad for teasing you when I was eating my fish sandwiches during lent at Culver's.

Love ya!

angelo said...


LOL! No worries about the teasing, though I am envious that you have Culver's. Soon, I will be making a pilgrimage there (I hope).

-The ceramic stool, lamps, wrought iron/glass side table and coffee table are "found objects" from flea markets.

-The rug is from IKEA.

-The round retro, wooden end table is from Room & Board.

I believe in really mixing things in a room including aesthetics to give your room a great complete look that doesn't feel like it all came from a catalogue.

Nothing would be cooler than to see one of my furniture items in someone's home mixed in with other various pieces from different sources, times & styles. That's good design.


Krissy said...

How much do I want both of these couches and all your other pieces that you've shown so far? A LOT!!!

You have nailed it, my friend. NAILED IT. This is exactly what we need. You are the genuine article and I have been screaming that since I first laid eyes on you back in the Lifetime TV days.
Remember "MERGE?"

You are amazing. Congratulations. You deserve this.

Anonymous said...

Oh, for the love of Pete. We don't have such stylish flea markets or garage sales in my neck of the woods. I, too, believe in rooms that look like they have come together thru time. Matchy matchy is icky icky.

You will love Culver's when you experience it. Let me know when that does happen!!

Michael said...

Every piece is simply beautiful, and the prices...AMAZING!

Alison said...

No one gets it the way you do. No one. I will be getting one of these. The question right now is, what color?

Tammy said...

I can't wait!

Dale N Suze said...

Awesomely gorgeous.

Keelee said...

I don't know which couch I want more. Your new line is seriously going to be a problem for me. Great stuff. beautiful fabrics. Amazing prices. Great guy behind it all. Love you.

LEXI said...

I am buying that sofa. Perfect.

Theresa M said...

You have to design rugs and accessories. OH, lighting too! You have to. I love your style and would actually do a whole Angelo Room. I can't say that about any other designer, because even when I like what they do, it all looks the same. Your style is so eclectic and fresh, that i could do a whole room of your stuff and it wouldn't look like that. It would just look like I have good taste. HAHAHAHA!

It's so great you have a blog. I don't but now, I will be stalking yours.

Congratulations. It looks amazing.

Kal said...

This is great looking stuff. The sofas look like the "right size" and they look comfy. CONGRATS!

Martha said...

I am fully aware that July is right around the corner, but seriously now....HOW am I supposed to wait when I need furniture now? This is great looking stuff.


I have been a fan for a very long time.

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